Hey I’m Anna, I love running and food. Not necessarily in that order 😉 Life’s about balance and for me running and good food go hand in hand. I’m a big fan of eating healthily (apples being my favourite) but there’s always a place for cake!


Running is a big passion for me. I prefer longer distances but to be honest I’ll run anything. It’s a huge part of my life. This blog is just a place for me chatter about running, cake and all the good and bad in between. Hope you enjoy!


That’s Alfie, he’s my wing man 😉

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16 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Anna
    I wouldn’t normally write to a stranger but I recently stumbled across your blog via google as you had mentioned you had tried the 33shake pack. I’m a fan of natural ingredients to try and boost my running, and having posted a review on the 33shake site earlier in the year about their bundle pack was searching for genuine reviews about chia and similar natural ingredients. Not many out there seem to use chia?
    So I thought I’d drop you a line, enjoyed your posts and am impressed by your times, training ethic and effort you put into your running. Well done.
    I’ve been running marathons since 2013 a fair few around Europe, all have been enjoyable but Athens stands out the most memorable, also took on a couple of ultras this year, the 50k weald and the race to the stones 100k…the latter nearly wiped me out though!
    I too was at Liverpool but scraped in at 3.50, I found the final stretch along the river a bit tough-a well organized event with the concert after. Also running Bournemouth Sunday week, but heading down from Hertfordshire on the morning of the race- a 3 hour journey is not my ideal start to a long run… Say hi as you all pass me (651) High hopes of 3:29 but realistic 3:50… again!

    So keep the motivation up and enjoy your running.
    All the very best

    ps Hope my post doesn’t weird you out!! I’m happily married with teenage kids- I just enjoyed reading your running notes and like to pick up on genuine peoples running tips.
    pps Have a read at http://www.runultra.co.uk. They send you a weekly newsletter, I’ve gained a lot of info from this site. Particularly on nutrition.

    1. Hi Rich, thanks for your comment 🙂 It hasn’t weirded me out don’t worry hehe. I love hearing from other runners – especially ones who’ve done the same races as me! Though I haven’t done anything as amazing as the ultras you’ve done. I hear the Stones one is a good ‘un. Maybe one day…
      I 100% agree about the last bit of Liverpool. That wind was soul destroying! My finger’s are crossed for you for Bournemouth. Aim high and have some back-up goals (which is sounds like you do). I haven’t done it before but quite a few at my club have and they say that there are two nasty inclines (12 miles and 18 miles) but otherwise it’s fine…as long as there’s no wind!
      Wish you all the best for the race. I’ll look out for you 🙂 I’m 552!

  2. Hello Anna,

    First of all, I love Anna The Apple and your content. Secondly, I recently started up an instagram page dedicated to making fun of ourselves as runners, looking for some blog partners to do some reciprocal marketing. Granted I’ve just started up, but there are no sites like mine, which takes a lot of its humor from Jerry of The Day and Kook of The Day, which are exponentially popular. If you guys give a shootout to our instagram we will most definitely keep retagging you in the future. Any little bit helps, right? I feel like we can both succeed if we repost eachother’s content.

    Check the instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/hobbyjoggers/


    Drew Kartos, hobbyjogger

  3. Hi Anna, Just read your guest blog post on TeenRunner. Very inspirational, and some brilliant tips for running injuries. Would be great if you could have a look at my blog too. Thank you! x

  4. Hi Anna,
    I am so glad to find your blog. It has very good content for all the readers & the best part of it is learning about you. I love your shoes & your passion towards running. So happy to be here.. Thanks

  5. Dear Anna,
    We are preparing to launch a new App fro runners called Power2Run. Power2Run works on Apple watch 3 series 3 and 4 and provides real-time running Power along side hear rate and cadence to runners. Its a fabulous tool for Newbie runners to help pace hill running and a fabulous tool for expert runner to race to their next Personal Best by running with even Power (Power is better than pace on hills).
    We would love to talk about this more with you and hope you might try out our App and share news about our App with your followers.
    Thanks and happy running!
    CEO Inspyridon

  6. Hi,

    Hope you are doing well and staying safe.

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  7. Hi Anna!

    I also love running and food as like you…
    Really I like your blog ..
    It has very good content for all the readers & the best part of it is learning about you… thanks you so much

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