I.C.E. (And not the cold variety!)

Today I have a really interesting post from my friend, Michelle (she recently did the Newcastle parkrun review – to be fair, she really should start her own blog as she’s such a good runner and always eats nice things (read: cake) too). Today she’s reviewing the I.C.E running ID.

Now it’s dark like all the time (well it feels like it anyway) “be safe, be seen” is a thought that crosses most runner’s minds as they pick out their best high-vis outfit before their run, don the head torch and other flashies.

But have you ever thought about if, god forbid, something happened to you whilst out on a run???

If you’re out with friends or a club then the people around you are going to know who you are and who to contact to tell them what has happened but are they going to know your medical history? If you take any medication? If your allergic to medication? But what about if you are out running alone? The chances of someone who knows who you, let alone anything else about you, finding you is minuscule!!

After the tragic deaths of the two young Aldershot, Farnham & District runners I feel it is important to raise the topic of ensuring every one of us runners have some form of ID on them when out running I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency). This doesn’t just apply to people with medical conditions but EVERYONE! There are a number of options available, from simple and cheap to those with a slight cost but worth the investment!

Your Mobile Phone

For those of you who run with your phone this is a quick and free option!
These days most mobile phones allow you to enter I.C.E. and medical information which can then be accessed from the lock screen. I am not sure exactly how to do this with any phone apart from iPhone but just Google it and there will be plenty of step by step guides available. If you own an iPhone then if you go into the built in Health app it will ask you to set up your medical ID.

This can then be accessed from the lock screen in an emergency without having to unlock your phone.

After you press the home button press “Emergency” and then “Medical ID”.

Key Tags

This is another quick and cheap option for ensuring you have I.C.E. details with you whilst out on a run and was the first way I ever took I.C.E information out on runs with me! I bought a pack of about 30 key tags from a pound shop, wrote I.C.E. on the front and my emergency contact name and number on the back.

It lives attached to my front door key so it is guaranteed to go with me every time I run! The rest of the pack of key tags are probably sat in a drawer at home but I’ve got one on my uni front door key and another on my home front door key. Why not put the rest of the box to use and pop one on your kid’s door keys too?!

parkrun Wristbands

The majority of runners these days have a parkrun barcode. For many of us it starts life as a constantly crumpled and soggy bit of paper, it then progresses (maybe) to being laminated to make each one last a bit longer but why not invest in a parkrun wristband and kill two birds with one stone!

At £13.98 the wristbands are made from silicone making them durable and waterproof. They come in sizes from small to extra-large, are available in black or pink and are laser engraved with your name and personal barcode. In addition to these you can personalise them with your I.C.E. telephone number and medical information.

Even though I’m not the most frequent parkrun attender I purchased one of these wristbands about a year ago. The first time I used it I was worried the barcode wouldn’t work but I’ve had no problems! They are really light and easy to just slip on before a run, even if you’re not off to parkrun!

OneLife ID

Being away at uni I felt I probably needed something a bit more than just a key tag on me when I was out running as the chance of anyone knowing more than my name was well zero! I came across OneLife ID who make emergency wristbands designed for sports. These are slightly more expensive but worth every penny!

They have a wide range of wristbands, alert cards, dog tags and now even tags to add to your watch or activity tracker! Each of their ID tags are personalisable and allow you to create an online personal profile which can only be accessed using a code on the back of your ID tag. The online profile can be updated and allows more information about you to be sought. You can also download a mobile ID to save to your phone.

I chose the Stealth Squadra ID wristband (£22.99) which comes in a choice of 11 different colours, has a soft silicone strap and a stainless steel “fold over safety clasp” so it fit securely once you’ve put it on. It is water and sweat resistant too. It comes in one size which you cut to size and then attach the clasp meaning you can make sure it’s a snug fit!

When ordering you personalise the tag itself to include text only (up to 5 lines) or have less text and a QR code. You choose your own online ID and the tag comes with a security PIN written on the back of it so people can only view detailed information about you if they enter the pin. If things were to change in the future you can order replacement tags for your band.

I love my OneLife ID and wear it out on every run! It doesn’t move about too much due to the fact you cut it to size, fits easily under long sleeves for the winter and is so lightweight I have often forgotten I still have it on and have been known to walk around with it on all day before!

Carrying I.C.E. ID whilst out on a run will put your loved ones at ease, so with Christmas coming up why not add an I.C.E. ID wristband to your list for Santa!

Thanks, Michelle. This is a really important post I think. I for one actually have done none of these things and feel suitable guilty! I’ll definitely be updating my Health app on my iPhone and looking to buy the parkrun wristband soon. And not just for running but I go to the gym stupidly early in the morning so having this information on me would be very handy as I don’t take my purse with me to the gym.

Do you have any of the above I.C.E products?

How do you stay safe when running?

3 Replies to “I.C.E. (And not the cold variety!)”

  1. What an important reminder. I bought one of those shoe tag ID things, but in fact I have not changed it over to my new trainers yet. I normally take my phone with me, and I have my parkrun barcode in there which has an ICE on it. I’ve not thought to take my parkrun wrist band with me but that sounds like a good idea.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Preston Park parkrunMy Profile

  2. I got the parkrun wristband last year, and although I haven’t worn it whilst out on other runs, I need to do this. As Michelle said, they’re really light and easy to slip on. I know quite a few runners who keep their laminated barcode in their back pocket whilst out on a run.
    My Dad got a new phone last week and I was quite impressed when I saw that it automatically came up asking him to enter his ICE details, as I’d not seen that before. He didn’t know what ICE meant, and I had to help him out, but once he knew he agreed that it was a really good feature of the phone.
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