ENERTOR™ Insoles Review

A few weeks ago I was sent some full insoles from the lovely people at Enertor Insoles.

As regular readers are probably aware, I’m terrifically injury prone and, due to my fallen arches (flat feet), I tend to suffer from lots of injuries. Obviously I can’t simply blame my feet because there have been many times I’ve made stupid training decisions too, like not taking enough rest between races. But I live and learn. Eventually…

Anyway, as I said I was sent some insoles for my trainers for when I run. I’m not new to insoles and have used them on and off for a number of years. So when I was sent these I was quite intrigued to give them a go.

Though the insoles do help ward against injuries, they apparently also aim on improving performance. They give long-term cushioning and aim to support normal muscle function and reduce leg pain. They’re made with patented D3O® technology, which is basically a “smart” material that cushions and supports the foot when the foot is moving slowly but when there’s an impact (i.e. your foot hitting the ground) the material absorbs and disperses the energy. This allows the insoles to reduce shock by 44% and provide energy returns of up to 36% [Source].

You cut the insoles down to size using regular scissors to fit your trainers and then slide them in (in place of your original insoles).

Thoughts? They were easy to cut to size and put in my trainers. I found them really comfortable. I didn’t notice them as much as previous insoles but I could tell they were there. In terms of improving my performance, I couldn’t really say but they are comfortable and I felt like my feet were adequately supported. Running was nice and smooth. It helps that I’m becoming a lot more aware of my feet since working with my physio to improve my arch strength and I could feel that the insoles were helping support this.

I’ve had previous insoles which have been really inflexible and have given me very bad blisters  but these are far more forgiving – no blisters! That’s not to say they don’t support my feet, but they seem to work better with my feet rather than forcing them into a very unnatural gait. What I loved about them is that they’re designed to reduce the pressure on the forefoot and improve the functionality of the big toe area – which is key for flat footed people like myself and something my physio has specifically mentioned. They are quite ‘springy’ as well – you can feel the cushioning power of them.

So I’m very happy to continue to wear these in my trainers. And they apparently last 18 months which is very good! So I can just remove them and put them in new trainers as I go.

I was also sent a technical Enertor t-shirt as well which is always very welcome! Especially as it isn’t ginormous on me.

Have you ever tried insoles?

What kind of trainers do you wear?

Are you injury prone?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent the insoles and the t-shirt in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

16 Replies to “ENERTOR™ Insoles Review”

  1. I was given an insole for just one shoe when I saw the physio connected to Women’s Running mag a couple of years ago. My right glute (and well, entire side) is pretty lazy and it was affecting the whole side of my body, including the way that I put pressure down on my foot in my trainer. I continued the strength exercises I was given to improve that side, but never continued to wear insoles after that pair of trainers and luckily I haven’t had any problems since.
    Touch wood, but I’m not horrifically injury-prone. Accident prone is another issue though…! 😉
    Mary recently posted…The Welly 5 and a 999 callMy Profile

  2. I suspect that my current pair of insoles are finally starting to lose their support so I’ll definitely look out for these. If they are good enough for Usain Bolt then they are good enough for me.
    Emma recently posted…July reviewMy Profile

  3. Another vote for insoles. I got some fitted in January; a regular in one foot, a moulded one to correct dropped arch in the other (they basically heated up this gel thing and placed it under my arch) and it has worked wonders. I used to get mild but nagging shin pain, particularly in colder months, which I haven’t had at all since wearing them. I was quoted two years but I run less than you, so maybe that was just based off my week mileages. It was a bit of a horror adding the cost onto new trainers but so worth it.

  4. Yeap, I’ve always put insoles when wearing shoes, this help my feet more comfortable and feel relaxing. I’ve never tried Enertor Insoles before, but I think that I would look for and try a pair of them and I’ll tell you about it later, really thanks for your review.

  5. Running helps us healthier and we should prepare well for our feet. So insoles are necessary. The more comfortable for our feet, the longer we could run. Thanks for your review, I’ll try a pair soon.

  6. I was really interested when I saw these insoles advertised as I’ve been told recently that I have flat feet (been running for 7-8 years) I developed a stinging sensation along the inside of my foot near the ankle bone and haven’t run much for 3 months. Just started back recently doing a walk/jog type of run. I hope these will correct my over pronation. Thanks for the review

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