Rants and Raves #41

I’m back with some more rants and raves. Enjoy!

Rant: Everyday a new wonder product or superfood appears in the media that is going to prolong your life, make you younger, make you happy, keep you going…blah blah. So it’s really no surprise that a cafe in East London is selling “charcoal activated vegan croissants”.

OK surely it’s just a piece of charcoal shaped as a croissant? I mean, come on now. Just buy a regular croissant and eat your five a day. Stop with this nonsense. Hilariously, BuzzFeed wrote an article on how it tasted: “It’s squidgier than I expected, and doesn’t have the burnt notes I thought there would be.” [Source] Crucially, they didn’t say delicious. If I eat a croissant, that’s kind of what I’m looking for.

Rave: And on an entirely unrelated note on superfoods and their magical properties… I’ve been trying out the Manuka Doctor Facial Oils. As you probably know if you’re a long-term reader (or you know me in person), I’m not a big make-up wearer or skin care advocate in general. I mean, I will moisturise when I remember but in general I don’t do anything. I’m very lucky in that I have fairly OK skin and dark features which helps on this front. However I could probably look tons better if I put the effort in, but ehhh.

So I was intrigued when I was sent the Replenishing Facial Oil. Oil for the skin? Really? But it sounded good: “anti-ageing” and “rich in powerful plant extracts designed to revitalise and restore radiance”. Well, we could all do with some of that surely! Nearing 30 and I ain’t getting any younger. The idea behind it is that it helps regain elasticity and smooth out fine lines.

It was also the Winner of a Beauty Advisor Award in the 2016 LOOK Beauty Awards, and the ingredients don’t sound hella scary:

Manuka Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hazelnut Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Plum Seed Oil, Peach Kernal Oil, Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil & Carrot Seed and Root Oil.

How did I find it? Actually I really liked this. You use a dropper thing (like a pipette?) and then smooth it onto your face. It is oily (obviously…) but it didn’t leave my face oily if that makes sense. I actually thought my face looked a lot brighter quite quickly, weirdly enough. I did really think it made a difference and will happily continue to use it. My only niggle with it is that I don’t really like the smell. It’s not an unpleasant smell – it’s slightly floral? But I’m just not a fan. It doesn’t linger though so that’s something.

Rave: Last week was a solid week of eating. I went to Casa Brasil with running friends, Mike and Rebecca. Neither had met each other but had briefly spoken on Twitter. Rebecca is a core team member at Lee on Solent parkrun and Mike is a core team member at Netley, both love running, parkrun and meat so I was pretty sure everyone would get on. They did, happy days. (Also check out Rebecca’s blog!)

Casa Brasil never disappoints but I always eat far too much. I just get carried away and the strong FOMO effect takes over… is that the Parmesan pork I see? Damn I need to get some of that too! Chicken wings? Load me up! Chorizo sausages? Yes please! I’m my own worst enemy. But I did enjoy it, even if I needed about four pints of water during the night because of how salty the food is. Worth it.

Rant: Recently I seem to have been doing an excessive number of presentations at work. OK, just three but it’s felt a lot. The first one went terribly. I mean, my content was OK (well, so I was told) but the technical elements of getting my laptop to hook up to the big screen and then having to use someone else’s laptop who didn’t have all the logins I need…gahh it was so awkward. Lots of filling time and awkward laughter. I got lots of pity praise afterwards… “It wasn’t that bad…” and “Ah don’t worry Anna, it was fiiiiiine”. Uh huh.

Then the next presentation was in front of my BIG boss. It was a less formal affair but he would interrupt and ask lots of hard questions… tough. But that went far better (I learnt from my mistakes. never demonstrate anything live in a presentation – always use screenshots).

Then the third was probably the worst as it was standing up in front of the whole office and presenting (in front of around 60 people). My voice was shaking. My hands were shaking. But thankfully that too went OK. WHEW.

I do feel proud of myself though. I know this is a bit of blowing my own trumpet but I’ve come a long way since starting and I do still love my job and what I do. And you do need to step outside your comfort zone to grow, so I’ll stop complaining.

Rant: And before I get ahead of myself on growing and being a better person… I still do stupid shizz. Like forget my hairbrush when I go to the gym in the morning and only realise after I’ve washed my hair. Now as a girl with long hair, this is somewhat of a tricky situation. Trying to de-tangle it all with my fingers was not a winning solution but the only solution I had. I couldn’t really blow-dry it as that would tangle it further so I just had to scrape it as best as I could into two plaits. Oh, this was on the day I wanted to look somewhat reasonable because I was doing the aforementioned big presentation. What a knob.

Have you done anything stupid recently?

Do you use any facial oils?

Do you get won over by any crazy sounding superfoods?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent the facial oil for free in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

14 Replies to “Rants and Raves #41”

  1. I’m always doing stupid things. Most recent ones I can remember are leaving my tomtom watch charger at home (in the north) when travelling down to do the London marathon last week. Managed to scrape through by killing the HRM.

    Or the time I forgot to pickup my train tickets from one station (A) (close to work but different from my departure station (B) for a work meeting). Walked to A, got the tickets, which were for a specific train, and then about 400m from B realised I’d got the time wrong and so had missed said train. Bought another ticket for the next train which I missed because the ticket machine broke before realising it would be quicker to drive.

  2. Eek … I have had my fair share of questionable moments. Example last friday I had a massage scheduled post swim workout. Guess who remembered ALL of her clothes but her underclothes? Yep, that was me. I couldn’t imagine going to the appointment like that … so I “made time” (skipped my shower) so I could drive home and get underclothes before my massage. I SMELLED of CHLORINE the entire time!

  3. Those croissants look horrific.

    You inspired me to volunteer to give a couple of presentations in June. Just 30 min each. BUT – public speaking is probably my biggest fear. I’m scared but it’s time to tackle this fear…

  4. I love your dad’s comment! 🙂
    Ah, what is the deal with that croissant? Like you say just eat a flippin’ croissant and enjoy it! At work at the mo everyone is on slimming world and the discussion around sins and then the awful fake chocolate bars that they all have- I just think a little piece of real chocolate would be so much nicer than all this nonsense. But hey.
    Well done on the presentations- I feel like that when I have to do assemblies or staff meetings (or worse, present to the governors) but it does get a little better each time. Weirdly, doing the first timer briefing at parkrun helped me with this , as I had to speak to people I didn’t know which I always find hard.
    That facial oil looks a bit like the Tropic stuff I have started to use- they told us to mix a drop or two into your normal face moisturiser and then put it on that way. It smells of marzipan (it has plum kernel oil or something) but the smell doesn’t linger (a shame), it just smells when I put it on.
    Maria @ Maria runs recently posted…Northala Fields parkrun for the compass challengeMy Profile

    1. Yesss to the fake chocolate. My parents eat them and I’m sure they’d rather just having a smaller chocolate bar instead but hey ho.
      Ooof I cannot imagine doing assemblies! I agree about running helping tho. It’s made me a lot more confident to talk to people I don’t know.
      Mmmm a marzipan smell sounds lovely!

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