A busy week = WIAW

Firstly, and most importantly, I want to start this post by saying my heart goes out to all those affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy. When I heard what happened my heart literally stopped. I couldn’t believe something as terrible like that could happen. Obviously as a human being I find this abhorrent, and as a runner I am shocked that any one could target should an event. I can only imagine how horrific it must be to the runners who trained so hard to have their dreams shattered by something so terrible. And not just the runners, but all the other people, spectators and race officials etc., to have to experience such a truly nasty attack.


I know it feels almost irrelevant and small to think of writing something as trivial as a post on What I Ate Wednesday, so please forgive me for continuing ‘business as usual’.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting as usual

These are my eats from Tuesday. The week has been busy with a new project kick-starting so it’s all go-go-go. I feel a bit stressed out with trying to juggle different things. But hey it keeps life interesting.

Breakfast was my usual oatmeal. The consensus being, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I love it, it works, I have it every day.


(Re-used photo – but seriously, it doesn’t change!)

However, I did make protein flour pancakes with mango topping on Sunday.


They were pretty tasty I must say, and helped reawaken my love for pancakes. And you can’t beat the fresh taste of mango. It’s such a treat for me to get as I can never be bothered to go through the effort of cutting up a mango as it’s so darn messy!

Lunch was my usual salad but livened things up with adding some turkey bacon and regular sliced turkey.


OK I know there looks like just a load of veg there but I assure you there was a good portion of turkey that I put into that beast. You can’t beat a big old salad for lunch. I like food that takes me ages to eat so I can savour the process! I also had a Babybell and fruit salad with Greek yogurt.

Melon and yog

(Recycled photo again but essentially identical)

I had some great snacks in between. I’ve been loving my Graze box which honestly is a huge temptation sitting on my desk all day long. The struggle not to eat it all in one sitting is quite strong…


I ate these yesterday when I got peckish some time after lunch. They were Thai crackers with sweet chilli dip. Very yummy. It felt quite novel dunking and crunching at work. Then a banana and apple just before going home.

Dinner was a wing-it meal. But it was pretty tasty if I do say so myself. And thankfully quite quick and easy to throw together when getting in from work later than usual.


I used chicken from the roast chicken at the weekend, fried it with mushrooms and zucchini and BBQ sauce and seriously this was taaaaasty. I had this on salad. The only sad thing is that I used up all my BBQ sauce. I would have the chicken swimming in this stuff if I could! Maybe a good thing it ran out…

Also I have been indulging a bit in eating a few slices of cake now and again in the evenings…


This, if you’d believe it, was a slice of our wedding cake! I have been slowly defrosting and making a dent in the vast amount of cake we have saved (seriously a lot). It was a slice of the lemon flavoured tier. Delicious.

And, erm, yeah some chocolate as well. But they’re only little!!


Not as good as Lindt but yummy none-the-less. Speaking of Lindt…hello offer in Tesco!!


Well, it’s important to have a balance. With running five times a week I need to bump the calories up a bit so I’m happy to fill this need with chocolate and cake. Shhh all you nutritionists out there, I know this isn’t the healthiest way to do it! But I need a bit of fun now and again.

In terms of fitness, I ran on Monday morning and still felt tired. I am so frustrated that my recovery from a tough run takes so long.


OK it wasn’t a rubbish run, I know that. But it felt TOUGH. Really, really hard going. My body just felt tired. I am clearly not superwoman!

However my run last night (Tuesday evening) went better, though it was shorter.


I will be going to the running club on Thursday evening again and I guess I’m thinking of running with the faster guys again but I’m scared. Genuinely scared because of how tough it was last time. I might look into running with them every other week and running with the slower paced guys…I’m a wuss…

And that’s all I have! Not the most exciting eats, I grant, but in this busy week I’m happy with them Smile

How do you cope when you’re busy?

Do you still try to eat well when you’re running out of time?

How quickly do you recover after a tough workout?

21 Replies to “A busy week = WIAW”

    1. Yeah we just carved it all up and put it in the freezer. So our entire botton shelf is full of cake. Well actually, it’s getting pretty empty now which is devastating!!

  1. I love a big salad for lunch but that is why I don’t have them too often- because they take ages to eat! If I had a “real” lunch break then it might be different, but because I have to spend lunch time marking, putting away resources/ getting more resources/ having meetings etc, I prefer a lunch to eat quickly, although a salad keeps me much more full than a sandwich.
    I think with Boston, of course it is awful for the runners (like when New York was cancelled) but no worse than something on a plane when people are going on holiday/ something on the buses when people are heading to work/ friends/ etc- unless you are on an army base or something then it is unexpected and just shocking really. Also really the best way to be is to get on with life, otherwise the people who set it off have won really.

    1. Ahh that sucks about your lunch break. When it comes to lunch I like something that takes ages to eat and I can sit and enjoy. A sandwich is gone in minues. Even if I have a sandwich I need a mini salad with it to slow me down!
      I definitely agree about Boston. I think it struck a cord with me because it’s something I could potentially be doing and I see it attacking the community I love. But you’re right, anywhere this could have happened would have been equally as shocking to the people involved.

  2. I’m hopping a plane to the UK tomorrow so that I can take advantage of that Lindt Tesco sale! 😉 Actually, I could probably buy half the company with the money it would cost me to get there (flights are so expensive right now!), however that wouldn’t be as much fun. Speaking of travel, though, I *might* be visiting London this summer! If it happens, I sure hope we can meet up!

    Everything here looks so good to me–even after just finishing a massive before-bed snack. I’m especially swooning over the barbecue chicken, which I’ll agree with you, is always best doused in buckets of sauce. You would LOVE Southern BBQ
    in the United States! It’s absolutely incredible, and very very saucy. 🙂

    I don’t blame you for tucking into your wedding cake several nights/week, especially when it’s constantly tempting you from your freezer! I’m pretty certain I’d eat a piece every night if that were the case in my house. I mean, you can’t let an expensive cake like that go to waste!

    As far as post-workout recovery times go, it really depends on the workout! I lift weights 5 times/week, so my body is chronically sore and tired, but leg days definitely impact me the most. I’m usually sore for four days after a leg workout (which I did today), whereas the soreness in my arms usually subsides after one or two days. If I’m feeling particularly exhausted, I’ll take one or two unplanned rest days to recover. My inner competitor doesn’t like that scenario, but my past injury experiences force me to buy into the fact that it’s better to be safe than sorry!

    I hope you have a great run with the boys tomorrow! Happy Wednesday, Anna! <3 xoxo

    1. Ooooooh that would be awesome if you came to the UK. I warn you now, frozen yogurt is a rarity. Be prepared for that disappointment! Hehe.
      It’d be lovely to meet up! London isn’t far for me at all 🙂
      Mmmm BBQ sauce just makes everything better. It’s quite possible it might over-take ketchup…crazy talk I know!
      Yeah you must definitely get lots of aches with all the weights you do! I guess it’s just knowing when it’s a normal ache and when it’s a realy tiredness ache and potentially dangerous for losing your form and risking an injury.

    1. They’re from the Graze box that I subscribe too. They send out a little package of snacks every two weeks and it’s got a random selection of different things in it, like those Thai bites.

  3. Those crackers and sweet chili dip sound awesome! Perfect for a mid-day snack at work.

    I’m pretty sure if you went to our freezer downstairs we probably have some frozen birthday cake left from a year ago… Haha. No one’s going to eat it, but let’s just say I think it’s completely normal (and totally cute) that you’re still eating your wedding cake 🙂

  4. Looks like a great day of eats! (Also, I didn’t realize how behind I was on reading your blog until I realized this post was from April 17. YIKES! Sorry about that).
    Fabio just bought the Graze box too (as a surprise for me haha what a gem) and we have been loving it too! Last night I had smoky gazpacho dip which was deliciousss 🙂 Also I just had some of that chocolate last night too and it was so good! It’s cool to know you and I are eating the same things around the globe (haha sorry if that was cheesy…)

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