Rants and Raves #33 and Phoenix Fit UK Elastic LaceSystem review

Hello, hello! I shan’t mention the obvious (to us in the UK) this morning as I don’t want to go into political discussions on my light and fluffy blog…however, I will say that I just hope that the future is as bright and cheery as the Leave campaign pledged it would be (*cough*). For me it’s a rant but to others it might be a rave. We shall see! Anyway I have other rants and raves for you today, hope you enjoy!

Rant: My name just seriously causes problems for people. It’s Anna Smith-JAMES. I get so many variations and people just don’t seem to get the hyphen. The two names are relatively simple, why is it so difficult to understand? This was the reserved sign for our Sadlers meal at the weekend.

Come on people!

Will I change my name back to just James when Ben and me complete our divorce? Probably not. I like my name at the moment and it’s such a ridiculous faff to have to go through so much paper work to change it.

Rave: New gym and running gear. Yes the obsession continues to live on. I can’t help myself. I buy more workout clothes than I do normal clothes. And to think if I do get into climbing I’ll need to buy more stuff for that I’m sure

A lovely lady was wearing some really nice Adidas shorts at parkrun and I asked her where they were from and she said Sports Direct! And they were in the sale too. So I literally went out and bought them that day.

They have pink shorts underneath the black material which looks really cool and prevents any unfortunate moments of exposure. Oooh er!

I also bought three new sports bras from Forever 21. I love Forever 21 as it’s very cheap and the colours and styles are always really bright and fun, and you can choose between low, medium and high impact.

Rant: When I was bouldering on Sunday I got a savage blister on my finger. I won’t share a picture because I hate it when people do this as I hate wounds and things like that on the Internet (I suppose you could argue that vegetarian/vegan readers might feel similarly to my excessive meat pictures on my blog, sorry!).

Anyway it is ridiculous how painful my finger is. The pain woke me up in the middle of the night! It’s only a small wound but it’s basically exposed flesh from where the top layer of skin has been rubbed off from the climbing. I have a true appreciation for the pain that Ramsey Bolton’s victims went through. I would not survive well under torture I can tell you that!

Rave: On the meal at Sadlers on Saturday there was a party of twenty people. Happily we had ordered our food and been served before them so our service was tip top and quick. This did mean though that during our meat coma at the end we got to see there food arrive.

And arrive it did! They had meat platters for everyone and this basically meant three HUGE wooden platters just piled full of food, following by bowls of chips coming afterwards.

It was insane. We just looked on in awe (though none of us craving ANY food by this point!).

Though despite saying I wouldn’t need to eat meat again for a good week, I have started to get the cravings again. I tend to eat a lot of fish during the week but I’m glad I have the contents of my swan of shame in the freezer…

Rant: [Game of Thrones spoiler alert] What is Sansa thinking?? Withholding crucial information from Jon because…? Either it’s bad writing or Sansa is not who we thought she was. Also, there are some ridiculous Sansa pregnancy rumours going around social media. This will really annoy me if it comes to be true because in the books Sansa and Ramsey haven’t actually met.

And I fully topped up Alfie’s food bowl that evening

Phoenix Fit UK Elastic LaceSystem

I was recently sent some new elastic lock laces from Phoenix Fit UK.

Basically you swap your regular laces for these elastic laces and, due to the lock system, you don’t need to actually tie the laces. They’re primarily aimed at runners.

The pack comes with easy-to-follow instructions (and there is a YouTube video you can watch as well) so it didn’t take long for me to put them in my trainers. You then snip the excess laces and add the lock system onto the end. It sounds more complicated than it is really.

I chose a pink colour and they go so well with my Helly Hansen trainers. And, having worn them many times now, find the laces to be very easy to tighten, keep my foot secure in my trainer and are really comfy. It’s actually upgraded my trainers a bit as previously I had just plain white laces that had seen their best.

I imagine they’re ideal for triathletes because they’re super quick to loosen and tighten, which is handy for the transition areas. You can buy the laces in many different colours from Amazon for £6.49, which in my eyes is a bargain.

What are your rants and raves this week?

Lock laces or regular laces?

Game of Thrones watchers, did you enjoy the last episode?

**Disclaimer: I was sent the laces for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own honest ones.***

14 Replies to “Rants and Raves #33 and Phoenix Fit UK Elastic LaceSystem review”

  1. I’m jealous that you can get away with Forever 21 sports bras! They are super cute. That’s a great lacing system. I use a similar product- YANKZ, for shoes that I do long runs and marathons in. It prevents me from having to stop and retie, or worry about if they are the right tightness. Also, I used to tie my shoes too tight, and these flexible laces provide more give.
    Elizabeh C. recently posted…Sleep Success StoryMy Profile

  2. I loved that episode of GoT! The start was fantastic (and also the bit I’ve not heard anyone talk about) and the rest of the episode just carried on brilliantly. Pretty satisfying ending, too…
    That’s probably my rave for the week.
    My rant would have to be that I haven’t been able to run for a fortnight and it’s getting me down. Being injured is rotten! Although it has meant I’ve spent time reading when I would’ve been running, so my pile of library books is slowly decreasing.
    Laura recently posted…World Meat Free Day revisited. And I’m injured.My Profile

  3. Yeah, Friday was rather depressing- like you say not the best subject for a cheerful blog, but I agree, it’s a rant from me too!
    I did get to see some friends yesterday at the waffle house so that was all good, and of course parkrun this morning.
    Those laces look really good- I saw someone with them at parkrun today and I thought they came with their shoes- they seem a very good idea for when shoes get muddy as the normal laces can get hard to undo once they are wet.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…South Africa part 2- safari time!My Profile

  4. Also a rant on the outcome from Friday morning. Even the kids in my form at school were ranting about it.
    I should really get myself some of those laces. Mine keep coming undone for some reason just lately and bending over to do them up again has become more of an issue in recent weeks! I also used to do my trainers up too tightly, so these would probably help with that too.
    Mary recently posted…All the delicious Summer foodsMy Profile

  5. I am so with you on the faff of changing your name. I actually think I am going to need to renew my passport this year and will do so in my married name. It has taken me yonks to get it sorted. How Matt’s mum has married 5 times and gone through all of that, I will never know!

    I have a super massive rant, which is aimed at me and Sky Atlantic. I got pulled away from GoT season 5, not long after Bron and Jaime went to Dorne. Now, I haven’t kept up with in and figured that both Season 5 and Season 6 would be available on Sky Atlantic under the boxsets thing. Or failing that, Netflix would. Nope. And now I can only catch like Ep 5 from this season. WHAAAT?!?! I was planning on having a GoT binge marathon this weekend, but now I have to actually make some plans. Boo. (I can deal with spoilers – it’s made me a proper social pariah so I can’t avoid them).
    Steph recently posted…Blogtacular 2016: My weekend in LondonMy Profile

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