Hamstring update and my upcoming holiday

I mentioned a while ago that I had booked to go on a fitness retreat to Spain. It’s next week!

I’m so excited. I haven’t been to Spain since I went when I was at school on a water sports holiday (why I chose that over skiing I’ll never know – I hate most water sports…). On a side note, that holiday was fairly amusing as I sleepwalked out of my tent when everyone but the teachers had gone to bed and had to be gently guided back to my bed. I only vaguely remembered the next day when one of the teachers mentioned it to me. Apparently I wanted to “get going” with the day. I’ve only sleepwalked a handful of times in my life, it’s not something I regularly do thankfully.

I have one of my close friend’s wedding to go to first on the Saturday. This was another case of Anna being an idiot and booking something without thinking. I completely forgot about the wedding when I signed up to the retreat. My flight is Sunday morning so it’s going to be a rather hideous wake-up post-wedding fun, especially considering the wedding is in Gloucester and I fly from Southampton. Thankfully my parents (who are amazing by the way) have offered to pick me up late Saturday evening and drive me home so I can get a bit merry without worrying about driving home again that evening.

Speaking of being an idiot, in true “Anna style” once again, I lost my confirmation email for my flight home from Spain and had to buy the damn thing again. I know I paid for it because it’s on my credit card bill (I booked way back in February). But I have no idea what airline or time or anything. It’s a rather cryptic credit card reference but after Googling it (as you do) I found out it was an Expedia booking… however, I have no history on my Expedia account of that booked flight. *Sighs* It’s a mystery only I could create. I did try ringing British Airways (as I’m pretty sure it was them that I booked with, through Expedia) but they didn’t have me down in their info. So I rebooked the bloody flight (costing exactly the same amount as it had before – confirming to my brain I had indeed bought the flight in Feb). Luckily it was rather cheap at £57, though not that cheap when you buy it twice. I need to hire an adult to look after my affairs, I just can’t be trusted.

BUT ANYWAY. My passport, this time, has happily not found it’s way into the washing machine (but give me time, I still have a few days to royally muck this up somehow). So I was going to discuss my hamstring a bit. It rather amuses me that this began as a very insignificant niggle that has now stretched on for quite a long time. Thankfully though I haven’t been depressed or stressed about it. But with this fitness retreat holiday on the horizon I do want to be as healthy as I can so I can join in with everything. Though I actually don’t know what “everything” is yet. It’s not running-focused, of which I’m glad about, but more to do with strength and nutrition. Apparently they also have the largest obstacle course in Europe there so I am SUPER excited about that.

I digress. My hamstring. I’ve had some really decent massages on it which have certainly helped loosen it up and improve the generally feel, but after a few days it goes back to feeling rather crumby. Running is uncomfortable, though not painful. It just makes it an unenjoyable experience with my mind constantly going “is it OK? Is it worse? Can I speed up? Should I slow down?”. My overthinking brain goes 100,000 miles an hour when all I really want is a relaxed run thinking about nothing.

I went to my physio to get it looked at because I was so clueless. I stopped doing all lower body exercises in the gym and I’ve reduced my running to one run a week (parkrun) and still it doesn’t improve. It doesn’t feel worse after running – should I continue?? I didn’t know.

I saw my physio (another standard Anna moment: I got my time wrong and arrived an hour early…thankfully he was free and slotted me in). He assessed everything down to how I stood, bent over, sat, my feet, my back, my hips, etc. Apparently my sacrum and pelvis were tilted towards one side and this could be causing my hamstring to be overworked. This would make sense as to why massage helped the symptoms but didn’t stop the cause, and so it would re-stress the hamstring again a few days later causing the discomfort again. He worked on these areas and ‘readjusted’ me. He then went through a load of exercises I need to do every day in order to stop it happening again. Ultimately it’s probably down to my flat footedness (isn’t it always?). So the exercises will keep my pelvis from re-tilting and will also help strengthen my feet arches. He videoed me doing them so I could remember the exact moves later on.image

He also lent me some handy wedges to help support my feet while I do these exercises to stop my arches falling. I won’t go through everything because it’s all rather dull (unless you’re me). But I’m happy to finally have some answers. I just hope it works! There are about four exercises I need to do each day (twice a day_ and though that sounds rather a lot, the exercises are actually very simple and easy to do (though the one above is the most complicated, requiring me to do about four things at once – hence my concentration on my face).

My hamstring feels generally better (he did also massage the area as well), though I’m still aware it’s not 100%. However, I’m wondering if I’m hyper sensitive to that area now and expecting it to be suddenly perfect right away is probably a bit optimistic. But he said I could start building up my running again and also continue with gym things – though deadlifts I should still avoid while I can “feel” the area. I feel happy now going to Spain Smile

Huge waffling post sorry!

Have you ever been given exercises by a physio?

Do you have flat feet, or ‘normal’ feet or high arches?

Have you ever been to Spain?

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  1. Spain is one of my favourite places – such amazing culture. Haha, I did laugh about the sleep walking. I haven’t slept walked before, but I do sleep talk often. One of the most amusing ones I think was when I was about 12 and I shouted out to my mum in the middle of the night “HOW MANY TIMES DO I WRAP IT ROUND MY HEAD?””
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on Big Changes to Hungry Healthy Happy by StressedMumMy Profile

  2. Fingers crossed that the exercises help you- at least it isn’t getting worse and knowing the cause can only help.
    I don’t think I have ever been sleepwalking, but I talk a lot in my sleep- I felt so bad sharing a room with my friend on a hen do as she said she got hardly any sleep because of me. After we got back from Africa I shouted at Andy “What country are we in???”, and often he tells me about conversations in the morning that we had while I was asleep- it’s such a weird feeling!
    I really like Spain- to me it had a reputation of being all resorts and cafes selling fry ups, but I have been to a few places (Madrid, Barcelona, the mountains near to Malaga, Seville,) and they have all been lovely. I think it has a really nice family culture about it- and of course the weather helps too. Have a great trip!
    Also, can you claim back the first payment via your credit card? Sounds like the charge went through but you didn’t actually get the goods if expedia have no record.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Rain rain go away!My Profile

    1. Haha to the sleep talking! That is quite funny.
      I’m not sure how much of the culture we’ll be seeing as it’s very fitness-orientated but I’m sure it’ll be lovely nonetheless.
      Your comment spurred me to try and investigate a bit more thoroughly re my credit card. I rung them up and it was indeed Expedia. Then I went back to Expedia and it turns out I booked under a guest. But unfortunately both flights are non-refundable. *Sighs* I’m a wally.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…How stress is controlled with martial artsMy Profile

  3. N has a tilty-pelvis too (owing to a Snowboarding accident – so maybe it was a good thing you went on the water sports holiday?!). He’s not so good at doing his exercises, though!

    I’d love a trip to mainland Spain again. Not been for at least 15 years now. I’m hankering for sunshine after the fortnight in Indianapolis. While the weather was extreme (epic storms), when it was sunny, it was in the mid-30s and glorious! And that happily coincided with lots of my walks to/from work.

    My feet just turn in, from the hip. And seem to hate whatever shoes I put them in, other than Birkenstocks. Which aren’t office appropriate. I love ballet pumps but they’re absolutely the worst thing to wear.
    Jane recently posted…Well, that was a shockMy Profile

    1. Nice to know I’m in good company then! The exercises are quite easy for me and I tend to do them in Ladies at work throughout the day hehe. So far no one has walked in… yet!
      With regards to the shoes, I do hope to do a post on shoes at some point – I have taken some photos so that’s a start hehe. Birkenstocks are my life during summer.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…How stress is controlled with martial artsMy Profile

  4. YAY for finally having so answers. And I note you are back to some running now so things must be on the up.

    I discovered when I had my gait analysed that I have one ‘neutral’ foot and one ‘flat’. Ha. The only realistic solution was an orthotic/moulded insole. Or running with a different shoe on each foot… 😉 I had always run in Asics (whatever model for flat feet was going at the time) and turns out these were way too heavy for my build/foot width and obviously not necessary for my neutral side. Anyhoo, my feet and knees are SO much better for the neutral shoes + individual support moulds. I used to get nagging, mild shin pain after longer runs which has since disappeared. All that to say…so satisfying when you get an answer to those niggles!!

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