Enjoying my food

You know my feelings about cake. It’s my weakness. It’s my kryptonite. My heart’s desire and my biggest nemesis.

This bad boy was brought in to work yesterday (a present from a wife for her husband’s birthday):

Sonic Cake

Sonic the Hedgehog never looked more appealing. The guy is a software developer…so it kinda makes sense. Best wife ever? Seriously, husband, take note.

But I’ll come back to that cake shortly. First off let’s get started with WIAW and the boring other food I ate.

Thanks, Jenn!

I find some days are good days and some days are bad days when it comes to food. I use the word ‘bad’ lightly here because I’m a true believer that no food (or drink) is inherently bad. Oh sure, living on chicken nuggets and milkshake every day isn’t going to do your body any favours and will make you feel pretty rubbish eventually. But once in a while it can’t hurt! Newspapers love to scare us into submission, like pushing the idea that one sniff of a sausage will cause an immediate cancer epidemic. Whatever sells the papers…But in reality, I truly believe no food when eaten in moderation can cause our body’s irreversible damage.

That being sad, I like eating healthy, fresh food. Lots of vegetables, lots of fruit, meat, slow-releasing carbs…for me it’s not something I have to consciously work on because it’s second-nature to me.

Smoked mackerel salad

This was dinner the other evening: smoked mackerel on a bed of lots of veggies, salad, slices of nectarine and sundried tomatoes

That’s not to say I’m the golden girl of nutrition. Far from it. I love me some sugar. Chocolate, sweets, ice cream… and of course cake.

Sonid Hedgehog cake

My best intentions to try and have a day where I eat really well (i.e. avoid the copious amounts of biscuits and cookies at work and don’t consume too much chocolate in the evening) fell very short yesterday. I mean how could they not when you see such a beauty!

Delicious cake

I ate a caramel flavoured slice from the top tier and a chocolate fudge slice from the bottom tier. And promptly felt quite sick.

Afterwards I needed to lie down in the foetal position for a while to recover.

But these things happen. Life happens. I’m not going to turn down an offering of a slice of Sonic the Hedgehog cake! I’d regret not trying it more than feeling a bit sick and a bit guilty after.

Cake ecard

Like I said, cake is my nemesis…and it was damn good.

I’d also like to point out I wasn’t the only one who had two slices. There was a minority that I was joyfully part of… Winking smile

Back to ‘proper’ food (i..e not just based entirely on sugar and food colouring haha)…one of my new favourite meals that I could literally eat every single day is this:

Turkey sausages and mash

Three turkey sausages, broad beans (or other vegetable, I’m not fussy) and cauliflower mash with goat’s cheese. Hold the boat. This was delicious. I’ve had turkey sausages in the freezer for a while now but was inspired to do this meal by the lovely Laura.

The trick to this is to add a good amount of goat’s cheese to the cauliflower to really get the flavour zinging. Yes I said zinging.

Other than these meals, I’ve still been eating my usual stuff; loving the stir-fries and salads!

So basically my motto is, eat healthily but enjoy the good stuff too. Usually I try and ‘be good’ in the week so that I can relax at the weekend with a nice slice of cake in the evening, or a meal out with all the trimmings. But as you can see, this doesn’t always work out that way! But I won’t beat myself up about it because life is too short.

I will say though that I don’t think two slices of cake helped with running club in the evening. I felt very sluggish and a bit sick!! Ho hum.

Now I’m going to have a rant. A while ago I mentioned how annoyed I was getting with people using my mug. My lovely large mug, perfect for a good cup of coffee in the morning and a present from my mum. Yes I did leave it in the communal kitchen and no it did not have my name on it so my complaining was hardly that justified. I secretly glared at anyone I caught using it though.

It’s gone. It’s completely missing. I haven’t seen it in ages. I’m despairing. So I did what any sane, non-obsessed, normal person would do in a time like this. I created a poster and put it in the kitchen for all to see.

Missing Mug

That picture is genuinely a photo of my mug. Ironic, I know.

Well, I’m in a state of mourning now as it’s been a week and all I’ve got are some sympathetic comments and strange looks. RIP mug.

I have lost a mug and possibly gained the title of “Weird Mug Girl”.

Happy Wednesday!

Have you lost something recently? I wouldn’t mind but, damn, that was a good sized mug.

What are you hopeless at resisting? It doesn’t have to be food. I’m also very and when it comes to anything running-related…what’s that? A new electrolyte drink that people are raving about? Let’s get five.

What’s your view on healthy eating and treats?

20 Replies to “Enjoying my food”

  1. I’ve never seen a more awesome cake. Seriously, she definitely scored some points w/ your man after surprising him w/ that masterpiece.. heck i dont even know the woman, and she scored points w/ me haha!

  2. That is quite the fancy Sonic cake! I can’t believe there were two flavors. That’s like a wedding cake… Well, most wedding cakes only have one I guess. But geez that looks good.

    You’re the best. I thought that mug “shot” (bahaha) was just going to be something you pulled off Pinterest or a Google Image search, but no. You made your OWN. Ridiculously awesome.

    Thankfully I think I’ve found everything that I’ve lost recently… Wait. That’s not true. I’ve lost my two thermoses somewhere between home and back to my apartment. Those were the only ones I owned so my supposed-to-be-hot soups this week have been decidedly cold/lukewarm 🙁 Grr.

    1. Yeah it was definitely like a wedding cake. His wife apparently is in the cake making business. Ordinarily it would have cost over £100 (I guess oveer $150!)
      I did get a lot of mocking after creating my own mug shot haha.
      Hope you find your thermoses soon!

  3. That cake is awesome! Now I have the biggest cake craving. I’m loving sausages at the moment too, we had a bbq most nights on holiday and I can’t get enough now we’re home. Especially with some fried onions, yum!

  4. Lets agree to never EVER pass on a slice of cake. Heck, ay my mother in laws party, I had TWO slices of cake!! No shame over here!! I work hard and eat healthy, having 2 slices of cake in one day once in a blue moon is going to do nothing but make me happy :):)

  5. Ha ha that poster is so something I would do. That cake is epic!!! Cake is my ‘thing’ too, and I agree, cake should definitely be enjoyed in moderation, what woudl life be without cake?!?

    Where do you buy your turkey sausages from? I suppose they are not Gluten Free are they?

    1. I get my sausages from Tesco. It’s the only place I’ve found them. So annoying. I’ve never found chicken ones either. I’ve been meaning to have a mosey at my local butchers but I never seem to remember to go.

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