Rants and Raves #27

And I’m back on the Rants and Raves again! I actually have quite a full-house today, so let’s get going.

Rave: As I mentioned in the previous post, I treated myself to a new pair of trainers. Why is it that it always requires an injury or niggle to trigger me to do something sensible? The logic of a runner I suppose… or maybe just me!IMG_8516

They’re Mizuno Wave Paradoxes and I believe this could be my fourth pair. I did consider buying another pair of ASICs (the Luminus ones I reviewed a while ago) but they’re very expensive and my Luminuses haven’t actually worn out yet. So why don’t I just wear them? Well, Mizunos have always been my fail safe. I’ve worn them for several marathons now – possibly all of them and I always go back to them. They are quite ‘stiff’ but I find this works for my feet. For £57 as well you can’t go wrong (I got them from www.sportsshoes.com).

Rant: The colour of said trainers. It looks like they’ve gone through the wash with a pair of jeans. My last pair were pink which was a whole lot better than this light blue colour. But after a few parkrun visits I’m sure the colour will be unrecognisable.

Rave: Crisp cold mornings are far nicer than soggy mild ones in my opinion.IMG_8477Yes it’s cold but it’s just so beautiful. And Alfie doesn’t get anywhere near as muddy.

Rave: And on that note of coldness, I’ve been wanting a hat for ages to wear when I walk Alfie as putting my hood up feels a bit silly and antisocial (and isn’t actually that much warmer). I found this hat in Tesco for £2!IMG_8517

It’s so snug and lovely. I can’t believe their winter stuff is in the sale already.

Rant: Don’t put tissues in your FlipBelt and then wash it. IMG_8596

Big mistake. Little pieces of white tissue everywhere! Arggh. I rarely take tissue with me on a run but I did for my failed 18 miler just in case. Then I forgot and merrily went on my way to washing it *sighs*.

Rave: One of my close friends is getting married in July and I’m really excited. It should be a fantastic day as they’re such a lovely couple. I did have a little bit of fun on the RSVP though…IMG_8518

She found it amusing thankfully Winking smile

Rant: I’m an idiot (probably a good portion of my rants in general are down to my own stupidity I’m sure). I booked a holiday completely on a whim, paying for it and everything before realising it was the day after said wedding. I evenly smugly booked Southampton airport because “how easy would that be”. Not so easy considering the day before I’m in Gloucester and was intending on staying over in a hotel. It means no drinking for me now and a very late drive home after the wedding. Oh well.

Rave: And to segue nicely into my booked holiday (stupid timing aside)… I signed up to go on the Body Type Nutrition Retreat. It’s run by Ben Coomber, the nutritionist who’s podcast I’m obsessed with. Basically it’s six days of 3-4 hours of training and 1-2 hours of nutrition coaching (per day). There are workshops and training sessions focused on strength and conditioning so you can learn and progress in your fitness goals. It’s not running-focused, but rather overall health. As I’ve got so into the gym and lifting weights I wanted to gain better knowledge in the area, as well as nutrition in general. There’s also a lot of fun and games involved. I thought “hey you only live once!”. I’m in a stage in my life where I can do what the hell I want and this interested me. It’s also nice to know I’m going on holiday with a bunch of like-minded people.

Rave: Good food! I never used to eat much steak at all but I’ve suddenly had such a craving for it. Obviously I’ve always been a keen meat-eater so I guess this is hardly surprising.IMG_8642

This was a grass-fed Irish rump steak (from MuscleFood – use this code AS284829 for freebies!) with a steak seasoning, a load of veg with Saint-Félicien cheese. Very tasty and filling! Mid-week steak, can’t go wrong (unless your a veggie…).

Rant: Idiots on the road. This guy in the photo below wearing SHORTS. Not only is it FEBRUARY but shorts on a moped at any time during the year is a stupid move. If he fell off his bike he could lose half the skin on his leg at best. Rush hour on a Tuesday morning is not a good time to play dice with the traffic.IMG_8669

Speaking of idiots, there was another guy the other week on a motorbike zooming along the motorway with his hands OFF THE HANDLEBARS. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He was just sat that with this ridiculous grin on his face with no hands, clearly showing off. After ranting on Facebook about it my policewoman friend questioned me about it and then later said they think they have him on camera so he’ll get done. Good! Because it isn’t just his life he’s risking.

And on that happy note…

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen someone do on the road?

Favourite type of steak and how do you like it? I really enjoy rib eye medium rare. I prefer the more fatty cuts just because they’re a bit more flavoursome.

Have you got any holidays planned this year?

20 Replies to “Rants and Raves #27”

  1. My husbands best friend wears shorts on his motorcycle ALL the time. Even worse? Flip flops! It kills me. Thankfully when he’s with the “boys” he wears proper riding gear since they typically do long rides together, but he is literally an accident waiting to happen. Ugh…
    Kat recently posted…WIAW 2.24.16My Profile

  2. Wow, that holiday sounds fab… I always fancied doing a holiday along those lines but then life happened. By my reckoning I’ll be in my late 50’s before I’m free to do it now!

    I blooming love a ribeye steak from Owtons in Hedge End. Cooked medium by the Husband, served with loads of broccoli and a homemade pepper sauce… My second favourite meal these days… Says the former vegetarian!!!

  3. I think your trainers look fab- I like the sort of patterned style- although you are right they will be muddy soon enough!
    I see so many idiot motorcyclists – zooming up the inside, cutting corners, going through red lights- it’s crazy. Although on Tuesday morning I saw some crazy road race between two lorries (one tried to go into the middle lane from the right lane without looking or indicating)- the “wronged” driver was gesticulating out of the window, and so the awful lorry driver rammed his lorry sideways- it was like a cartoon- luckily the far left lane was free so the other lorry could get out of the way. But it was crazy.
    Weddings are all about the cake! I very much agree there! Your holidays sound exciting too.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Happy half term!My Profile

  4. I think N will be doing Reykjavik marathon at the current rate of progress – so that’s the next holiday sorted!

    I like a fillet steak, medium rare. Nothing too huge.

    And the worst? That would be the cyclist who cut me off at a corner. When I was on my bike… Then there was the cyclist who cycled into the back of a parked car and destroyed its back window. That was pretty epically messy.
    Jane recently posted…Ladies, talk to me of running knickersMy Profile

  5. Those trainers look fab! I’m trying to delete all pink from my wardrobe so blue would be great!

    I’m happy with any steak, but anything cooked more than medium rare is too much. I always struggle to cook my own steak well. I’m such a bad cook.

    I always have to rant about children not strapped into car seats or without seat belts. So irresponsible.
    Caroline recently posted…Slow and Steady Wins The Race…My Profile

  6. Saw some kid cycling the other day on the road with no helmet, no lights, in the dark, using his phone! Not even talking on it but actually staring down at it like he was scrolling through fb or something! It’s just so stupid, he’s not only going to ruin his own life but that of whichever poor motorist doesn’t see him until the last second!

    On a happier note, I also love medium steak, though I’ve not branched much further than sirloin or fillet! Will have to try ribeye next time! xx
    April recently posted…Wokingham Half MarathonMy Profile

  7. I like the colour of your new trainers! Tissues in the wash are the worst – so annoying and yet I never remember to check everything so it happens too often… I saw a cyclist in London the other day reading a book and listening to an iPod while cycling, it looked pretty ridiculous not to mention very dangerous! x
    LilyLipstick recently posted…2016 Travel PlansMy Profile

  8. The biker thing really annoys me, as a biker myself, it’s just completely irresponsible. I had an accident and came off and I cannot tell you how glad I was that I wore my full kit. About 3 weeks later, my sister came off hers (I swear, it sounds like we are accident prone, but we’ve only had one accident each), and she skidded and part of her leggings melted. They were proper bike leggings. She’d probably have lost skin and muscle if she hadn’t worn them.

    I am also on a big steak thing right now. I am a medium rare rump kinda person. Peppercorn sauce is my fave. As for holidays, I am try to badger Matt into going abroad, but right now, he’s having none of it.
    Steph recently posted…Weigh in Wednesday 11: ProgressMy Profile

    1. Ahh ouch ouch ouch!! Glad you are both OK though. God I just wouldn’t be able to do the whole motorcycle thing, it just sounds a bit too crazy. I’m always convinced I’ll die in a car crash anyway as I drive so much, but it is safer in general in a car!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…MarathonTalk Run Camp –part 2My Profile

  9. I plan on sticking with my trusty ASICS now, as they’ve always worked for me, so I know just how you feel. Annoyingly, ASICS are so much money though. 🙁 Sportsshoes sales are the way to go!
    I always find it really frustrating when I’m so full from wedding food that I really don’t want the cake when it comes round, or the bride and groom forget completely to dish it out! Dan and I were at our next-door-neighbour’s 60th birthday party at the weekend, and they had been super organised and put cake into mini cake boxes for us to take home after the party. We were too full to eat it, and completely forgot about it until the next day. Amazing surprise when I found that on Sunday morning!
    Mary recently posted…Lots of rain and the run in the park that wasn’t a parkrunMy Profile

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