What did you expect?

So Ben left for Hong Kong on Friday. It’s very strange without him. Mind you, it’s very tidy though 😉 He spent the weekend in Hong Kong and today he goes to China (actually he’s just arrived as I’m posting this!). I am beyond jealous and hope to be able to go out with him next time – or for us to continue a holiday on after he does his work stuff. We’ll see!

On Friday I worked from home which is always nice – especially as I got to spend the last few hours with Ben before he left. OK we were both working away on laptops but it was nice to be there with him anyway. Then I had a meeting with Kyle my running coach to discuss my training plan for London, my current running and good advice on running in general. All good stuff. And then Nando’s in the evening with some guys from the running club. I know, I know. I’m fully addicted. Anyway, it kept my mind off the fact I was now Ben-less.

Saturday morning was all the usual stuff of helping set up and doing parkrun. It was all very squelchy and wet so very tricky to get round corners. Again I wasn’t blasting it, just ‘plodding’ it. Though saying that I ran with a lovely girl from the running club whose first parkrun it was and we had decided beforehand on a pace 8-8.30mins/mile which was nice and comfortable. However on the third lap I felt us speeding up and we did the last mile in 7.20!!! I haven’t run a 7.20 in sooo long. I just don’t do any speed work or races at the moment and before Berlin I was trying to be really cautious. Needless to say it was tough. I’m very much out of racing shape at the moment, but that’s OK because I’m just base building. I want to do well at London (OK, I want to not get injured first and foremost) so taking things easy at the moment is paramount. There’s no point burning out before I’ve even got into my training.

After clearing down the parkrun bits and pieces I headed to the cafe where lots of the guys from the club were. They were doing the ballot selection for the London marathon places we’ve been allocated as a running club. I already have my place but I was there representing Ben. In the end Ben got a reserve place, which means if someone gets injured or doesn’t fancy it anymore he gets the place. He has a places at Brighton anyway so it’s not catastrophic, but it would be nice to run Lodnon together (providing Ben isn’t still injured…).

On the way back to the car I saw this little bird having a bath in a puddle which I thought was quite sweet.

IMG_8430 One good thing about puddles I suppose!

Later on after all the usual guff of showering and housework I headed to my parent’s for a spot of afternoon tea down the beach. We’ve been to this cafe before and it’s lovely (the Tea Room in Lee-on-Solent) and very good value.


The sandwiches are delicious (I had roast chicken on granary) and the scones are the best I’ve ever had. They’re GINORMOUS and lovely and warm. Deliciously soft in the middle with good chunky raisins (sultanas?) in. And a pot of clotted cream and strawberry jam.

IMG_8433I immediately knew which cake I wanted as it just looked fantastic. I am a small child at heart 😉 I went for the angel cake which is a vanilla sponge with jam and butter cream and butter cream icing with hundreds and thousands all over it. I mean come on, it looks amazing, right? My parents sensibly got their cakes to take home (a slice of chocolate orange and a slice of lemon cake). But I was not to be defeated. I did however find myself in quite an intoxicating sugar coma afterwards. It was a good job we’d parked the car so far away that it meant I could have a decent walk in the fresh air to help digest!

I soon went back home to my quiet house and watched lots of easy trashy telly. I also started watching the OC again. I will happily admit I love that programme. No judgement please 😉

Sunday morning, after walking Alfie, I headed out into the lovely rain and ran 10 miles.

IMG_8445 Happily I feel my easy pace is getting faster naturally which is always nice. My week this week was exactly the same as last week in terms of running:

  • Monday: 30 mins easy (3.8 miles) and strength training in gym
  • Tuesday: 30 mins easy (3.8 miles)
  • Wednesday: 30 mins easy (3.8 miles) and strength training in gym
  • Thursday: 30 mins easy (3.8 miles)
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: parkrun (3.1 miles)
  • Sunday: 10 miles

A total of just over 28 miles. However I do get worried when I hover around this level of mileage (I know it’s not high in comparison to a lot of other runners). I’m always terrified of injuries. So far things are OK and I think the consistency is helping rather than pushing up higher just yet. And also all my miles are easy paced which, depending how I feel that day in terms of tiredness etc., means a pace of 7.50-8.30mins/miles. My shin is still a bit grumpy from time to time but I’m hoping I’m managing it with some extra strength training, stretching, foam rolling and being sensible. FINGERS CROSSED.

So with Ben being away it was basically chicken, cake and running – what else did you expect? 😉

What do you do when your partner or family goes away?

What mileage do you think your body is naturally comfortable with?

What programmes do you love to watch?

14 Replies to “What did you expect?”

  1. Things might be looking up for Ben – I would have thought that marathons have a reasonably high dropout rate, so the odds are in his favour for getting a place at some point.

    I would be at a bit of a loss on my own too – for such a solitary and misanthropic person, I go to pieces if I spend too much time inside my own head without anyone around to ground me in reality. I think cake and running are good solutions to the temporary solitude though 🙂

    I’m enjoying American Horror Story and The Walking Dead at the moment, although I do like Gogglebox and The Apprentice as well, so there is a bit of light relief there 😉
    Jess recently posted…How To Deal With Negative ThoughtsMy Profile

    1. Yes I know what you mean when you don’t have any “grounding”. I find I get very set in routines and habits when I’m left alone. Ben tends to break me out of these which is good but left to my own devices and I become a bit anal…
      Ahh Apprentice and Gogglebox. We are a nation who just love to watch others do and say silly things right? I’m pretty sure I’d resemble someone similar from Gogglebox though which is the scary thing!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Fire Up Your Run – Feetures! and Nathan reviewMy Profile

  2. I love Gogglebox too (just saw Jess’ comment)- no need to watch anything else then!
    That cake is just amazing looking! And those scones look good too- nice and big and fluffy.
    I have never gone with particularly high mileage- partly because I am slow so lots of miles take up lots of hours. But I find that I used to manage ok on 3 runs a week, now I can do 4 but if I do more I go really slowly so it is pointless really. At the moment I am doing usually 4 but sometimes 3 a week, but putting in a good effort for them all- no plodding along.
    I would have thought Ben stands a good chance of getting in to London as lots of people have to drop out for various reasons- fingers crossed for you both 🙂
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Half term…My Profile

    1. I find that getting my runs in in the morning helps me get them done consistently. And also straight after work around Basingstoke really helps too as if I delay leaving then I can miss the traffic a bit. Just hate having to have two showers a day is the only thing. All I’m doing at the moment is plodding – but it’s actually OK because I haven’t done that in ages – just running without a proper goal (yet).
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Fire Up Your Run – Feetures! and Nathan reviewMy Profile

  3. How exciting that Ben is in China for work! What does he do for a job? I’ve always been really intrigued about China and it’s a place I’d love to visit.
    Our club ballot draw is tonight, so my fingers are tightly crossed, although I was lucky enough to get a club place last year so can’t be too disappointed if someone else gets a chance this time! Fingers also crossed that Ben gets a chance to run as reserve so that you guys can experience London together.
    Dan has been away to Birmingham/Manchester a few times for a week at a time on training courses over the past couple of years. I find that I’m much more inventive with my dinners but much later getting to bed as well! My to-watch TV at the moment is The Apprentice, although it really annoys me how stupid some of them can be!
    Mary recently posted…Marathon #6: Gower EnduranceLife CTS (Pt 1)My Profile

    1. He works at Kenwood (they make all those blenders and K-mixer things etc.) and is involved in a project for implementing a new system for production forecasts and stuff like that… China is where the factories are. I don’t know honestly! Haha.
      I tend to stay up later if Ben’s here. Whereas I can easily find myself going to bed at 8.30pm and reading!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rant and Raves #3My Profile

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