Embarrassing Bananas

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I’m not going to lie. This week has been tough. I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail and never quite catching it. Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy and I love having goals to hit and chunky bits of work to get my teeth into but I feel like everything has slipped.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a really tough day in terms of work. I felt frazzled by the end. And the annoying thing was that I really wanted to get to running club in the evening but because work went on longing than I thought it would it meant I had to miss it as I just couldn’t have made it there on time.

I know that this is completely ridiculous but it really stressed me out. I had my whole evening planned, I had geared myself up all day to go and then suddenly the realisation hit when I was supposed to be leaving by 5pm I was still sat there at 6pm that it wasn’t going to happen. I am a rigid person, I know that. I’m not that flexible in that when I have something planned it’s a big deal for me to just miss it. Don’t get me wrong, in this circumstance I know that work was far more important and I don’t regret staying. But it really got to me. I felt stressed inside all the way home. It wasn’t just the disappointment of not going to running club or missing a run, it was just the whole messing up of my plan. I really need to work on this. This can’t be healthy. In the past I have found myself getting really annoyed or upset when my routine is shifted. Even if it’s outside my control. Please tell me someone else gets this way too?

Anyway it’s Friday!

Because I missed my run last night, I ran this morning. Unfortunately this meant getting up at 5.50am so I wouldn’t be late for work. But when my alarm went off I actually wasn’t that tired and felt raring to go.


It was a nice clear morning so it was good to be outside. But I would have preferred to have run last night with the guys from the club!

Food-wise, like I said, this week things have slipped. I had planned a few meals but with time just running out it just wasn’t going to happen. However, I’m pleased to say that didn’t mean turning to microwave meals. Not that there’s anything wrong with eating them once in a while don’t get me wrong. But I’m not a big fan and I never think the portions are that big! And any vegetables are just horribly soggy and pathetic.

So a couple of evenings this week we’ve had ‘wing-it’ meals. For example, the other night we had chicken with a salsa and cream cheese sauce. Such a simple meal!


Chicken with Salsa & Cream Cheese Sauce (Serves 2)

  • 2 chicken breasts, diced
  • 1 white onion, diced
  • half a zucchini, small chunks
  • 3-4 mushrooms, sliced
  • Half jar of salsa (I used just a supermarket chunky mild version)
  • Large tbs. cream cheese
  • Spices (I used paprika, garlic powder, salt & pepper)

Literally took next to no time. The most onerous thing was chopping the veg! Very tasty. We had this twice. The second time we had it I threw in some torn mozzarella as well and it became even more cheesy and rich. Really tasty, this is definitely one for our rotation!

On a food related note… Ages ago I bought a banana holder so I could carry my banana around in my handbag with ease. I have such a hate for bruising my bananas and getting all battered. I have been known in the past to carry a banana in my handbag covered in a thick clean sock to protect it. I did this once when I was going on holiday with some friends and when I went through security the security guys searched my bag and found my sock covered banana. Literally the most embarrassing experience of my life. That obviously all my friends saw. I’ll never forget the security guard’s bewildered face. Anyway, so along came the banana holder…


A large yellow, er, strangely shaped object I think you’ll agree… This lives in my desk drawer at work because, well, I just don’t use it. I tend to buy my bananas at work to avoid the transportation issue from home. One of my colleagues saw this object in my drawer and there commenced a lot of awkward explaining that this was purely a BANANA HOLDER and nothing else.

*Sighs* Seriously, bananas, you have caused my life no end of embarrassment.

And because I haven’t shared my outfits with you in a while (not that they’ve been that interesting I must admit)…here’s my outfit du jour!


Cardigan and leggings from New Look, shirt-dress from Dorothy Perkins

No thick woollen jumper, no huge scarf curled around my neck a million times – a more spring-like ensemble finally! I can’t wait to finally stop wearing cardigans and allow my arms to see the sun. Yes, Britain, I said SUN. Make it happen.

Fingers crossed the weather is spring-like where you are! Have a great weekend people!

Do you get stressed when your routine is messed up? How do you cope?

Bananas: are fanatical about bruising them like me? Or are you not too bothered?

Any embarrassing fruit-related stories? No judgement here Winking smile

13 Replies to “Embarrassing Bananas”

  1. Oh I can really relate to the routine thing, I love my routine and especially when I was running, would get quite anxious when something knocked a run out or my workouts off schedule. I think part of it was because I was too obsessed with exercise at one point, and since I’ve rectified that it has improved, for example I have hardly exercised this week due to illness, where as is the past, I’m sorry to say I would have dragged myself into the gym no matter what. But I am still a routine person, I just try and be more accepting of changes to it now!

    1. Yes I am probably a little obsessed with my running and I realise it’s probably not so healthy. I need to learn to relax a bit more and taking a day off or two isn’t such a big deal, I’m not going to lose my speed or endurance over night!

  2. Haha! I love your banana carrier! I’ve not seen one of these before. Much better than a sock! Did the security guard pull the banana right out of the sock?!
    I have fingers crossed for a sunny weekend this week too. It was so nice last weekend I was gutted to wake up to rain this morning. 🙁

  3. I hate when plans change. I’m a rigid gal like you in that I like things that are supposedly be all organized and neat to go the way they are supposed. If there is any sort of hiccup or detour I get a *little* annoyed 🙂

    That banana holder is awesome.

    And so is that shirt-dress. SO cute!

  4. I am awful about plans being changed- it makes me very stressed and I get stressed anyway. Recently the aerobics class I go to changed its’ time to half an hour earlier, and it is on staff meeting day, and it is so hard for me to get back in time. Some days I have just decided that I will not make it, and maybe have a short run when I get home instead (or have it as a rest day) and that makes a huge amount of difference to my day as I feel so much less stressed- I didn’t realise how much it affected me!
    I am super fussy about bananas and only like proper yellow ones, no hint of brown, so I don’t have them much- if I carry them in my bag they then go a little brown and then I can only make banana bread with them!

    1. It’s hard when youre juggling so many different things, it’s easy to get stressed. I guess it’s because I see exercising as such an integral part to my week that missing it or moving it around is quite annoying. But I do need to relax a bit about it!
      Yep totally with on the banana thing. I can’t believe some people atually prefer them brown to really yellow!

  5. Wow- I know EXACTLY what you mean about messing up your plan. As you probably know, I go to kickball on Wednesdays in the spring, and it’s about 4 miles from my apartment. Last week I planned to run to kickball to get my 4 mile run in for the day, but I got stuck on the metro and barely had time to even DRIVE to kickball. For some reason I was absurdly cranky about this, even though I knew in the long run one 4 mile run wouldn’t mess up my training. I wound up getting it done later in the week anyway, but I still remember how mad I was when I got stuck on the metro. I definitely have to work on this!!

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