Rant and Raves #2

There’s something rather cathartic about having a bit of moan at times, and also professing my love for stuff, which invariably includes some form of food 😉 I try not to be predictable…but why deny my nature, eh?

Rant: I love my husband (obviously) and I love that he’s really gotten into the whole baking lark. We bought loads of new cake tins and gadgets and we’re about to purchase the rather expensive (though heavily discounted because of Ben being an employee) Kenwood K-Mix. However I was led to believe that him baking would be a regular thing. He threw around the sentence “every other week” quite happily. Has this happened? No. And he’s off to China with work for a while so no homemade cake in the foreseeable future either. Good job I know a lot of afternoon tea joints near me otherwise times would be looking grim.

Rave: I love all these owl-themed things that are going on at the moment.Owls The top right is a necklace I got from Mango at the airport just before we went on our honeymoon, so it holds a special place in my heart (corny, yes I know). It’s a lovely long necklace which just goes with so many things. The necklace below is more delicate and sparkly and is from Accessorize. The top left is a cushion I found in a lovely trinket shop near to where I live. The bottom left is a hand-made Christmas tree decoration my parents bought for us as they know we are weird like owls. The bottom right is cake. I want that cake.

Rant: Garmin watches. Yes I expressed my love for all things “pace” a week or so ago but nothing irks me more than a Garmin that doesn’t find satellites. And standing in the cold at 5.50am waiting to find satellites is not what I call fun. I call that verging on hypothermia and looking like a creepy person loitering on a street corner. However, I have since found a way to combat this…

IMG_8394 This was Sunday morning – when the sun had actually risen at this point

By balancing my watch on our front door handle before a run means I can do some dynamic warm-up moves in the comfort and privacy of my own home while my watch takes its sweet time to get itself together.

Rant: The iPhone keyboard for typing texts. Maybe I just have fat fingers because honestly I never seem to be able to get a coherent sentence out via text.

IMG_8365 Me asking Ben if he was coming to parkrun on Saturday

I know I’m not the only person who struggles. I know we’re a lot better off than previously when we had to press each button like five times before getting the letter we wanted, but COME ON. Other phones do it better I’m sure.

Rave: Sweet popcorn hot chocolate.Popcorn hot chocolateLet’s ignore the number of chemicals undoubtedly present within this one mug and focus on the deliciousness that is this hot chocolate. It rocked my world. Normally I’m a mint hot chocolate kinda girl but I went crazy and tried a new flavour. It definitely paid off. Options hot chocolate, thank you. (FYI the salted caramel flavour is also pretty good).

Rave: I’m going with a double rave here rather than another rant as I’m all out of ranting. As I run stupid o’clock in the morning it is obviously very dark. I’ve been sent some truly fantastic running products made by Nathan Sports which make being seen a piece of cake. I’ll do a proper review another date, but so far I’m impressed!

IMG_8418 No excuses: don’t run like a Ninja – male yourself visible!

This is a handy little gadget (called the Light Spur) that you attach to your trainer and it lights up. It’s very bright and very easy to wear. I love running, but I do not love risking my life by not being seen when I run. Sometimes you can’t just rely on a high vis top.

[Disclosure: I was sent the Nathan Sports products for free to review, all opinions are my own though]

What are your rants and raves this week?

What’s your favourite hot drink? I love tea and coffee but I adore a hot chocolate in the evening.

Do you run in the dark? How do you stay safe?

22 Replies to “Rant and Raves #2”

  1. Come on Ben, pull your finger out and get baking!! Grrr to garmins that take ages to find a satellite. Mine is normally quite quick but every now and again it will have a major paddy and just when the bar is almost full and you think it’s locked on, it empties the bar and starts searching again. I’ll definitely give your solution a try 🙂
    Autumn recently posted…How Not To Recover From Your Goal RaceMy Profile

  2. Love these posts! Rants are so cathartic 🙂
    What no cake???/ What was Ben thinking!! He needs to make some and freeze it in slices for you, I mean, it’s only fair if he is off soon!
    I have to leave my Garmin on the window sill sometimes, but sometimes it finds satellites right away, who knows why.
    I love owls too, and the teaching assistant I work with is totally obsessed, in that she even has an owl tattoo on her leg, so my owl box and owl door stop pale in comparison!
    Those trainer lights look super cool! I have a high viz vest thing that goes over clothes- it is yellow with reflective strips all over. I do like the idea of clip on lights though- I have seen some for tops before as well which look good. I tend to stick to well lit areas anyway as I get scared of men in bushes otherwise.
    Of course, you know I like tea 🙂 I do sometimes have hot chocolate, but as a treat, and I usually have Montezuma’s stuff melted in warm milk as I don’t like the powdery things. I just bought some Prestat stuff from Matalan (went in to get Ady’s parents some coffee, as you do)- am hoping that is good 🙂
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Oven baked risottoMy Profile

  3. hahahaha JD was the same way with making french press coffee. He got really into coffee and we bought a nice french press and he’s made it maybe 2 times since we moved into our new apartment. Men hahaha. And omfg that little owl cake is the cutest thing ever.
    jessiebearwhat recently posted…Where To BeginMy Profile

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