31 weeks pregnant

And I’m 31 weeks pregnant!

Things are ticking along nicely. Something I didn’t mention in my last pregnancy update post was that at my 28 weeks midwife appointment, my midwife measured my bump. She found that it was smaller than it “should” be at this point. She knows I’m a very active person so she was almost certain it was because I haven’t gained a huge amount of surplus fat on my bump so effectively my bump is “all baby”, which can affect the results. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong or that the baby itself is too small or not growing right – though it could. So she scheduled me for an extra scan with the hospital to check.

Well, I had the scan and the baby was smack bang average size and perfectly healthy. Nothing to worry about!

And actually I had my next midwife appointment at 31 weeks and she measured my bump and found it to be bigger. She said that it’s  likely my “strong” stomach muscles were holding in everything and now they’ve relaxed a bit, as they should, so my bump is a bit more out there now. Anyway everything is looking good for my health and the baby so happy days!

My running continues. I’m averaging 25-27 miles a week which translates to two 7 milers in the week (I love these early morning runs so much) and then a longer run (10-13 miles) on the Saturday. Between that I’m strength training on my own twice a week, seeing my PT for pre-natal sessions once a week and walking. It sounds a lot but I feel no ill effects and I enjoy being active and keeping myself strong. Lots of glutes and leg exercises are my focus, which helps my running and hopefully will help the birth.

However last Saturday’s 11 miler did prove somewhat challenging. I started the run with Kyle and immediately felt such a pressure and need for a wee. Our loo stop was 4 miles away and it took all my power to focus on getting there without issue. Kyle, bless him, chatted away to me trying to keep my mind occupied but jeeze it was tough.

I made it safely and it was such a relief. It was a very warm day with minimal wind and I got hot and thirsty which didn’t make for such a comfortable run. Then a bit later on I found I was having on and off cramps in my lower abdomen. Like period cramps basically. It was highly frustrating.

I assured Kyle there wasn’t any actual sharp pains – just mild discomfort coming and going every so often. I went to the loo again and then headed home – quite a mental challenge to finish the run through these sporadic aches. When I got home the aches didn’t really disappear until I had a nice hot shower – which I prioritised (with a big glass of water) before anything else.

I Googled it and found it was probably Braxton hicks. Apparently these can be brought on by being quite active and being dehydrated. Both of which I clearly ticked that day.

It did give me The Fear for labour as I realised real contractions would be so much worse – and these cramps were uncomfortable enough! I felt fine for the rest of the day and the days following. I was worried for my next run but actually both the 7 milers I’ve done since and have felt great.

I reckon I was overly dehydrated. My midwife wasn’t worried and is happy for me to continue running but if the Braxton Hicks continue and for a lengthy period of time to cut back my mileage per run (though overall mileage in the week can remain the same – just do more frequent runs is what she advised).

My plan for Saturday’s run is to play it by ear. Kyle is going to carry a hydration pack (I think it’ll be more comfortable for him to wear than me with my bump) so I can sip lots of water on the run. If any BH appear we’ll stop and walk home and then I’ll know it’s time to cut the individual runs down.

So a bit of a test! I really hope it goes well as I do so enjoy my longer runs but of course the baby and my health is way more important. And to be honest, I don’t want to feel those sorts of cramps during a run again! It wasn’t fun.

Other than running, my general day to day has been fine. I’m still congested in the evening and need a nasal spray to get to sleep otherwise I can’t breathe. I’ll occasionally wake up anywhere from 3-5am wide awake and lay there for ages, but this is more like once a week so not too bad. And a bit of heartburn now and again (probably not helped by being greedy and eating chocolate in the evening!).

But generally things are quite good. I know I am very lucky on this front!

Have you ever experience Braxton Hicks?

How far have you been running lately?

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  1. Oscar was on the 10th percentile the whole way through. The midwife team were convinced I was going to have a 4-5lber but he actually ended up being 6lb13oz at birth.
    I was told that having stronger stomach muscles made it harder to measure accurately too. Also though, they were likely the reason Oscar remained breech and I ended up having a C-section. 😬 You say yours have started to relax a bit now so hopefully baby will have room to turn. 🤞🏻
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