Could you turn your passion for good food into a job?

Hello lovely readers! Hope you’re having a fantastic week. Today I have a really interesting guest post about working in the food industry. I think it would be dangerous to work with food – I’d just eat it all Winking smile

The great thing about the food industry is that eating doesn’t exactly go out of style. The food industry relies on passionate professionals with a broad range of skills to give us quality food, day in, day out.

There are lots of different ways your skills can be applied within the food industry – you don’t just have to become a chef! Here’re a few alternative foodie career options…


In the UK, you can enter the food manufacturing industry by earning an NVQ while working on the job. By picking up the skills as you go, you’ll have a great foothold in an industry, which currently employs tens of thousands of people in the UK. This job might not exactly by ‘your calling’, but there’s certainly lots of interesting and well paid careers available in this area of employment.


It’s not just a box – the amount of work which goes into the packaging of your food is staggering. Packages need to be designed to be attractive and meet industry standards for distribution. Every element of food packaging, from colour to imagery, requires a creative eye and a specialist skill set.

Research and development

Get into the food and beverage industry by working to put more, and better, quality products on the shelves. If you have an interest in food-related science or research in general, you could find yourself developing new products for domestic and international markets.

Logistics and supply chain

Good food has to get the people, and the logistics of delivery are an extremely rewarding career. On one end of the process, you’ll be sourcing ingredients for manufacturers, negotiating prices and quickly securing stock from around the world. At the other end of the food industry process, logistics work secures the supply chain, from manufacturing to retail outlets.

Marketing and PR

Manage a food company’s public image, deliver marketing campaigns, and maximise your brand to increase sales. It’s a highly translatable career and gives you a chance to exercise your creativity in service to good food. Food is big business, and even if you’re a qualified nutritionist or dietician, you could find yourself in a marketing role. Whether it’s online marketing, creating content for a company’s blog, or directing TV adverts, if you are struggling to get a job which directly utilises your nutrition skills, you can always expand your skillset outside of nutrition and obtain experience and skills in an niche such as marketing. In turn this will greatly enhance your chances of obtaining a job you will love. Take a look at this article to see an interesting case study.


The manufacturing section of the food and beverage industry coordinates the production of quality for a food supplier such as Bidvest. This could involve supervising production chains, fixing bottlenecks or even redesigning the manufacturing process to develop more efficient manufacturing systems.

Health and safety

In the tabloids, the words ‘health and safety’ are treated like a slur, but it forms a vital part of the food industry. Health and safety specialists protect workers from injury in the production of food and are also responsible for making sure the environment is protected in the manufacturing of food.


If you really want to come at your career from left field, you could always pursue a career in fortune cookie writing, or become a ‘flavour guru’, dedicated to using hyper focused taste buds to tasting the food before it’s sent to market! Or, you could even work as a professional food forager for kitchens dedicated to using wild food.

Have you found an amazing career in the food industry you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear about it!

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  1. I don’t know how the fortunes are where you live, but we could use some new fortune writer’s out here! Fortune cookies tell you more about your personality than a fortune lol “You are a hard worker.” Ummm, how is that a fortune?
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