What a surprise…

Howdy people. How’s your week going? Mine has been dampened by the cold weather and some bad running-related news (I’ll get to that in a minute).

But firstly, to pull me out of my dark and shady place (OK, I’m being dramatic), I must share a couple of the new-to-me meals I’ve been having lately. After spotting THIS recipe on Jessie’s blog I knew I had to try it.

IMG_4482Basil Avocado Chicken

I changed it slightly as I added in a load of random veg with the chicken and I also added a big dollop of Philadelphia cream cheese (because, let’s be honest, everything tastes amazing with cream cheese). Also, being lazy and reluctant to do more washing up than strictly necessary, I didn’t food process the avocado. I just chopped everything up, fried it until it all became melted and then threw in the cream cheese.


I loved it. It was nice to have smooth avocado bits and chunks of unmelted avocados randomly throughout. I don’t eat avocado that much (mainly because Ben runs screaming from it hates it) so this was such a nice change. Basil and avocado are a great combo.

Salads have been a regular meal as well when the weather was sunny.


This was a citrus themed salad. Chicken with goat’s cheese and loads of different veggies and chunks of orange drizzled in lemon juice and olive oil. Fresh and zingy.

And just to throw this one in there…Cake of the week (though strictly speaking there were two cakes of the week, but this one ROCKED – no pun intended): rock buns. I’m loving how ‘non-artificial’ this brand is. Let’s be honest, cake will never be classed as a superfood (I know, it’s upsetting) but having a ‘clean’ cake is surely the closest thing to it.


I have never had a rock bun before but when I saw them in the shop they looked like giant cookies so I was sold. And honestly the jokes are endless Winking smile


Surprisingly they weren’t rock hard. They were soft in the middle. Like oh-my-god-this-is-amazing-soft-in-the-middle. With raisins, sugar dusting and a hint of cinnamon. I’m going to aim to not buy these every week but seriously it will be hard.

This is yesterday’s outfit. I’m not a massive fan of the selfie photo but when I feel particularly happy with an outfit I feel the need to share because most of the time I don’t have much style. Though arguable the below picture doesn’t prove otherwise Winking smile


Tops from New Look, Owl necklace from Mango, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Tesco

Loving the peep toe shoes: let’s pretend it’s summer. And gotta love the photo bomber having a good old stretch there.

In terms of running…ack. Surprise surprise I have acquired a small injury. I knew this would happen – and I’m sure you’re not surprised if you’ve been following my huge running obsession lately. Serves me right for running so many damn races. I could feel something wasn’t quite right last week (hence the sports massage I had). It was fine during the runs at the weekend but afterwards my right thigh was really painful when I went up and down stairs. I thought it was fine but when I went for a run Tuesday morning within minutes I was in pain and it just wasn’t happening. So I turned round and went home. There’s a way to ruin your day before 7am.

I did a bit of Googling (as you do) and worked out it was my IT band.

Self diagnosis

So I booked in with the physio (again) and managed to swag an appointment that day. She confirmed it was my IT band and that I needed to take five days off of running. FIVE days. She did some ultrasound and acupuncture on me and gave me some stretches to do at home. She’s a great physio but I couldn’t help but be miserable. But I’m going to be sensible. Five days is a lifetime isn’t that long and it’s not worth risking a serious injury and being out of the game for weeks or even months.

Even if I start twitching…

I’m not bitter that bitter. I didn’t glare at Ben as he went for a run this morning…much. I’m going to try to use my time productively. In effort to be a better, healthier runner it’s time to get back into the strength training groove. Woo, woo, party on. So instead of running this week I’m working on my strength training. Joy of joys.


For all the you gym bunnies and proper strength training experts, I know this looks pathetic. Humour me.

So at the moment it’s nothing leg-focused as I want to fully heal. I want to start working on my core again. After reading a gazillion few running articles on injury prevention I realise I’m definitely not being a smart runner. I need to be more balanced and not just run, run, run. So I’ll be aiming to do this at least once a week to begin with. When my leg is better then I’ll add things like squats and lunges, etc.

I can hardly contain my excitement. Not Winking smile


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Have you had an injury before? Did you cope well with resting? I’m just feeling all annoyed that I let this happen and that it’s stopped me just as I was feeling like a superstar. But I guess that’s just it really, never take it for granted and let your ego take over. Don’t be stupid: stretch, foam roll, listen to your body.

Have you ever had an issue with your IT band? I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know what the IT band was before this…

What’s your favourite avocado recipe?

Have you tried rock buns before? Because you should. Like now.

18 Replies to “What a surprise…”

  1. Good for you on taking a step back & scheduling an appt to see a doctor! Good to hear it’s nothing too big, and you’ll be back on the pavement again before you know it 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry about your injury, but you are being wise and taking the physio’s advice – and doing some strength training will definitely do you some good. I hope it gets better soon though *hug* Oooh rock cakes are yummy! Mr PoP makes great rock cakes 🙂

  3. Way to take the advice from your physio! I know it will be hard because you love running so much, but like you said– only five days! IT bands can get really bad if you ignore the problem, so that’s so great that you stopped when you noticed it bothering you.

    When I was making Harry Potter themed food with the kids I babysat awhile back, rock cakes were ones that popped up… and ones that I promptly ignored. Lol. I presumed that they would be pretty hard. Now I wish we had made them!

  4. I wish cake was a superfood. I think my life would be complete then. Haha.

    Injuries suck. I’ve got the been there, done that t-shirt on injuries stopping me running. Hope the physio helps. I’ve never heard of an IT band.

  5. Haha omg, that comic is me. And thanks for the link-back! I’m literally writing about a recipe of yours I tried right now! Hilarious.

  6. My Nan always used to make rock cakes- I love them!

    I love avocado pasta- it is from oh she glows and you basically puree it with salt, lime/lemon juice, basil oil and maybe garlic? (I leave out the garlic) and serve with pasta- so good.

    Also 5 days will fly by- I thought you were going to say 5 weeks!

  7. Ahh sorry about that injury. I HATE that. I’ve sprained my ankle a bunch of times and although it’s super annoying, it’s smart to just rest up and let it heal. I’m sure it will be good to work on some strength exercises anyway!

    Love the Alfie photo bomb 😉

  8. When I was a runner I had IT band issues, just as I was training for the Great North Run so I can understand how frustrating and upseting it is. Oh I really need to make some rock cakes, they are the best!

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