Rants and Raves #26

Every time I write a Rants and Raves post I have to go to my blog and see what number I’m on. Kind of shot myself in the foot with this putting numbers on them… Oh well, nice to see how many I’ve done though.

Rant: Sometimes I’ll have a little look at my blog stats and how people have found their way to my blog. Sometimes it’s from Twitter, Bloglovin‘ or other blogs. But it’s always interesting when people have Googled something and come to my blog that way. Some of the search terms make sense (like a product review) but others are bizarre.

“Jamie Oliver and his sister Anna” came up a lot in different variations. Yes I love Jamie and yes he has a sister called Anna-Marie (I had to Google that, I’m not that obsessed I assure you) but how this is relevant to my blog I don’t know. Probably because I go to his restaurants every other week I suppose.

And some search terms are just plain WEIRD.


There’s an Anna naughty pudding? It must be really naughty if it’s especially for me – I’m the cake monster after all and am rarely defeated.

This one really concerned me though:

Weird search term for my blog

No, that is not OK. And the fact it was used FOUR times to get to my blog is really worrying.

Rave: A recently opened trampoline centre in Southampton. This is so much fun. I used to do trampolining back in the day at school and loved it, so when some girls at the running club suggested going last Monday evening I was totally up for it.Oxygen Free Jumping Southampton

The place is basically full of trampolines and there’s also an area where you can do monkey bars, swinging ropes, tight-rope walking and flips into a pit of foamy cubes. We spent an hour bouncing around, larking about and just generally acting like kids. It was brilliant.Oxygen Free Jumping Southampton (6)

We were hot sweaty messes afterwards. I was really proud of myself for doing the monkey (ladder?) bars several times without falling. My upper body strength has improved so much! Some of the girls said they ached a bit the next day but I was fine, which really shows how far I’ve come and my gym sessions aren’t a waste of time. Because hello how important is it to be successful at monkey bars?? 😉Oxygen Free Jumping SouthamptonShame my flips were far less than stellar…I think I managed two (into the foamy cubes) and that was it. Graceful I am not.

Rave: I still love colouring. My mum got me a really cool colouring book (it even says it on the book, haha!). It’s a cake colouring book!!IMG_7497

Clearly my kinda thing!

Rant: Oh hi winter, decided to turn up did you? Though saying that I’m far happier it to be freezing than wet and windy. Let’s not have a combination of all three though please! I’ve been getting so fed up of cleaning Alfie’s paws and giving him baths after walks, it’s ridiculous. I cringe when I hear him shoot off across the local field and all I hear is the squidge of the grass and see the mud flick up. To try and combat this cyclical pattern, I got him a lovely little coat.

IMG_7378A bargain £12 from Pets At Home

It partially covers his undercarriage as well which is very helpful. I think the word used to describe Alfie’s opinion of his new garment is “indifference” so that’s good I suppose…

Rant: And to continue that theme of ranting, this is becoming a regular occurrence…Wet trainersDisgusting soggy trainers after wet runs. I’m not tempted to put them on radiators as Martin Yelling suggested in MarathonTalk because my flat is tiny and the smell of wet trainers would just overcome the place. So sat outside my flat with newspaper in is the next best thing. It works nicely but makes me look a little mad to my neighbours. I have no fear that they’ll be nicked either – who on earth would want them??

Rave: Nike Pro Shorts. I think I have four pairs now. I love them. The colours are so funky!IMG_7049This week it’s been far too cold to wear them though of course which is a shame. But when the weather gets warmer they’ll be back again. The good thing about the gym is you’re shielded from the elements. The only thing is I walk Alfie before and after the gym so it’s very nippy in just shorts!

Rave: I’m still loving MuscleFood.com (<– referral link – you get freebies, I get money off). I can really bulk buy on meat like turkey steaks, chicken sausages, steaks, bacon and burgers. I had one box delivered to my parent’s house as it was easier than my flat and my dad kindly agreed to store some of it in their giant freezer. Unfortunately I forgot to ask him to separate the chicken breasts…IMG_7595Twelve chicken breasts all frozen together! There was no way to separate them individually. So over the weekend I defrosted them then cooked all 12 breasts. I re-froze a fair number of them and then kept the others in the fridge for meals in the week and random chicken snacks at work (is it weird I snack on chicken at work??).

I’m also currently obsessed with cheese. Instead of buying my usual Laughing Cow processed cheese and Babybels I’m now buying the proper stuff as I got a bit addicted over Christmas. I’ve been getting through Stilton, goat’s cheese, Brie, Camebert and Taleggio (Italian Brie basically). I just throw it onto my salads or grate it onto meals. So tasty and so much better for me than the processed junk.

Have you ever been trampolining?

What’s your favourite way to relax?

What’s your favourite cheese?

15 Replies to “Rants and Raves #26”

    1. Hahaha oh dear oh dear. It is funny really. I’m sure I’ve searched for random stuff on the Internet as well in my lifetime. Probably lots of medical and injury related things!!

  1. bahahahahahahaha
    sorry but that last search term is HILARIOUS. I have some interesting ones too – but none like that!
    I have the same Nike Pros except for mine are the mint green ones. I love them, but I definietly want the purple ones too!
    The trampoline place looks likes much fun!
    Kat recently posted…WIAW 1.20.16My Profile

  2. I’m apparently not very search friendly…the only interesting search I’ve had is for the song lyrics for “I used to work in Chicago”. Do Not Google That At Work.

    I’m entirely incapable of relaxing….and I like mature cheddar best of all. Or Wensleydale with some Christmas Cake.
    Jane recently posted…My favourite cup of teaMy Profile

  3. Those search results are crazy! What on earth are people googling? Or is it robots?
    I went trampolining when I was younger, and fell over, and my hair got stuck on the elastic bits around the edge, and because other kids were still bounding I was bumping around too but my hair was caught. It was a bit traumatic- I think that was the last time!
    Urgh to the cold wet trainers too- mine get put in the garage when Andy gets annoyed with the smell and then I have to worry about giant spiders living in them…
    Yeah, I heard that on MT and thought, ew, the smell would be so bad!
    Goats cheese is may fave- I think I could give up the rest, although I do like cheddar and a few others, but goats cheese is so fab.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Sport ReliefMy Profile

    1. I guess it could be a robot – but it’s pretty weird, isn’t it? Hehe.
      OMG that sound horrific about the trampolining. I don’t blame you at all for not going back!
      Goat’s cheese is pretty high on my list. I’m really branching out though and trying different sorts. I used to avoid cheese as I thought I didn’t like it. I’ve been missing so much!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Lots of running and a little bit of mudMy Profile

  4. Those search terms are brilliant! I always wondered how people ended up at my blog, though I haven’t had any flashing ones. Some people are quite odd!

    I loved trampolines as a kid, though I have never been able to do monkey bars. Also, another one here for the Muscle Food love! I put in an order last night which will hopefully last us for the next month or so. Peri peri hache steaks, giant meatballs and coconut oil (plus other stuff). I can’t wait!
    Steph recently posted…Whole 30 Days 15 to 18: Riding the struggle busMy Profile

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