Gel Glorify and Luminus – Pound The Road, Not Your Feet

A few weeks ago I was sent two pairs of trainers and some items of running gear from the guys at The Running Bug in connection with ASICS and Intersport (where the trainers are exclusively stocked).

I’m fully aware that this is a dream come true scenario for any runner to be given items of clothing and trainers so I was obviously very happy to try them out. However, I do always feel slightly cautious with trying new trainers because: hello I’m injury prone.

That said, by their description the trainers sounded right up my alley. They’re part of the new gel collection which stresses the concept of “pound the road, not your feet”, especially with long distances. OK, I’m on board so far. So what were the trainers and what were they like?


The Glorify trainer is similar to the ASICS Nimbus model. They have gel cushioning in the front and back as well as a “FluidRide” midsole so keep things nice and bouncy (good “bounce back”). They’re aimed at longer distance running (10k onwards) and were designed to give you a comfy spring in your run. They also have a “Full Length Guidance Line” which is aimed to keep your foot stable during the gait cycle even when you’re fatigued.

ASICS Glorify trainers, socks, shorts and T-shirt

My thoughts? I found them very comfortable and bouncy. I’ve said this previously, but they reminded me a bit of Adidas Boosts but not quite as light. That’s not to say they feel like a heavy shoe, they don’t. But Boosts are more short distance racing shoes, whereas these are in it for the long haul. And for me, this is important in my marathon training. They’re a neutral shoe so ideal for those who don’t have serious pronation problems. Unfortunately I do but I slipped in my insoles into them and they still feel great (I do the same with my Boost neutral trainers). I found them really good for tempo runs when I needed a quick leg turnover but still have a good level of comfort.


The Luminus is similar to the ASICS Kayano model. Again they have a lightweight cushioning and are more of a structured shoe to help stabilise the heel and midfoot. They also have a good amount of room in the forefoot.

My thoughts? These were my favourite out of the two. They’re a structured cushioned shoe and are ideal for my over-pronation. I’ll never feel entirely comfortable in racing flats of minimalist shoes. I’m a runner who needs support and feels more confident when I have it. These didn’t feel like big heavy support shoes, they felt light-weight and my runs felt nice and smooth. What I really liked was that there was a good amount of room in the front compartment: no black toenails for me!

Additional note: I also really like that both trainers have normal length laces. Mizuno drive me mad with their stupidly long laces – why!?

ASICS Apparel

Along with the trainers, I was sent an ASICs technical T-shirt, shorts and socks.

The T-shirt and shorts are really good quality. The T-shirt is lovely and lightweight and nicely fitted.  It also has reflective strips.

The shorts are fantastic. So much so I wore them for my Cheddar Gorge marathon. They’re so comfy, no chafing, have a handy zip back pocket and were lovely and breezy for the run.

The socks are soft and haven’t given me blisters, but I do prefer the shorter “trainer socks”. But that’s merely an aesthetics point!

I like ASICS as you know where you stand with them. They products are good functional and quality goods. The trainers are available exclusively at InterSport so check out their website to find where you can purchase them from.

Do you like ASICS?

What brand of trainer are you currently using?

Do you prefer cushioning and support or more minimalistic trainers?

**Full Disclosure: I was sent these products for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

15 Replies to “Gel Glorify and Luminus – Pound The Road, Not Your Feet”

  1. You’re so lucky! Both of those shoes sound ideal for me, because I do long runs in the Asics Kayano and save the Addidas Boosts for short runs and racing, but the latter still do a number on my feet and ankles because they just don’t provide enough support. The Kayano are just too heavy though and make long runs unnecessarily hard. My scoliosis and lumbar lordosis tends to force me backward so I land on my heels no matter how hard I try not to heel-strike, so I wear down shoes far more quickly than anyone with a decent stride/footstrike. I wish those shoes were more widely available, but they might be out of my price range anyway (I wait for the shoes I wear to become the ‘old’ style so I can get them more cheaply when the new ones come out).

    Alfie’s photobomb = priceless.
    Jess recently posted…Review: Jump AttackMy Profile

    1. Yes I felt extremely lucky to have been sent them. I’ve never worn ASICS before so I was keen to try them out and they’ll go into my rotation (ooh er, that sounds rather technical for me!)
      I honestly don’t notice the weight of trainers. Maybe because I’ve always worn quite heavy cushioned ones?

  2. How fantastic- you will be sorted for shoes for years! I love asics- I did have Mizuno’s for a bit, and liked the first pair,but the new model just felt stiff and I never liked them as much. I think I am on my 4th pair of Asics now- they are some sort of gel one, kayano maybe, I did write it on my strava so I would know! I like a bit of cushioning, but not so much that I can’t feel any of the ground if that makes sense. It was interesting having the gait analysis last time- I tried on one pair and did a few steps but they felt stiff, and before I said anything the guy stopped the treadmill and said that they were no good for me- I was impressed he could tell.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Oahu- running gear spending spree!My Profile

  3. I’m a big Asics fan have always worn them. First the gt2170, and then gt2000 when they relaunched, but they messed around with them too much and I kept getting injured so I changed to Kayano’s which I love, but the latest model again is very different so I will have to keep ordering older ones but they are so expensive, I might check out the second pair you mention here.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Beating Treadmill Boredom with RunSocialMy Profile

  4. I actually first became aware of Futura back in the early 2000′s (that sounds funny, huh.?) when I hired a company (The Logo Factory) to design a logo for a company of mine. I’ve been using that font ever since. I’ve even used it in a few logos of my own. Futura is authoritative and commanding in my opinion. Thanks for the post… I didn’t know Futura’s immense history – until now.

  5. I like Asics shoes, especially running shoes. The quality and design are excellent. However, I’m currently using Nike Metcon training shoes. I love the design of the Metcon. Minimal heel lift, snug fit but still extremely comfortable and hard, sticky rubber on the bottom.

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