Rave, rave, rave

I was thinking of doing a Rants and Raves post but actually I couldn’t really find much to rant about. What a problem eh!

I am in such a happy place right now. My life seems to be floating along so nicely! I know this is mostly due to changing jobs and changing up my routine but it really has made me a much happier person.

Rave: Speaking of routines, so as you probably know along with running, I love going to the gym as well. I enjoy the different type of workouts I can get; focusing on strength training and making myself stronger. After moving into my parent’s house I realised I needed to change my gym as it was now too far away to make logical sense.

I did a bit of hunting. I briefly, VERY briefly, considered joining a ridiculous expensive gym right next to work…and then found a far cheaper and 24/7 gym on the way to work. This was perfect because a) I don’t want to spend a fortune on some fancy shmancy gym which probably will have a ratio of 10:1 cardio to weights ratio and b) I like to go SUPER early. I’m not an evening gym person and I like starting the day with a workout. Plus going early means beating any crowds.So the gym I found (called 24/7 Fitness) is SO good. It has several different rooms, which I quite like. A room that’s like a Crossfit room with hanging ropes, TRX’s, a rower and a climbing frame type thing and lots of mat areas with free weights and dumbbells. It has another room focused on chest presses and chest isolation machines. Another one focused on leg weights with squat racks etc. and then a room with just free weights and benches. It also has a “women’s only” area… lots of machines, all pink (*sighs*) – at least it’s not just full of cardio machines, eh! And a few other rooms with more machines and then cardio equipment. It is a bit shabby but I’m not there to admire the paintwork so it suits me fine.I drive there after walking Alfie, do my thing and then shower and get ready there. Other than making me get super organised the night before with packing what I need to take with me (so far no forgotten bra yet) but it’s saved me so much time sitting in traffic as I’m past all the busy stuff before the gym and then it’s a quick 10 mins from the gym the rest of the way. What a win!

Rave: Finding the most comfy and well-fitting jeans! As a runner my legs tend to have problems with fitting into jeans (hey there strong thighs). It’s mainly just the ratio of my body I guess. I’m sure non-runners feel this exact pain as well because, let’s be honest, we all have different shapes, lumps and bumps.I don’t regularly shop in Top Shop as it’s a bit…young?… for me. It’s like when you scroll too far on the Forever21 website and you go, “really, who actually wears this?”. But Top Shop have consistently done be well when it comes to jeans. I like that they do a waist measurement and a leg measurement. I popped quickly in there one day after work (SO MUCH MORE TIME IN LIFE!) and saw a pair that looked nice along with a lovely jumper and didn’t bother trying them on as I was heading to Nando’s with a friend. I could return them at the weekend if they didn’t fit so it wasn’t an issue.

BUT MY GOD. They fit like a glove, AND are super comfy. I love them.

Rave: Muffin market research… it was such a stroke of luck that this happened on the Wednesday. Any other day and I probably wouldn’t have seen it. But on a Wednesday I go downstairs to the Starbucks and was thus able to spot the market research table that had been set up…Muffins! Muffins galore! They had a load of different samples for people to try of either lemon, chocolate or blueberry muffins. You had to give your preference of muffin in terms of texture, taste and appearance. I mean, it was a tough job but I stepped up to the bar. I probably ate about four muffins in total. I was surprised at how much I quite enjoyed the chocolate muffins. Normally I’m not a big fan (well, actually I’m normally not a big muffin fan in general but they were free…). Some of the chocolate muffins had this delicious chocolaty oozy middle which worked against the dryness issue that muffins often face. Delicious!

Rave: New trainers. To put my work discount to good use I bought a pair of these ASICS Gel-Exalt. I get on well with ASICS and they’re a great colour.It’s funny because as I was packing before I moved back to my parents I actually found a pair of Adidas Boosts (Supernovas I believe) that have barely been worn so despite buying a brand new pair of trainers I actually don’t need them just yet. Always handy to have a few pairs to rotate with too!

Biggest rave of all: If you follow me on any form of social media (Instagram, Twitter, Strava or Facebook) then you’ll probably already know that the Bournemouth Marathon went very well for me. I’ll be (hopefully) getting my recap post up this week. I’m SO glad it went well and I can now look back at Bournemouth fondly and wear the marathon t-shirt with pride.What do you look for in a gym?

Have you ever taken part in any market research before?

What do you look for in a muffin?

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  1. Love how positive this post is! Those jeans look great – I literally wear jeans once a year as any that fit my bum are always huge around my waist and I spent all day yanking them back up…. my old gym in London had a “women’s section” which I now appreciate as there is far too much grunting going in in my Dubai gym which I don’t appreciate at 6am (or ever..) x

  2. Glad you conquered Bournemouth!

    I’ve been buying bold curve jeans from eBay. Levi don’t seem to make them anymore, and they are the only ones which really don’t gape at the back.

    Mmm. Muffins…

  3. YAY for all the raves!! SO glad things are going so well for you since switching to your new job 🙂 Also – your gym sounds great! While I’m not sure how I feel about the “women’s only” area, I do know that a lot of gyms are adding more of them in hopes of encouraging more women to strength train, so I guess I can’t be mad about that, right?! Anything to get women into that weight room!!
    kat recently posted…Creamy Cherry Tomato Basil SoupMy Profile

  4. What a happy post- love it!
    That gym sounds ideally placed especially if you miss all the bad traffic too. I have not been to a gym for years, but I think I would prefer a women only area because when I used to go there were a few guys who never used towels and they were so sweaty and gross, and you just would not want to stand near them let alone touch anything that they just had used because they would not wipe anything down after.
    Muffin market research sounds very good- although I wouldn’t usually choose a muffin- I’d rather have a cake or something more interesting (and they are marketed as a sort of healthier breakfast baked good, but they are not really any different). However filled ones are different- I had a lemon one once filled with lemon curd, and then at Christmas Caffe Nerro did a gingerbread one filled with a sort of gingerbread filling (maybe it was butter icing or something?)- anyway- that was really good.
    Looking forward to hearing more about Bournemouth.
    Maria @ Maria runs recently posted…A long run in the autumn and a run cut shortMy Profile

    1. Yes I regularly freak out about gym hygiene. I wash my hands so hard when I’m done – even before showering!
      There are quite a few elderly men who also use the women’s section and I can understand that!

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