Legging loving – SKINS DNAmic Ultimate Compression review

Leggings… oh leggings, how I do love you.

I’d say 80% of the time at the gym I’m wearing leggings. I feel less “exposed”. The harsh bright lights of the gym and the fact that you’re not really flying past people, but rather hanging out with them in the same space. And doing squats in shorts isn’t my favourite thing it must be said. So leggings at the gym = BIG tick.

But for running I do prefer to be a bit more “free”. In general my legs don’t get that cold. It’s more my upper body that feels the chills. However, I was recently sent some SKINS leggings to test out from their new DNAmic Ultimate Compression range. Though I was keen to just keep them for the gym, the Biblical rain and wind the other night pushed me to be a bit of a wuss and pop the leggings on.It was dark, miserable, cold and wet and I frankly didn’t want to go outside. But the idea of being a bit more covered up made the experience feel a bit more appealing. So on they went. Yes I realise actual skin is waterproof but these aren’t just regular leggings, they’re compression leggings. As a big fan of compression socks I was quite keen to give them a try.Compression gear enhances your natural blood flow, which can increase the oxygen supply to your muscles and remove lactic acid quicker. The compression is design in a way that it’s strategically placed on the areas where you’d need it the most, helping to keep you going and reduce injuries. For every single marathon I’ve run (and all my long runs) I always wear compression socks. I find they give my calves a bit of extra support and keep cramp at bay.The material of the leggings, as you can imagine, is quite tight but not overly so. I mean, let’s be honest, over the Christmas period I don’t think anyone is feeling their leanest but once you’ve got them on you don’t feel overly restricted (a big concern I had, even after all the Christmas chocolate I’ve been scoffing ;-)).

The design is high-waisted (apparently helping with core-support) – which I love. Anything high-waisted I’m totally on board with. And there’s a back pocket (always handy) and reflective details to keep you seen during those dark runs.

I personally really like these leggings. Though I’ll probably use them more for the gym and super cold runs, they do stick to you like a second skin but they’re not restrictive. I felt very much “at one” with the leggings, not fighting them – even though they had a compression feel to them. And happily they’re squat proof! No nasty see-through issues.They’re launching officially in February 2019, but have pre-launched just last week (18th December), replacing their existing A400 range.

Do you wear leggings or shorts for running?

Is that the same for going to the gym?

Do you wear compression gear?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent the leggings for free in return for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

14 Replies to “Legging loving – SKINS DNAmic Ultimate Compression review”

  1. The see through leggings are so bad- I’ve seen a few when out running- obviously it’s worse if you are doing a squat but I think it’s still important to have thick enough fabric.
    I prefer capris for running over leggings, but in the winter it’s leggings. I do own one pair of shorts now so if it’s hot next summer I might brave them but I feel very self conscious with all that skin exposed.

    1. Yeah the see-through leggings thing is just really bad. Brands should really make better quality gear. I can understand if it’s Primark or somewhere like that, but when it’s actual sports brands and you’re paying £30+ it’s just not good enough.

  2. I tend to wear 3/4 length tights as I find full length leggings too restrictive. I also overheat really easily. Having said that, I bought some 2XU compression tights from TKMaxx. They are amazing and have the added bonus of being reflective.
    When it’s warm I always wear shorts.
    I don’t go to the gym now, but the gym at uni was so hot I used to wear shorts and a vest. I wore leggings once and got far too hot.
    I’m a huge fan of compression gear. I think a pair of SKINS shorts were my first ever compression gear purchase way back in 2004/5. I’ve still got them somewhere.

    1. Yeah I agree, I’m far too hot in leggings for running. People often looked shocked when I wear shorts (I remember in Zary in Poland they literally stared at my legs while everyone else – including the men – wore leggings).

  3. I prefer the capris over full length leggings. The weather is too hot here most of the time of the year for running. I started sometime back again after years and I’m still not comfortable wearing shorts because of my weight. But capris are the sweet spot for me. I have one 2XU and one SKINS. I’m happy with both with a bit of bias towards 2XU
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  4. Great review. Honestly its so important for them (to me anyway) to be squat proof like somebody else said. I’ve gone through a few pairs of leggings which havent been able to keep up with me!

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