Don’t be a d***head

I’m feeling very behind with my blogging. So let’s catch up.

I got back from Barcelona last week (I’m mid-writing my recap of that) late Tuesday night. I woke up after a solid night’s sleep and then went out for a run Wednesday morning. The run felt fine in terms of my legs. Whew! Nothing broken or injured post marathon, always a good sign.

However not long after I suddenly went downhill. I wasn’t well. I suppose this makes a lot of sense considering I’d just run a marathon and then had a couple of days of non-stop sight-seeing and walking (over 30,000 steps per day!). Then getting on a plane… yeah my body wasn’t having any of it.

I took Thursday and Friday off of work. It was genuinely the case that getting out of bed was an effort. I had to have little to-do lists like have a shower, make breakfast… everything was so hard. And I spent pretty much my entire time on the sofa falling down a black hole of YouTube watching mindless make-up vlogging (I don’t even wear make-up but find these so fascinating and quite cathartic to watch) or napping.

I was actually really gutted to not be going into work Friday as we had one of our Wiggle Run Outs and this time it was going to have SIS visiting – so lots of freebies and cool info. Charlotte Purdue was supposed to be joining the run as well. I was genuinely so sad to miss running with such a running legend and inspiration. However, it turned out in the end that because she’d won the Big Half the weekend before she had to go and do an interview elsewhere so she couldn’t come in. I was somewhat mollified by this!

And now my rant shall beginth.

I had lots in my plan that I was going to get done. I had gym visits, runs and I was RARING to go to get back into my training ready for the Manchester Marathon – at the time about three weeks or so away. Did I feel a bit rubbish not being able to get out because I was ill? Of course I did. Mentally I wanted to get back out there. Did I feel guilty sitting on the sofa all day doing less than 5,000 steps a day? A little bit as it’s not my default.

I spent a lot of time hanging out with this guy

But I knew this was exactly what my body needed. It was tired. I felt exhausted. I felt unwell. Did I miss meals or modify what I was eating to account for the fact that my movement was pretty much zero? Nope. Nutrition (CALORIES) is even more important at times like this. Did I worry I was suddenly going to lose all my fitness, put on a stone and become a blob? Not at all. Don’t be daft. Even if I had to take a month off – yes I would absolutely be getting itchy feet and narked off but if that’s what your body needs, YOU HAVE TO DO IT.

A roast dinner with all the trimmings and pudding to help me get better

Don’t go and test the waters despite STILL FEELING ILL. Go out for a run when you know you’re 100% better, rather than using biometric feedback from your watch (your easy pace isn’t feeling easy, your HR is all over the place). I’m sorry no. You know when you’re not well. We don’t need gadgets to justify us getting outside – look, look, I’m well my data tells me so! No. HOW DO YOU FEEL?

There should be no guilt or worry associated with missing training because you’re not well. Looking after yourself and self-care should be your main priority. What kind of training are you really going to achieve with pushing your body to do things when all it wants is to get better?

very much the sloth existence while being looked after

I’m just glad that I waited until I felt better before I tried running again. I’m back to health, my running is fine, I have no carry on effects. I got over my illness quickly because I prioritised my health not my fitness.

Onto something a bit more cool. I was recently sent some socks from MP Magic Socks.

They began as a crowdfunding venture and due to really positive feedback they took off (even mentioned in places like USA Today, The Times, Mashable, Mirror, etc.

I love that they have the “left” and “right” labels too

They’re unique in that they’re made from fabric that uses three metals: silver, copper and zinc, which gives greater antibacterial protection than any single metal alone. Smelly socks obviously are no one’s cup of tea so these are super handy.

For someone who does a fair bit of travelling I’m a BIG fan. ESPECIALLY on planes. I hate wearing shoes when I’m on a flight but there’s always the fear that you take your shoes off and your feet aren’t smelling of roses. I actually wore these on the way back from Barcelona on the flight. They’re super soft and my feet smelt absolutely fine – despite it being quite toasty in the airport and plane. Hurrah!

Do you cope well with being ill?

How do you get better when you’re ill?

Do you take your shoes off on planes?

**Full Disclosure: I was sent the socks free in return for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own.**

6 Replies to “Don’t be a d***head”

  1. I really struggle with taking rest days even when I feel sick because I just don’t know what to do with myself. I think I would probably go a bit crazy if I actually got so sick that I had to take more than a day or so off for recovery. I do like your approach that nutrition is the key when recovering from illness. I wish more runners would promote rest, recovery, and good nutrition even when they aren’t training for a race. Also, how much does it suck that it seems like all that people post on instagram is their workouts and never their rest days?

  2. I am terrible at being ill (and I also know I am very bad at being sympathetic to people who are ill if they come into work…)- I am not good at sitting around and it just annoys me that I am missing out on things. Rest is best though. I do find it hard to work out when I am just tired from work and a run will be fine, and when I am totally shattered and I should rest, but I am getting better at working it out.
    I usually get very cold feet on planes so I tend to wear trainers that aren’t tight (and calf compression sleeves) but if I am going to sleep I might take my shoes off.

  3. I’m sorry you’ve been ill as well. Someone came into the office with the lurgy last week and managed to wipe out half my team. I started to feel ‘not quite right’ on Friday afternoon (I was on leave) and spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday in bed. I just needed to rest. I didn’t even make it to the sofa, bed was my only option. Saturday was gutting because I had tickets for the Wolves Man Utd FA Cup match. I’ve still got very little appetite and anything I do eat doesn’t taste quite right. I’ve given up on Sundays half marathon in London.

    As my old coach used to say….rest is the most important part of any training plan. People seem to forget about the importance of rest and recovery.

  4. I’m actually getting sick right now. When I woke up this morning I could feel it in my throat and it’s only progressed throughout the day, so I just downed a bunch of AirBorne and am having a smoothie for dinner [nothing else sounds remotely appetizing]. I’m hoping tomorrow I wake up feeling better! Hope you feel better too love <3

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