One year anniversary and being exceptionally greedy

Asides from managing a run this weekend, Kyle and I also had an enjoyable couple of days eating ALL the food and celebrating our one year anniversary.

After parkrun (and brunch) we got ourselves showered and ready to meet up with my friends Mike and Hannah for some very entertaining mini-golf. It was nine holes, Kyle and I versus Mike and Hannah and honestly it was hilarious how bad we all were. I think I was probably the worst, but it was a close call.

It was good fun and the weather, despite being a bit rainy and overcast in the morning, was lovely in the afternoon. Kyle and I lost! We then popped into the Tenth Hole cafe for some tea and cake afterwards.

Anyone who’s been to Southsea will be aware of the Tenth Hole and their amazing selection of cakes. To be fair, the Parade Tearooms (where we went for brunch) is also amazing so really you’re spoilt for choice.

Because Kyle and me are greedy creatures, we both ordered a cake each and a cake to share as we couldn’t make our minds up. Why do we do this? Normal people order one cake. Or normal people SHARE a slice, especially the size that Tenth Hole serve.

But we are who we are. So I ordered a slice of the raspberry and coconut cake, Kyle ordered the flake cake and we shared a chunk of rocky road (our absolute favourite). In retrospect this wasn’t sensible. We absolutely didn’t need the third cake. But you only live once (a short life at the rate I’m going ha).

The slice of raspberry and coconut was GINORMOUS. The chunk of rocky road was rather large too. I could neither finish the raspberry cake nor my half of the rockty road. But you know what? It was nice to have the two to try!

I did take the rest home for my parents so it wasn’t wasted.

The next day was a special day for us as it was Kyle and my one year anniversary. I won’t go into too much cheesy mush as that’s not quite my style, but I’m very lucky and feel very loved 🙂 We’ve had a fantastic year and look forward to many more.

To celebrate we decided, of course, to go out for food.

We chose 7Bone Burger, which is one of Kyle’s favourites and then Sprinkles for pudding, which is one of my favourites. Don’t get me wrong, I do really like 7Bone Burger but I’m not a huge burger fan (whereas Kyle is) but I know their chicken wings and halloumi fries are awesome.

So we headed their for lunch on Sunday. I ordered two portions of the buffalo wings (technically they were sides…) which came with a blue cheese dip (and I got the buffalo sauce on the side as it’s super hot) and halloumi fries. Kyle got a burger and halloumi fries.

It was delicious! I decided to eat strategically and made sure to leave a few wings and halloumi fries so I wouldn’t be *too* full later for Sprinkles. I’m good but I’m not THAT good.

After 7Bone we did a bit of shopping in West Quay (hugely helping to let things digest and go down a bit) and then walked to Sprinkles.

I went for my absolute favourite, the Sticky Situation. This is basically vanilla gelato with white and milk chocolate sauce and buttons with hot cookie dough at the bottom of a jar. It is INCREDIBLE.

Kyle ordered two milkshakes (a peanut butter one and a hazelnut chocolate one) because he couldn’t decide and wellllll we were celebrating.

We both felt very full but satisfied afterwards (*cough* slightly sick). Yes we are clearly very greedy but we don’t do this that often. We certainly enjoyed ourselves. Plus guys I ran THREE MILES the day before. That’s a lot of calories burnt (you know I’m joking).

So a fantastic weekend of running (yesssss), good times and good food.

What’s your favourite ice cream related dessert?

Are you a burger fan?

Are you good at golf? (Mini/crazy/”proper”)

8 Replies to “One year anniversary and being exceptionally greedy”

  1. Happy one year! I am confused though – what do you mean when you say “sharing” cake? What is “sharing”? 😂

    I do like a good burger, preferably with yummy toppings like chilli or bacon.

    I am rubbish at golf of any kind. My dad is an amazing golfer and I went to a few lessons once but just couldn’t get the hang of it. I just didn’t have the patience with the fact that I couldn’t just pick up a club and do it. So technical! I do like a round of mini golf from time to tie though.
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  2. Happy one year anniversary!
    That coconut and raspberry cake looks amazing. I don’t share food with my boyfriend as his concept of sharing seems to involve eating the majority of it while I am not looking/talking…

  3. Happy anniversary. I am so happy you found someone that makes you happy and shares in your interests. As for ice cream, I don’t think you have Dairy Queen in the UK but a Dairy Queen Blizzard is the best. You need to get one next time you are over here.

  4. Aw congratulations!
    I have learnt over the years that my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach so we would pretty much always share a cake (but then it means that if you share one piece at lunch, you can also share a piece for pudding later…). We had the cookie dough at Sprinkles topped with ice cream, and even after half I was feeling like I was reaching my limit! It was good, although we have The Pudding Stop in St Albans which does the most incredible cookie dough dessert ever, and it wasn’t quite as good as that!
    I am terrible at golf! I played a few times with my grandad, but as I used to play hockey at school I just could not get the hitting right. Mini golf on holiday is good fun.

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