Why I’m OK with being average

No one is going to write a book about my life. That much I’m fairly certain. In fact, I’m always quite shocked that people actually read my blog.

Though I’d still write it even if people didn’t read it. I find the whole process very cathartic and it’s a great way to keep track of races, restaurants and significant events and the fine, mundane details surrounding them that I’d probably never remember otherwise. I’ve often referred to my blog when trying to remember certain things – like where was that place I went to that had that amazing cake? Or what time did I run that race two years ago? Or just being able to flick back to old posts and see how much I’ve changed, or in some cases, how I haven’t changed at all.

But it’s not ground-breaking stuff. I’m not smashing through glass ceilings with my critical thinking and diverse approach to different topics. I’m not even that great a runner. I’m middle of the pack and, worse still, injury-prone. My running is not exactly awe inspiring and I’ll never get super fast times or do a super amazing challenge (spoiler alert on my life right there, guys).

I’m not selling myself short. I’m not being pessimistic. I’m just being honest. That honesty doesn’t make me sad. And I don’t want to be famous (jeeze, what would I be famous for? I daren’t even think… some weird cake eating competition or girls vs. food event – but even at that I’m hardly remarkable to the people who genuinely do those things).

In general, I’m a very happy person. Day-to-day/hour-to-hour this obviously changes (I hate you, commute! *shakes fist*) – as it does for everyone. But when I get home at night, lock my door and get into bed, I’m happy – alone but not lonely. I don’t have any huge regrets in my life, aside from small and insignificant ones (why didn’t I start running earlier?).

I don’t regret getting married and that period of my life. We had good memories together and it helped me grow during that time. And when it ended I learned a lot about myself as a single person, rather than being part of a pair.

It was actually something my physio said to me that made me think. He said, “People underrate feeling fine”. They only come to him when they’re in pain or something’s not right. Then they only realise how incredible feeling normal and not in pain actually is. I know this well; it’s always a momentous occasion when I tell my physio that I feel fine.

This same logic applies to life. Though my life is so very average, that’s OK because I’m happy. I have no major gripes: I’m healthy, I have a loving family, a solid group of friends, I have no money issues, I enjoy my job, I don’t think I look too much like Quasimodo in the great scheme of things, I have a lovely flat and, of course, Alfie. Yes it’s average, mundane and, to a lot of people, boring but I’m happy and healthy, and that is certainly not something to take for granted.

Sometimes I think it’s important to take stock. Your stock may not be one in a million or the stuff of blockbusters, but if you’re happy and healthy, that stock is pretty damn good.

Are you above average at anything?

Would you ever want to be famous? And what for?

Perhaps a fairly personal question, but are you happy?

16 Replies to “Why I’m OK with being average”

  1. Great blog as always! Refreshing to know others are happy being ‘average’, although there’s a whole different conversation about who decides what average is! (Sure someone can insert some mathematical definition in here!) Would never call you average personally but totally agree with the message here, and it’s what you believe and are happy with that is important.

  2. There truly is nothing wrong with being average. I think the issue arises when people just go through life without CARING much about anything. They don’t want to excel or succeed at anything and are just comfortable being what they are. That’s fine I suppose, but I think it can also lead to what if’s in the end! Im an average chick through and through but that doesn’t mean I don’t fight daily to succeed!
    kat recently posted…TOL #111 – Experimenting, Sampling and DevouringMy Profile

  3. I like your blog because you’re average and your write about your everyday life! Your posts are always interesting and I love the funny little anecdotes you include. I find your blog really entertaining to read and I think the appeal of your blog is how ‘normal’ it is. I don’t always want to read about someone who’s at London Fashion Week or on the cover of a magazine. Average is good! Also love that quote “people underrate feeling fine” – I’ll have to remember that one!

  4. I love that statement, and it is so true. I think I am a fairly optimistic person, although I do think about worse case scenarios a lot (eg if I am out running and see a big dog off a lead, I imagine it biting me and me calling an ambulance and then wonder about if I would go to work the next day…). I must say you can’t really be a middle of the pack runner as you have a BQ! That is front of the middle at most, but really more like nearer the sharp end!
    I would NEVER want to be famous! I hate being made a fuss of, and I hate being in front of a crowd- last year when I won the award at my running club I think my mind went totally blank and it was like I shrunk or the room expanded or something- that was bad enough!
    I much prefer to read blogs about everyday life too, as I can relate to it so much more- I am not so keen on full time bloggers or people with a lifestyle far removed from mine.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Time keeping at parkrun and a little trip to LondonMy Profile

  5. Ah: but anyone who can train and achieve a good for age for London Marathon is a *bit* above average for running and determination! I think you could allow a ‘good’ rating here…

    Right now, I’m pretty knackered and struggling with anxiety (which means less writing…). But, I’m employed, I have a comfy bed, I have knitting, I had a weekend away with my friends, and I’ve just eaten my vegan main course for lunch (pudding is a yoghurt, but still veggie). And I’m sure the weird tingly feeling post-blood test will wear off when the bruising goes down. Plus. I don’t live in the US. I have friends who are in bits. I’m merely a bit jangly now.

    I’d hate to be famous. I’m notorious enough as it is…
    Jane recently posted…Thames Meander…Oh. So Close.My Profile

  6. Being average is good ! It make you feel more comfortable right ?
    However, some people just wanna be famous since they could get more profit (money as example)
    But to me, i love being average, having normal life with family and friends, that’s all 😀
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts ! Have a happy upcoming holiday 🙂

  7. I used to overthink things a lot and it held me back in ways that weren’t fun at all. But when I read your blog, especially this article, I have realized my life is average, and not wrong with it.
    I take more long trips alone. I have learned guitar. I do meditation. I wake up early in the morning and go for a walk. I take the time out to hang out with my best friends. I spend quality time with my family.
    100% I’m happy.
    Adored your article

  8. I never read your blog in my life. During searching tips to be fit in Google then I found your blog URL. I enter in your blog and read this blog. You can’t amazing how much I wonder to read this blog. Its really too interesting blog. After that I read some more blogs of you. All the blogs are very interesting and informative. I have become your permanent reader.
    The person who live in average, they are perfect from my point of view.
    Thanks for sharing such informative blogs.
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  9. i think your blog is great, writing a blog to share your experiment in life, share your characterity or how your day. its amazing and keep the good work girl. Not like you, im quite pessimistic and dont like to be famous too. once i thought, if i was famous, i couldnt be free to do what i like or eat what i want, everyone would stare at me all the time. aww, so horrible. haha. Anyway, have a nice day, i like read your blog.

  10. Hi, I like your site because you live truly as you want it to be. Yeah I agree with you that average people is also very happy because we can find it’s enough to be happy. Me also. I feel that my life is so happy with average lifestyle. I love my family, my close friends, and my love. That’s enough. Just smile and feeling good.

  11. you’re right. There’s nothing wrong being an average one or being anyone. Happiness is satisfying with what we have and lives in the present. It’s simple. We have good healthy, we have our family and friends, what more to expect? 🙂
    I love the fact that you said “I don’t want to be famous (jeeze, what would I be famous for? ” Yeah, being famous also means losing your freedom, just be average and enjoy our life.

  12. Average is marvellous in its own way. And I think your running is pretty awe inspiring, actually!

    I would say I am “bigger picture” happy right now, but struggling with some anxiety plus time management issues (hence the horrendous lack of blogging myself!).

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