What I’ve been loving lately (July)

July has flown by, it is CRAZY.

So some cool stuff has been happening round here.

I’ve been eating some very tasty food as of late. As you should well know by now I’m a big believer in eating for your body and for your soul. Kyle and I went to the newly opening Greenwich pub which is home to the Nice Slice. They sell RIDICULOUS pizzas (20 inches!), burgers, chicken and lots of vegan options. We went with work friends for a random Thursday dinner and it was GOOD.

I had the double chicken burger (the Mickey Burger) with buffalo sauce and pickles with a side of chicken wings (obvs).

Kyle had a 20 inch (!) meaty pizza. I did have a cheeky slice 😉

The burger and wings were fairly spicy. I should have ordered the other chicken burger I think, that didn’t have buffalo sauce because two lots of buffalo was quite a bit to contend with! It was very tasty though. We’ll definitely go back!

Over the last year or so I’ve become a big M&M fan. I don’t know quite how this has happened but it’s happened. I’m actually not a big fan of the traditional chocolate ones, but all the others are a big yes for me (I could literally eat a giant bag of the peanut ones…god so good).

Anyway, I recently spotted in Tesco that they’d brought out an M&M chocolate bar – in several different flavours. I’m not a hazlenut fan (urgh Nutella…) so I avoided that one, but I bought the others. LEMME TELL YOU, they are INCREDIBLE.

It’s speckled with mini M&M’s and the peanut one has peanuts throughout. Very yummy!

I’ve also heard on the grapevine that there are now salted caramel M&M’s as well. They currently do the caramel ones, but they’re crunchy rather than soft like the American version (I love both to be honest). I will be grabbing some as soon as I can.

On a perhaps more health-focused note, I was recently sent some supplements from Wicked Gummy Co.

They’re almost like sweets, I kid you not. I was sent the full line-up: Happy Tummy, Hair, Skin & Nails, Multi Vitamin, Peaceful Zzzzz and Vitamin D Sunshine. A solid list of good stuff.

They are very much like gummy sweet and are tasty to eat. They’re also vegan friendly. They do contain glucose though, so be wary on that front if you’re popping all the supplement at once. That’s a fair amount of sugar!

The Multi Vitamin contains vitamin C, A, B6, E, selenium and biotin. This is all good for bone health, the immune system, vision and brain. The Peaceful Zzzzz contains valerian root extract (which has been argued to help with sleep, though I think conclusive scientific evidence isn’t there yet) and 5-HTP (again, similar to valerian).

The Hair, Skin & Nails contains similar ingredients to the multi vitamin but with zinc and folate. Happy Tummy contains Lactobacillus cultures, which are supposed to help promote good bacteria in your gut.

Now I can’t say for certain if my hair has suddenly become shinier, or my bones stronger, or I’ve caught less colds BUT they taste really nice and are easier to take than “proper” tablets. If you want to up your vitamins but hate tablets or don’t think your diet is good enough then these might be a good shout. To be honest, I just quite enjoy having a couple after my breakfast for a nice sweet treat 🙂

Do you take any supplements?

What’s your favourite kind of M&M?

Do go out for dinner with work people?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent the supplements from Wicked Gummy Co for free in return for a review. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

5 Replies to “What I’ve been loving lately (July)”

  1. Gotta admit, my favourite M&Ms are the peanut butter ones, but I did just bring back some hazelnut spread ones from my trip since I do love Nutella. Pretty sure I spotted salted caramel ones at Gatwick so hopefully I will find them somewhere soon. Definitely up for trying those!

    I take supplements to make sure I am getting all the nutrients I need and to (hopefully) ward off bugs since I work in a germ factory! And ever since having a stress fracture in my foot a few years ago I make sure to take vitamin D, especially through the winter, as there just isn’t always enough sunlight to give me enough.
    Allison recently posted…Week In Review – Summer Holidays Week 1My Profile

    1. Sunslight must be tricky with Soctland because you guys do seem to get a lot less than the South. Good call to take Vit D!
      I too have heard about the salted caramel ones. APPARENTLY they’re being sold in Sainsburys…

  2. I love the peanut butter m n m’s the most (or just the peanut ones from here), but I am trying to avoid them because of the rather scary ingredients list (especially if you buy them in America as they have all sorts of weird things that would be banned over here). Last summer they did actual hazelnut ones (like the peanut ones) and they were really good, but I’ve only seen the hazelnut spread ones so I didn’t get any.
    Vitamin D is so important- I was reading an article about it and in countries where they typically have more sunshine, things like MS are virtually unheard of, and so there seem to be possible links with lack of vitamin D to things like that too. I take a veggie multi vit and it has vitamin D in there. I think if I took lots of supplements I would worry I would take too much of something- at least with one tablet it’s all in there.

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