Rants and Raves #19

I have more Raves than Rants for this post – wahay 🙂 Though this week has been somewhat trying for several reasons it’s good to find the positive things!

Rave: parkrun tourism! I love it. And the best part is I still haven’t completed all the ones in my area. I’ve still got Queen Elizabeth Country Park (ridiculously hilly), Eastleigh and Havant nearby. And in October I’m going to North Wales to see my grandparents and since my last visit they now have the Conwy parkrun which is just down the road from them. Happy days.

Rave: As I mentioned previously I was really cautious last week about running due to my shin niggle. I did Spin on the Sunday before last and really enjoyed it. The music was good, the routine wasn’t overly complicated but it was tough. Annoyingly on weekdays Spin classes start at 6.30am which is when I need to leave the gym. I’d be late for work so can never make them. I decided to do my own spinning session instead last week instead of running. The thought of using the elliptical/cardio machine made my soul weep so I looked online and found a playlist and workout for a 45 minute spin session.

I found a website HERE which not only tells you the music to use but also what you should be doing during the songs. It sounded really similar to what I did on Sunday so I downloaded the songs and wrote on a piece of paper the instructions:

Adapted from http://www.thebikecafe.com/2013/03/30/work-hard-play-hard-mix-60-minutes/

It was no joke! But it also kept me going. Mentally I have to work really hard to stay on a machine for longer than 15 minutes so this was amazing. All I had to do was just follow the instructions and get through the songs.

I must have looked like a right weirdo on a solo spin bike jumping off the saddle, doing hovers and push ups…but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Rant: I’m going to Iceland next week – well at least I hope I am. I somehow managed to put my passport in the washing machine and only realised once the cycle was finished. To this day I honestly have no idea how it ended up in there. Obviously I put it in there but how and why I literally don’t know. It looks very wrinkled and battered but it’s more the chip that I’m concerned about. I bit the bullet and applied for a new one (£72!!!!!!!!). What an expensive and ridiculous mistake of which I only have myself to blame. Or Alfie. Yes, I think it was Alfie.

And further to that holiday-related rant…the good friend I was going with can’t make it anymore. This is devastating as we were both really excited. I text around to my friends but none of them could come (can’t blame them, it’s very last minute and they’d need to pay my other friend the cost of flights etc.).

I’ll still go though! I need to get away to somewhere completely different for a bit and if it’s on my own, then so be it. I don’t mind being alone and think I can do a good bit of introspection out there. And take numerous selfies of course 😉 Well this is all providing my passport is back in time obviously…

Rave: I love Hello Fresh…and not just their food. I love that they send me a decent sturdy cardboard box with all the ingredients in which is so very helpful as I need boxes to pack.

I’ve actually started packing in earnest now as I have a potential date for the move. To be honest I don’t have a huge amount of stuff to put into boxes as a lot of it’s quite easy to just put into a small van (which I’ll hire for a weekend). The stuff I’m really dreading is the kitchen stuff, but I’ll do that really closer to the time because I’m too lazy I need to eat.

Rant: Unfortunately the date I’ve been given for the move is the day I go to Iceland but I should be able to push it back a week. Unfortunately that means it’ll be the weekend of the Bournemouth marathon. *Sighs*. My plan is to take the Friday off beforehand and do all the heavy lifting and packing into the van then. And Saturday try not to exert too much effort unpacking or sorting…and then on Sunday, well, God knows! I just need to get the hard stuff done Friday. I don’t care if things are higglydepiggly for a week or so. I can always stay at my parent’s as well. I won’t be alone doing it either so I’m sure it will be fiiiiiiine. Right??

Rave: Probably a contributing factor to my dodgy shin buuuuut I had a great track session two weeks ago. Technically we were meant to do Yasso 800s (or “Yassoo’s” as my friend calls them…said friend also calls nuuns “nuns”) but the guy who was going to instruct us couldn’t make it so we ad libbed a bit. We only did 5x 800m and had a 1:30minute break between (you’re supposed to do 8-10 and have the same length of time rest between each as it takes to run).

Having never done 800s before we just sort of played it by ear. Surprisingly my pace was really even for each one. It was tough but not lung -ustlingly tough as 200s are (God I hate those) – definitely more endurance focused. Now I know Yasso 800s are supposed to be predictors for your marathon time but I can categorically say I won’t be getting (or aiming for) a 3:05 marathon (insert crying laughing emoji). I only did five Yassos and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done anymore at that consistent pace! But it was a good workout regardless and gives me the hunger to try the workout properly another time.

Rave: I was emailed by the guys at Simply Supplements about their new voucher page offering deals and discounts. I haven’t received anything to promote this but I do like the company so thought I’d share. Check it out HERE.

And finally…this made me chuckle finding my Jamie Oliver mask. (It reminded me of Mary finding her Queen mask when she was sorting through stuff).

It was from my Hen do. My friends got it for me as I have a strange adoration for Jamie Oliver… *shouts and waves madly* JAMIE, I’M SINGLE AGAIN!!!!

Have you ever moved house before?

Do you enjoy Spinning?

Do you keep sentimental and old items? I’ve gone through a huge purge (as you can imagine) of stuff that I no longer need or no longer seems relevant to me anymore. Very cathartic I can tell you.

26 Replies to “Rants and Raves #19”

  1. Not to be the bearer of bad news but both our passports have been renewed recently and the turnaround time seems to be around 2 weeks so its going to be cutting it fine for you to get yours by next week…

      1. If you applied online then you will get a txt when it is on its way back and can track its progress to see where it is in the system.

        They do seem quite efficient at the moment so hopefully it will make it back in time. Iceland is a great place if you have not been there before.

  2. We are in the process of moving. At the same time as training for Berlin, and organising first aid for a Brownie Holiday. I am very pleased that I won’t need to be organising Brownie meetings after this week. They are lovely beings, but the extra preparation work is tipping me over the edge slightly!
    Jane recently posted…GuideminMy Profile

  3. I am afraid I can’t see the appeal with Jamie, but that photo is very funny.
    Have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Some of that is in Iceland, and it’s sort of about self discovery and things. I am going to Iceland in half term and I am so excited- geysers, the northern lights (fingers crossed)- the scenery just looks amazing- I hope your passport comes back in time. What a pain about the moving date too.
    The only move I have done is when we moved here, but we both moved out of our parents houses, so although we did get a van and move in one day, we spent time over the next few weeks gradually bringing over other bits. I think we spent 2 weeks building our Ikea furniture!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Parkrun- dream vs realityMy Profile

    1. So many of my friends tell me I’m a weirdo for liking Jamie Oliver so I don’t mind haha.
      Well if I do get to Iceland I’ll definitely try ad see that Walter Mitty film (it’s on my to watch list anyway as well) and then be like “I’ve been there!”
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #19My Profile

  4. I’m up to five courses now for my parkrun tourism count. Hoping to visit a different one next time I’m back at my parents’ house though – it’s a little bit further away, but I’m all about the parkrun tourism!
    £72 for a passport is ridiculous. I still haven’t ordered a new one yet since my name change. It doesn’t expire until the start of next year so I’m putting it off as long as possible. So much faff and expense!
    Love that you are reusing your Hello Fresh boxes for moving crates! AND loving that you finally have a moving date. It may be a pretty inconvenient one but it will feel great when it’s finally here and you can get moved and organised in your new place. Everything will fall into place I’m sure. 🙂
    Also loving that you found and wore your Jamie mask!!! Haha! Just laughed so hard! Nothing wrong with a bit of mask wearing! 😉
    Mary recently posted…Hello tasty dinner!My Profile

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