Post-Boston Marathon and Cape Cod

Just to follow-up my Boston posts, I’ll quick recap of post-marathon and the fun my mum and me had in Cape Cod (every time I type this I want to say Cape Town…not Africa, Anna, AMERICA).

After finishing the marathon and chilling for a bit in Starbucks we grabbed a bit of lunch…


The world’s biggest salad; it had everything in there from feta to chicken to beetroot to broccoli. It’s what I was absolutely craving. Big indulgences would come later when my stomach felt more up to it.

After this we made the long walk back to the harbour to catch the water taxi back to the hotel. My legs felt tired but generally OK which I was pleased with (though my hamstring was very tight). As we were walking so many random people congratulated me – and people who hadn’t even been near the race. From older people to teenagers, everyone had a kind word for me.

As I was only wrapped up in a foil blanket over my shorts and vest I was starting to get very cold. I had such a craving for a hot drink that we stopped in another Starbucks on the way back (a takeaway decaf, more just something warm for me to drink than anything). As I stood in line with my mum the woman behind leaned over us and said “this one’s on me” and handed the barista the money. I was shocked. She said “you’ve earnt it, amazing job”. It was such a nice thing to do!

As we continued on our way I was still clutching the goodie bag I’d received, which was packed full of really random food, like a bread roll, a protein drink, crisps and other snacks. I knew I wouldn’t need any of it and it felt like such a waste throwing it away. A homeless woman congratulated me and it made me think. I asked her if she wanted some of my snacks from my goodie bag and she was over the moon. I gave a few more items to another equally chuffed homeless person and my mum promptly burst into tears saying “I’ve raised a good’un!”. Bless her.

IMG_0297My finisher’s top and medal

That evening we ate in the hotel restaurant again because honestly the thought of going anywhere else just didn’t appeal. I once again had chicken wings, this time with a delicious blue cheese dip and a cheese sharing platter with my mum.

IMG_0300Yes I’m wearing my medal, and I wasn’t the only one!

The next morning we checked out of the hotel, picked up our rental car and drove down to Cape Cod. We stopped half-way at Plymouth to break the journey up a bit (it was about two hours). I knew there was Plymouth Rock to see so though it might be a nice place to have a look around. It was really windy and quite cold though.

Plymouth Rock

We actually randomly stumbled upon the rock and were, well, a little disappointed as it was very small and not much to it. We moseyed about for a while and then decided we’d carry on. Plymouth was a little bit dull I must say (though we were in the off-season I hasten to add).

We arrived in Hyannis, Cape Cod, a it later and checked into our hotel. Cape Cod

The main street with restaurants, shops and also the harbour and beach were only a short walk away which was handy. At this point we were quite hungry. And lo and behold, a restaurant so perfectly fitting to my post-marathon runger… a Brazilian rodizio all-you-can-eat. Hello, heaven.

Brazilian Grill

There was a huge salad bar which I used to load up my plates with salad and veggie – let’s not weigh myself down with unnecessary carbs after all! Winking smile And the waiters came round with all different types of meat to carve for you. It was delicious. My mum even enjoyed herself (it’s not really her thing but she indulged me in my post-marathon haze). My only sadness was the lack of ribs *sobs*.

Needless to say dinner wasn’t necessary. But we did go out for a nice drink in a local bar. Originally I was just going to have a diet Coke but my mum ordered a margarita and I saw you could have it iced, like a Slush Puppy, so I decided to go for it.


I don’t usually drink that much at all. I don’t hugely enjoy it – though I do like the odd Prosecco or G&T. But it’s rare. Anyway the alcoholic Slush Puppy was delicious and went down a treat.


In fact, it went down a little too well. I found it very drinkable because of all the ice and found that over half-way through it I was feeling a little drunk. Seriously. How much of a light-weight am I! My mum found it ever so amusing. I was off in my own little tipsy world giggling over nothing. My mum couldn’t drink her non-iced margarita as it was too strong and though I had a few sips of hers (I think that’s it in the photo above) I declined to finish it otherwise she’d have been carrying me home! It was a fun evening though.


The rest of our time in Cape Cod was spent driving to different towns and places and basically just chilling. Things were a lot more relaxed than they were in Boston, especially with no longer having an impending marathon hanging over us. We went to Provincetown, the furthest point of Cape Cod, which had lots of quirky shops. We also spent some time in Chatham, which my mum adored (lots of linen clothing and home décor shops) where the only interesting shop I found for me was a chocolate shop (easily pleased). But it was very pretty and peaceful.


I unashamedly spent $10 on a bag of ‘misfit’ chocolates, which I then promptly munched through as my mum went in yet another linen shop.

One day we went to Falmouth where we had some delicious cake and tea in an American tea-room. Though it was delicious, it was a very odd setting. I think they were trying to get the whole British tea-room vibe going but it just seemed a little strange with the décor and it being almost a restaurant. I don’t think it translated well.

Falmouth tea room

The cakes however did translate perfectly into being TASTY. I had lemon and my mum had carrot. All the about that icing (frosting!).

We then headed over to Martha’s Vineyard on the ferry.


It was such a beautiful sunny day we were very lucky! Martha’s Vineyard is a small island off of Cape Cod and for movie geeks like myself, the home to Jaws. Though sadly I didn’t get to see the famous Jaws bridge as it was just too far out. We had a lovely time regardless, going into the shops, having an iced coffee (Boston seems to go mad for iced coffees, they were everywhere) and seeing all the beautiful “gingerbread” houses.

Gingerbread houses

It’s basically a large collection of summer houses that people can live in when they go on holiday. But as it was the off-season there was no one living there and it was very quiet and actually quite eerie. It was like a mini village of ghost houses. It kind of put us at unease! But pretty nonetheless.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time in Cape Cod. It was the perfect place to chill out after the busyness of the marathon and the hubbub of the city. I ate lots, walked lots and shopped lots. It was such a great holiday. Sadly I found no ribs at all, but I did eat chicken wings no less than FIVE times.

IMG_0388Not even all the chicken wings I ate

They were just so tasty. America definitely does them right! And I found more cake, of course Winking smile and the biggest side of sweet potato fries I’ve ever seen at the Cheesecake Factory (our last meal before we flew back) – an entire large bowl of them! Even I couldn’t finish them.


I loved spending the time with my mum – neither of us wanted to kill the other one so that’s a bonus Winking smile

And now life is back to reality…

Have you ever been to Cape Cod?

What food do you love to have on holiday?

Are you a beach or city lover?

12 Replies to “Post-Boston Marathon and Cape Cod”

  1. I’ve never been to that part of the US; I went to uni in Texas so I explored a lot of the South and visited NYC, but I’ve never been to New England. It looks gorgeous…hopefully one day *when* I run Boston I’ll explore it after the race like you did!

    I’m not picky about what I eat on holiday other than within my usual vegetarian diet. What I do love about holiday eating is eating outside – that is something we so rarely get to do at home so it’s always a treat!
    Rhona recently posted…8 Things To Consider for a Happy London Marathon WeekendMy Profile

  2. Cape Cod looks amazing – definitely a well-deserved post marathon treat! That’s so sweet about giving your goodie bag food away to homeless people and all the people on the street congratulating you and buying your coffee. I could so eat those sweet potato fries right now…x
    LilyLipstick recently posted…Life: April Round-UpMy Profile

  3. It sounds like a lovely way to spend a few days- nice and relaxing, and of course cake!
    I’ve not been to Cape Cod, but a couple of years ago we had a road trip between Canada and the USA, and we spent a bit of time in New England/ Vermont- there were so many pretty little towns. We walked to a lighthouse which was spooky as it was all misty so after a bit you could hear the fog horns of ships, but no longer see the land or the lighthouse! (And the Ben and Jerry’s factory)
    When we went to New York at Christmas we got the train up to Boston and it went up the coast and was so pretty- we have added a road trip there to our list, maybe in an October half term to do some leaf peeping too!
    How lovely of you giving your bag away- I always take mine to work as someone there will always eat it! Plus how lovely for someone else to buy your coffee- it does seem that Boston is such a very special one- and glad that you wore your medal- it seems in the US people wear theirs the next day too which I think we should adopt here!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Cakeathon!My Profile

    1. We saw some lighthouses but not as many as we thought. Though we didn’t really go looking for them to be honest. Sounds like a lovely trip you did – and squeezing in the B&J factory sounds awesome!
      I will always wear my medal as long as I can. And then I’ll leave it out on display somewhere for a few weeks after before putting it away. That way I feel I’ve ‘enjoyed’ it enough.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…The worst race of my life?My Profile

  4. What a lovely gesture from that woman to buy your coffee! Some people are so nice. You included, as you paid the good dead forward giving your food to the homeless people. It doesn’t take much to think of others, but we’re all so guilty of being wrapped up in our own world so much of the time.
    Mary recently posted…The Milton Keynes Rocket 5kMy Profile

    1. I mean Starbucks doesn’t cost a huge amount but it’s the effort of breaking that social barrier isn’t it? Speaking to a stranger and doing something out of the ordinary, it all makes it feel very special. I was really chuffed.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…The worst race of my life?My Profile

  5. That was such a lovely thing to do – your parents have raised a good ‘un! Also very lovely of the lady to buy you a coffee too.

    Cape Cod looks lovely! Matt really wants to go to America again, but right now, I’m not too bothered (it’s the long haul flight that puts me off). He went to Austin last year and had a brilliant time (very pleased with the food too!).

    I lived by the sea for most of my life, but I prefer the countryside really. When we go on holiday, I do like to be near to water though. I can find cities quite claustrophobic after a while.
    Steph recently posted…T minus 1 to my Whole 100My Profile

    1. The long flight IS a tough, especially on the way back because there’s no silver lining waiting at home except for lots of washing and back to work.
      Yes! I agree about needing the sea to kind of ‘ground’ you. I feel really lost when I don’t know where the ‘edges’ are, if you know what I mean.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…The worst race of my life?My Profile

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