My first experience of reflexology

I had heard of reflexology but never actually had any sort of reflexology treatment before. In fact, what I knew about reflexology was quite sketchy. It’s a sort of holistic treatment? A massage? Relaxing? Those were my first thoughts.

When the Association of Reflexologists offered me a free treatment in exchange for an honest review I was intrigued and quite keen. Beforehand they sent over some information of what I was to expect, as really I had no idea.Aor_Logo_colour Greysale

Essentially it’s a non-intrusive complementary holistic therapy. It works on different points of the body, from the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears which are believed to correspond with different areas of the body. In a similar vein to acupuncture, reflexologists work these different points to influence the entire body, aiding relaxation and improve well-being.

A lovely lady, Jackie, from Calming Influences came to my flat to give me a 40 minute foot-focused treatment. She came with her own super comfy reclining chair, towels and choice of creams. She had a very calming presence (as you can imagine!) and talked me through what was going to happen. I apologised profusely for my runner’s feet of course 😉

She gently massaged my feet, while explaining different things to me. She gave me a foot map to have a look at while she worked. I found this fascinating. IMG_7739I found it quite hard to believe that a pressure in my toe could influence something like my hormones or sinuses, but it was interesting and so very relaxing. The massage was divine. I’m used to the hardness and pain of a sports massage so this was just wonderful. She would push on different areas, knead my feet gently and just generally massage them all over.

I’m not a big ‘believer’ in holistic therapies… However, I do believe that our body is a whole and that something from one area of the body can affect an entirely different area (my flat feet for instance can cause my back and knees issues, and studies have shown headaches can be caused by pressures elsewhere in the body, etc.). I’m also a fan of acupuncture and this is very similar.A0 Reflexology Body & Feet whiteAnyway, whether or not I was swayed by the logic or beliefs behind the treatment, it felt amazing. I was so relaxed and my whole body just chilled out. Jackie was fantastic and answered any questions I had and informed me when she found a ‘bumpy’ area which could reflect something else happening in my body. For example, the area reflecting my ears was bumpy, as was the area corresponding to my stomach. I can’t say I have any issues in those areas but it was interesting nonetheless.

I honestly could have fallen asleep but I was keen to stay awake and enjoy the treatment. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Normally I feel very awkward in massages but Jackie made me feel very at ease. After the treatment she encouraged me to drink lots of water through the day and that I might feel a bit ‘funny’. But for the rest of the day I felt great. I’d definitely have it again and I’ve recommended it to my mum who adores foot massages.

Have you ever tried reflexology?

Do you enjoy massages?

How do you relax?

**Full Disclaimer: I received a free reflexology treatment in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

13 Replies to “My first experience of reflexology”

  1. I do not think I would like someone touching my feet! I have started having regular massages when I can afford it, as I find them so relaxing and they help the pain in my shoulder immensely.
    I think with things like that, it’s the time that you take for yourself that gives you such a huge benefit- even if the actual massage does nothing, just having half an hour to relax and really calm down can help so much, so if people enjoy it then it will benefit them.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Sport ReliefMy Profile

  2. I’ve never had reflexology before but I’m really curious about it. One of my yoga teachers always encourages us to massage our own feet during some of the poses but I imagine its a lot more relaxing when someone else is doing it! x
    LilyLipstick recently posted…From London With LoveMy Profile

  3. I get reflexology treatments regularly because they really do make me feel so much better afterwards. I don’t believe in pain meds and reflexology has somehow made my lower back pain much more manageable.

  4. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a shot when my wife became a certified reflexologist…and wow, just amazing. I had never realized how effective it could be. My glaucoma symptoms and issues practically disappeared within the first half of a session and didn’t return for days afterward. Great article – such an awesome practice!

  5. Great post. I’ve had foot massage but never real reflexology but will have to try it. Taking care of your feet is a priority, a lot of people focus on healthy lifestyle (exercise and diet) but then just ignore their feet! It’s important to remember that feet are the foundation of the human body. From experience I know that if we neglect them it can definitely lead to other health issues.
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  6. I’ve been for some reflexology, as it was available for free from a centre near me. The examination procedures are not diagnostic, they are to emphasise to the patient that weakness exists in his body and that they have been caused by spinal fixations.

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