parkrun, Jamie’s and lots of sleep

I do love weekends. Extra sleep, nice food, bit of running and hanging out with good friends and family. What more could you want?

On Friday night Ben, Alfie and me headed to my parent’s for an Indian takeaway. I had had such a rubbish commute home and was feeling so stressed out and tired so this was a perfect evening. I ate lots of chicken and was a happy Anna.

Saturday I was up early to go set-up for parkrun. I tried to be quiet but did manage to wake up Ben accidentally who was feeling slightly hung over after having a few beers and wine with my dad. He managed to get cajoled into going by a few friendly Tweets from the parkrun guys as they needed some more volunteers. Ben’s just too nice to say no, bless him.

Parkrun Nov 14 (2) I took it fairly easy as I’m still just base building at the moment – no speed work or heavy-going sessions for now, which I’m quite happy about to be honest! So I chatted to one of my friends from the running club. Always nice to have an easy social parkrun 🙂 I’m also highly conscious that I’m out of shape and nowhere near hitting PBs any time soon. But that’s actually OK because I need to look at the bigger picture of what I’m training for, i.e. London.

Parkrun Nov 14 (5) Ben marshalled like a rock star and saved the day when a lady fainted mid-run (she’s OK, she just had a moment of dizziness and Ben looked after her in the cafe with a hot mug of sugary coffee).

After parkrun we did the boring household chores, got ready and headed out with our friend Nathan to enjoy a bit of Jamie’s Italian and do some shopping.

Jamie's Italian selfie

As you’re probably already aware, when I like a restaurant we tend to do it to death (Nando’s & Zippers for example). And Jamie’s is no different. I’ve been sooo many times, whether for lunch or breakfast before going on holiday. When we go for lunch I always have the same meal. It’s probably my favourite meal at any restaurant. It’s consistently good.

Jamie's Italian meal For starters I had the vegetable plank which was really good. Loads of random bits and pieces, like roasted veg, mozzarella, bruschetta with salsa. Very nice. And then my standard Turkey Milanese (turkey and mozzarella with a breadcrumb coating) and a fried egg. Oh my life it was still just as good as always.

For pudding the boys went for lemon meringue whereas I went for a a chocolate brownie, caramelised popcorn and vanilla ice cream.

Jamie's Italian meal (1)Seriously one of the best brownies I’ve ever had. Crispy on the outside, soft and squidgy in the middle. I could have left the popcorn if I’m honest. It didn’t add much. But the sauce and ice cream complimented it perfectly. I’m already working out when we can next go back…

Suitably brimming with food, we did a bit of shopping.Silly hats

We had a little fun with some furry hats in Mountain Warehouse and I picked up a couple of items from O’Neil and Nike. but we were put off by the rubbish weather and how busy it was so we left. The boys went to the pub and I went home. I watched the brilliant film The Blind Side (so so good) and fell asleep at 9pm. I’m not even joking. I had every ambition to stay up late (like 10pm…) but it didn’t happen. I woke up just before 8am the next morning – 11 hours sleep! Bliss.

I was raring to go for my 10 mile run. It went really well. The weather was beautiful: cold, crispy and sunny. Perfect for running! Unfortunately it rained later on and I got soaked walking Alfie… Anyway I think I’ve pretty much decided to not run the half marathon next weekend. There’s really no point. I wouldn’t be aiming for a time, there’s no medal (yes I’m that materialistic) and it’s all a bit of a faff. My coach said it’s better I remain consistent and run 10 miles instead rather than trying to push things too soon. Sensible words – especially as no doubt though I’ll aim for an easy pace it’ll be faster than what I’d run on my own. Plus it means I get another lovely lie-in…maybe aim for a PB of 12 hours? 😉

Is there a meal at a particular restaurant that you will always order? I once ordered something different at Jamie’s and though it was nice I just missed the turkey the whole time!

What shops do you usually go to? I have such a range: New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Fat Face and more sporty ones.

How many hours sleep do you work best on? I think 7-8 hours are good for me, though I can do 6 without much issue. But I do like a good stretch at the weekend just because I can!

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    1. Do you know what, I just can’t stop thinking about how amazing it was. I reeeeeeally want to go again but Jamie’s is just that bit *too* expensive to go back as regularly as I’d like…

  1. That sounds like such a lovely weekend and I am SO jealous of your sleep, I’m lucky if I get 4 hours at the moment! I tend to go to New Look, H&M and Warehouse. I used to love Topshop but now I feel like a granny when I see the styles of most of their stuff now!

    1. I know, I’m sorry I realise that the new mums (and parents in general) aren’t as lucky and I do fully realise this and am making the most of it while I’m still childless!
      Haha so true about Top Shop. Once in a while I’ll find a nice simple top or a pair of jeans but other than that it’s just not going to happen for me.

  2. I usually eat the same thing everywhere I go. I am scared I will not like anything else so I don’t try anything else!!
    I do not like going to shops! I am kind of put off by the way some people act. I go if I have too but mostly I use the internet for purchasing almost everything but our groceries and spontaneous purchases while out and about.
    Staci @ Hoosier Running Mom recently posted…How I stay so healthyMy Profile

    1. I much prefer internet shopping too. It’s just so stressful to go out shopping – especially as it creeps towards Christmas. It’s nice when it’s quiet but whenever I go it’s the weekend, which is always busy. It hugely puts me off.

  3. Andy thought he saw you on Saturday randomly (I had a text saying “I think I saw your friend” and as he was in Southampton for the football he must have meant you!).
    I don’t go in many shops- I tend to go for Fat Face/Dorothy Perkins/ Gap for clothes, and sometimes New Look (although I feel a bit old in there sometimes!), and sometime White Stuff but mainly only when the sale is on! I like Lush for some smelly action, and Hotel Chocolat to browse all the delicious chocolate gifts (and wish for a sample…), but mainly Starbucks for a drink and then online shopping for buying things! I am easily pleased! I tend to buy all my sporty bits online- good old Wiggle and their free delivery.
    Good decision about the half- no point going further than your coach says you have to- you need to ease up the miles gently and focus on your end goal.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…The Sock Mine (review) and other running ramblingsMy Profile

    1. Oh wow what a small world! Where did he see me? I went shopping in Portsmouth (Gunwharf Quays) in the afternoon so not really in Southampton? I’m quite a generic looking person so maybe he saw someone who looked like me hehe.
      I *always* hope for samples at either Thorntons or Hotel Chocolat but it never happens. Though my local Costa has started giving samples of cake – and this honestly can make my entire morning haha!
      To be honest, the only good thing about going out shopping is having a nice coffee and/or meal. Otherwise it’s a bit of a lame trip for me!

      1. Not sure- he was going to football in Southampton (or coming back from it?)- he parks along the avenue and then walks- maybe it was someone else!
        Montezuma’s are good for samples if you have one of those- we went to the Brighton one and I was offered samples about 2 mins after eating one- I had to turn it down (well, I didn’t have to, I felt I should) and told them I had just eaten one already!
        Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Half term…My Profile

    1. Maria mentioned Gap as well. I rarely ever go in, perhaps I should have a mosey now and again. I think they do quite good quality items don’t they? I much prefer quality right now – buying something I know I’ll wear a lot and have for a long time, rather than something cheap that won’t last. Like a good standard jumper haha/

    1. I think that’s one of the best parts of the weekend – the mornings. Like you said, so relaxed and easy-going. Not the mad dash around the place that always happen in the week for me.

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