Rants and Raves #36

Things have been fairly busy round here but I thought I’d drop in a little Rants and Raves posts because I do like getting these things off my chest ūüėČ

Rant:¬†So I bought new trainers straight after the Tokyo Marathon because I thought I’d like a fresh start and all that jazz. I’m a Mizuno, Brooks and ASICS fan, but I do tend to favour Mizuno. Or at least I¬†did. I’ve actually been loving running in my Brooks Adrenaline GTS’s but Mizuno’s are a bit cheaper and in general I seem to wear them more. So for around ¬£50 on Amazon I found my usual trainers and went for them.They’re the Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 – in such a lovely colour. I wore them on a few of my post-marathon runs and then hurt my ankle/lower calf. Since then I’ve not worn these trainers again. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the trainers that caused my injury and most likely was the fact that I jumped straight back into some tough running less than a week after a marathon…but my irrational brain doesn’t want to wear the trainers now! I know this is ridiculous. My Brooks will be seeing the end of their time soon and it seems ridiculous to buy¬†another pair of new trainers just because I’ve convinced myself the above trainers aren’t good. Does anyone else get these irrational fears (almost superstitions) about things like this?

Rant: Easter eggs sitting in my living room but aren’t for me.Ahh the daily temptation. I’ve bought a selection of eggs for family and friends and I did this early so there wouldn’t be an issue closer to Easter. On that note, isn’t it ridiculous just how many eggs are sold over Easter? Supermarkets have stacks and stacks of them and yet still they’ll be a dearth of supplies the closer it gets to Easter. It does make me worry about the amount of food packaging waste generated…I hope people recycle where they can.

Also, let’s ignore that that’s a Lindt¬†reindeer and not a bunny. I was going to buy a bunny when my mum told me she had one I could have instead as my parents don’t want any eggs or chocolate as they’re trying to be more healthy. However, it turns out she had a spare reindeer instead – from Christmas. *Sighs*

Rave: Being an adult now (well, in terms of my age anyway I suppose), I don’t get many Easter eggs. My parents still treat me to one. I’m very cheeky and ask for a ludicrously expensive one. However because I’m all “sad and alone with no one to love me” (I believe this is how my mother thinks of me now) they buy this to make up for things (“things” being that very generic and all-encompassing term for the fact that I’m still single). Behold the Extra Thick Patisserie Egg from Hotel Chocolat.

It contains *clears throat* two egg halves, one 50% milk chocolate and pecan praline to be like a pecan pie and the other caramel chocolate, mascarpone, yoghurt and pinch of salt to be like a salted caramel cheesecake. And the full of chocolates themed as puddings, such as carrot cake, treacle tart, Eton mess and fudge sundae, amongst others. The hardship will be trying to not eat this all at once РI think I might die of sugar overload otherwise.

Rant: And speaking of being all single and alone (by the way, this is entirely tongue and cheeky – I actually am very happy right now. If you intend on¬†pitying me, please leave immediately), I have one dress that I can’t wear unless I’m getting changed at someone else’s house.It’s impossible. I can’t do up the back. I can’t do it up before I get into it because it’s too tight then to get over my shoulders or hips, and I can’t reach around because the buttons are tiny. When people make dresses they need to consider single people!

Whew, actually quite a few rants today!

Natruflex Supplement – The Naked Pharamacy

And lastly I have a review from a company called The Naked Pharmacy. This company is a “natural pharmacy dedicated to evidence-based natural medicines, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals” [Source]. I was sent the Natruflex product.

This contains a high strength of turmeric and black pepper which provides a daily dose of 760mg total Curcuminoids and 19mg Piperine (95% strength of both active ingredients). Apparently these give joint and muscular benefits, reducing discomfort. The supplement also contains magnesium.

The supplement is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and not tested on animals.I had a little look on examine.com (which is a great website for checking scientific claims of supplements) and it seems there’s some evidence behind curcuminoid as being helpful to the body. But I’m neither a pharmacist nor a doctor (or anything science-related) so this is a very laymen point of view. I can’t say I’ve felt a huge difference but it is something I’d continue to take as I know how good turmeric is supposed to be for inflammation and, let’s be honest, I need all the help I can get to avoid injuries!

And finally, a lovely little Rave to finish off with. SUNSHINE! At the beach no less! Good days are coming, wheeee!

How are you enjoying these sunnier days?

Do you use turmeric to boost your body?

What Easter egg, if any, are you planning on eating?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent the supplement from The Naked Pharmacy for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

10 Replies to “Rants and Raves #36”

  1. Mum and N are All Over the Turmeric. N is also drinking cherry juice like it’s going out of fashion. And he’s got some exciting glucosamine fizzy tablets which also have magnesium. Apparently it’s easier to absorb glucosamine if it’s in liquid form. Who knew?

    I rather fancy that Hotel Chocolat egg. However, I got given so much chocolate for my birthday, I probably ought to restrain myself. I do like a good Cadbury’s egg.

  2. Hooray for the sunshine! It has come along just in time for my Easter hols- woohoo!
    I treated myself to a hotel chocolat egg this year- I got some sort of offer in the post where you get a free box of chocolate bunnies so I finally relented after years of drooling over them. I have hidden it away so I don’t have to look at it every day!
    I know what you mean about shoes, although sometimes I have had a new pair of the same style and they haven’t been as good and I have one pair (luckily that I bought for cheap) that just feel stiff when I run so are now relegated to parkrun marshaling duty. It’s very annoying.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Lee Valley half marathon 2017- running with my dadMy Profile

  3. I love a good old rants and raves post!
    I’ve got the same issue with my second (light blue) pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS’s. The first pair (purple) were fine and I never had any issues. The second apparently identical (?) pair felt completely different, almost like lumps of wood the first time I wore them they were so unsupportive. When I start running again I might use my third (hopefully lucky purple!) pair of GTS’s. The second pair are clearly cursed and will be relegated to walks in the park…
    I love the sun although I wish it would stay sunny all day. This morning it was sunny first thing, now it’s cloudy and grey. The same thing happened yesterday. Summer is definitely on it’s way.
    I’ve got a tub of turmeric tablets and take one when I remember. Given my injuries perhaps I should remember to take one every day.
    I’ve asked for a giant bar of Dairy Milk this year. Mum asked if I’d like an M&S Easter Egg, erm no Mum!

  4. I’m sure the person you are giving the Lindt ‘bunny’ to won’t even realise it’s actually a reindeer! They look very similar! You’d better hope your Mum does actually get you that egg you wanted (which looks amazing by the way!) and not an advent calendar or something by mistake!
    Mary recently posted…0-50 in 6 monthsMy Profile

  5. I found myself nodding along to so much of this – I am exactly the same about trainers and end up feeling very irrational about certain pairs. I have a few dresses like that and now I’m alone in a foreign country they are unwearable – a particular highlight was having to ask a hotel receptionist in Portugal to do up a dress that I was wearing to a wedding but she was very nice about it even if it was very awkward for me! I’ve had a few tumeric lattes which I’ve loved but when I’ve tried to re-create them at home they have been terrible so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong – my dad is Iranian and has always been very positive about the health benefits of tumeric in reducing inflammation and helping digestion and finds it hilarious that I’ve only been willing to try it since it became “fashionable”!
    lilylipstick recently posted…Working It: Yoga in DubaiMy Profile

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