Running and cake

I know this is so damn clichéd and boring to start with but I don’t care – how amazing is the weather right now?? I’m not sure what it’s like elsewhere in the UK (or world in general I suppose) but in the South Coast of England it is SPRING. The weekend’s weather was beautiful. This is my favourite time of year – such hope of things to come and better days.

My weekend started with a fabulous parkrun at Netley Abbey. It was Netley’s third parkrun birthday so it was all very festive and fun with a Hawaiian fancy dress theme.

IMG_0172I was devastated when I couldn’t find my grass skirt – I love a good fancy dress run! I loved how everyone really got into the theme (though I failed miserably).

IMG_0173And it was lovely weather – a little chilly but beautifully sunny.

We were on the same course but a slight variation. Well, I say slight but really this meant instead of having to deal with six hills (two hills three times) we only had to deal with three hills (one hill three times). I decided to see what had to give on a less hilly course.

I wore my new Jabra Sport Rox ear buds on this run and though I do find them a bit fiddly to fit in my ear snugly (it takes a bit of patience, of which I’m not known for!) when they’re in they are IN. It is great to run without having a wire dangling about you and getting caught on your arms. The sound quality is amazing as well (they’re made with Dolby). I’ll do a thorough review of them soon.


Photo credit to Kookie51

I can’t believe how good I felt on this run. Yes it was tough in terms of keeping the legs and breathing going but I felt like I was gliding. I also only looked at my watch three times (once per bleep of the mile) – this is MASSIVE for me. Normally I watch my watch like a hawk. I clung on to a running club friend, Mark, who had overtaken me at the start and I vowed to keep in my sights.

IMG_0177 Photo credit to Kookie51

On the last lap I managed to overtake him and speed off but I’d judged it badly and had kicked too soon as he pipped me at the finish when I had nothing left. I might have shouted some abuse at him as he sped past (all good natured of course) but he played it well so kudos to him!

I managed to get first lady (though a lot of people were saving their legs for the Eastleigh 10k the next day) and a time of 21:05 which is the fastest parkrun time since October 2013 according to the parkrun website. Jeeze somewhat depressing but also great to know I’m getting back on track. It’ll be interesting to see how I perform on a flatter parkrun.

After parkrun and usual housework duties, I headed off to my parents to spend some quality time with them. We had a lovely walk down the beach with their three dogs and my Alfie (madness, absolute madness walking four dogs) and enjoyed the fantastic weather.


Lee-On-Solent beach

We enjoyed a nice Indian take-away that evening and I even suffered through The Voice (*sighs*) though I did have my Runner’s World Magazine and my iPad!! I’m not sure I would have survived otherwise.

The next morning I got up and set off on my 12 mile run. I ran along the beach path which was wonderfully quiet with just the odd dog walker and fellow runner. My run just felt fantastic. My legs felt good and my pace felt easy. I’m getting highly confused with how I should be running these runs at the moment – terrified I’m dicing with potential injuries.


Average pace 7.52min/mile with a total time of 1:37:42. I attempted to slow down but when I looked at my watch later on the pace had crept up again. I’m just going with it. I won’t be able to sustain this pace for the longer runs so I might as well enjoy it now. I know this might sound ridiculously stupid but honestly that run felt brilliant and today I don’t feel ruined or exhausted. But I know my main issue is not keeping these runs slower.

After this I got home, stretched and foam rolled and had breakfast. A bit later on I went out with my mum and enjoyed a lovely walk, again down the beach. I feel so bad for my mum at the moment as she had such a painful back. She’s been seeing a physio and he’s had to refer her for an MRI as he thinks she has a bulging disc. She has such bad nerve pain all down her back, hip and leg. She finds sitting down for too long excruciating and has to take strong painkillers. It’s awful to see someone you love in so much pain, and you can’t do anything to help. As she said walking helps a bit, we walked down the beach and then cheered ourselves up with a lovely afternoon tea. Oh it’s been too long!!


The Tea Room in Lee

We umm’ed and arr’ed between the Victoria sponge and red velvet and in the end decided to go for the Victoria sponge. My mum went for a scone and slice of cake as she didn’t fancy the sandwiches but I went for the whole hog, so to speak.

IMG_0185And it was fabulous. The scones are so huge and tasty, they really are the best part I think (slathered in jam and cream). I had delicious chicken sandwiches as well.

IMG_0186  Very scrumptious indeed.

So all in all: good running, good cake and lovely time with my family.

How was your weekend?

Have you ever had back pain?

Do you enjoy fancy dress’? Running or otherwise!

16 Replies to “Running and cake”

  1. Oh Anna, I should NOT be reading this right now!!!! I just had to go down to breakfast with steve at this hotel, where they had the most amazing selection, and all I could have was boring oatmeal, and now this post is reminding me of all the wonderful cakes there are at home….lets just get this progression run over with. I think you and I would be best of friends with our cake loving, I literally could eat an entire cake in one go, and I am NOT kidding. I am glad you love cakes too! I am intrigued by these park runs, they sound fun!
    Tina muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Superfood Eggplant LasagnaMy Profile

  2. Wow nice work on all those runs!
    I must say I really hate fancy dress- I dread those days at work and feel very silly when I have to dress up. Although other people always look fab.
    That afternoon tea looks epic! Yum.
    I hope your mum gets her back sorted soon- it must be awful. I have a sports massage quite regularly now on my back as I get weird pains there and it really helps, but nothing that I need painkillers for.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Pros and consMy Profile

    1. Yeah fancy dress is an acquired taste I think. I just like how fun it makes things – relaxes things a bit when it comes to running.
      I think she might need to have an operation because she’s so bad at the moment. She’s been signed off of work and nothing is helping. She went to A&E on a recommendation of her physio and they gave her some very strong painkillers while she waits for her MRI 🙁 Back pain SUCKS.

    1. I do love my cake!
      Elsie’s in Botley is absolutely amazing – but seats only a few tables, but is inexpensive with lots of options. Lily’s in Wickham is very nice as well with more tables but you don’t get to choose the sandwiches and the scones aren’t as big… Lee-On-Solent has two great little cafes: the one I went to and the other one is called the Tea party I think. The scones in the Tea Room (the one I went to) are INSANELY good – big chunky ones.

  3. great work in your runs, and what a great parkrun time! So good to see so many people getting into the spirit of fancy dress! I’ve never done a fancy dress run, but it looks like fun.

    I’m training for a half marathon and it’s not going so well. I need to run a bit further than 12km, but I’m always exhausted. 🙁

    Afternoon tea looked lovely, though I would have gone for the red velvet! It sounds like you had such a lovely and relaxing weekend.

    Emilie recently posted…Meal Planning MondayMy Profile

    1. Sorry to hear your training isn’t going so well. I find it takes times for the body to adapt to longer distances. Just keep persevering and creeping up the mileage slowly. Finger’s crossed for you!
      I’ve had the red velvet before and it was SO good but I just fancied the Victoria sponge as it seemed the less sweet option without all the icing (to go with a scone you see…). Ordinarily though I would have!

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