Running in sunshine and jumping in lakes

I only actually realised we had a Bank holiday weekend on Wednesday, so as you can imagine it was such a lovely surprise to know we had a three day weekend coming up! I definitely needed it. Despite only just getting back from my holiday the other week I was still so tired from the jetlag that it was nice to know I had an extra day to catch up with life.

Saturday was pretty full-on as it was my friend’s hen do (bachelorette party). Thankfully it was a day thing rather than a night thing so didn’t involve going clubbing and excessive drinking, which I’m not a huge fan of. The activities were due to start before midday in Bournemouth. I could have gone to parkrun in the morning but it would have been rushed so I decided to give it a miss, which handily works out well for timing my 100th parkrun with my friend’s 250th (I’m three away!).

Instead I planned to run three miles on my own. The weather was lovely and sunny and I slightly regretted wearing long-sleeves (though it was my new Lululemon top which I adore). I ran alongside the beach and in the distance I could see the Lee-On-Solent parkrun going on, the runners running in the horizon like dots. I got my route wrong and it came to 3.7 as I got home so then had to run up and down the road to get 4 miles, as you do Winking smile 






The run felt really good. The day before I’d seen my physio and told him about my niggling hamstring. He did some very intense deep tissue massage on it and I woke up with it feeling a bit tender but so much better. He said I was OK to run the next day though he advised leaving it for a few days…but I just really wanted to run (famous last words? I hope not…). Anyway I finally felt like my running is back to normal post-marathon. All my runs previous seem to have felt quite tough and laboured, so I’ve kept the pace easier. I know this is to be expected post marathon! Saturday’s run felt a lot better though.

IMG_0671New Lululemon top

Then my friend, Lou, picked me up with some of the other girls and we headed to Bournemouth. We only vaguely knew that there would be some outdoor activities, quad biking and an obstacle course (which I was really excited about).

We got into some super sexy camouflage to begin with.


Thanks to Ashley for the photos


And then we got down to some quad biking. I’ve done quad biking before and loved it but this was a little different.


The quad biking I’ve done was over a relatively smooth track so you can get some speed up but this was really bumpy and off-roady. You couldn’t exactly zoom round it. It was still really good fun though, just required a bit more technical skill and more of a risk getting stuck or rolling!

Lou sadly couldn’t take part in all the activities as she’s pregnant but she took lots of photos and was able to join in on some of the welly throwing (yes really) and other fun less-strenuous activities.


The obstacle course was so much fun but also a little insane. We had the usual climb under, and jump over things, and monkey bars…

The Challenge obstacle course

I was chuffed at getting over the wall myself! And then the last section was literally stepping into a shoulder deep lake and getting to a boat to pull the team across to the finish.

Let me tell you, that lake was bloody freezing. In the end we all had to swim because the lakebed was just sinking beneath our feet. I thankfully kept my head out of the water but it was still horrendously cold. As we huddled waiting for the rest of the team to swim across my friend goes “I have deep empathy for Kate now. I wouldn’t have shared my door either” which was a perfect summation of how it felt.


Though my friend had told me we needed a spare set of clothes because we might get wet I had no idea we’d get absolutely soaked. Some of the girls had sensibly brought towels but I had brought a tea towel at the last minute as I assumed I’d just need something to ‘dust off’ some dampness or mud. We all then huddled in an outdoor sheltered hut thing to get changed. It was horrifically cold but quite funny. My tea towel was somewhat useful!! Thankfully I did have a spare set of clothes with me.


And then it was time for refuelling…in the best possible way.


Afternoon tea! That first cup of tea was SO needed. Though I had nice warm and dry clothes on (not a warm and dry bra however…), I was still very cold. Lots of sandwiches, two scones with jam and cream, crisps and a cupcake helped though. Good grief. So much for eating a bit healthier post holiday! I had intended on eating my second scone instead of the cupcake but then there were cupcakes left-over and it looked to good to miss…

The hen do was such good fun and the hen had a great time Smile

I stayed at my parent’s house that evening as it was easier. The next morning I wanted to run 8-10 miles, depending how I felt. As soon as I started running I knew I wanted to run 10 miles. I just felt strong, happy and relaxed. The sun was shining and it was a little *too* warm but it was just nice to be outside in a tank top for once (another new Boston-themed Nike top). I got to the beach at about seven miles and wondered if I’d see my parents. They often take their dogs down the beach when the weather’s nice. And funnily enough I saw them and the four dogs in the distance (Alfie was with them of course).


It was lovely to stop quickly and say hello to them and Alfie mid-run. Though they had to hold Alfie when I ran off as he wanted to join me, bless him!










The run, despite being very warm, went really well. I felt good speeding up so I kept a tempo pace towards the end. Apart from needing to some long runs for the Cakeathon at the end of May, I have no goals or direction for my running at the moment so it’s nice to go with the flow.

And then my parents and me went to Gunwharf Quays for a bit of shopping (hello Adidas outlet shop) and Jamie’s Italian for lunch.IMG_0706

I had the vegetable plank to start (so tasty, lots of roasted vegetables, cheese and hummus), followed by my usual turkey Milanese and then a white chocolate cheesecake. I’ve never had a bad meal at Jamie’s (though I do tend to order the same thing…).

IMG_0702I’ve had this meal so many times now

Monday was a rather chilled day of doing some chores, catching up with life (and Game of Thrones – the latest episode, OMG. SO much happened) and just generally chilling. Perfect bank holiday weekend!

What did you get up to?

Is there a meal you keep going back to?

What kind of hen dos/bachelorette parties do you enjoy?

15 Replies to “Running in sunshine and jumping in lakes”

  1. Love that lululemon top! What a fun hen do, James went on a stag do a couple of weekends ago and they did clay pigeon shooting! I definitely enjoy something a little more low key than a night of drinking (which I did for my hen do) one of my friends recently had a weekend in a scottish castle for her sisters hen do! Looks like you had a lovely bank holiday weekend 🙂

    1. There was clay pigeon shooting at this place too that we could have done if we paid a bit extra but none of us were that fussed (I think we would all probably be terrible at it!).
      Wow a Scottish castle!!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #30My Profile

  2. I have told myself over and over I need to not read your blog until after I have eaten, I never do. So alas I am now hungry! 🙂 I love those tops! I am not much of a party type. I like to relax and have fun but not staying out at night is good with me!! I like my sleep too much!!

  3. I can’t believe you’re already back to running 7 miles so soon after the marathon! Lee-on-Solent’s parkrun was pretty epic this week and with nearly 500 people there’s no wonder you saw them all. Have you seen the videos on facebook?

  4. That lululemon top is such a gorgeous colour! And the views of running by the water just look fab.
    You seem to have recovered from Boston so well! I think two or three weeks after Brighton it was the Southampton 10k and I found that very tiring- I just felt tired after for about a month! Have you decided how far to do for the cakeathon? I was really tempted to go further but it wasn’t fair on Andy waiting in the car, plus I knew it wasn’t sensible as doing a half was the furthest I have run in a while (since falling over).
    Afternoon tea is the best type of hen do I think- you actually get to catch up with people. Clubbing ones are the ones I don’t enjoy as I am not a fan of that. One of my friends had a treasure hunt on one day of hers, but it was pouring with rain so not as enjoyable as it could have been.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Cakeathon!My Profile

    1. I loved the colour too. There was a grey one and a pink one but the green was just so much nicer, and different to what I normally wear.
      For the Cakeathon I’d absolutely love to do a marathon but realistically I’m not sure that will happen. I’m going to try and do some longer runs in the coming weeks and if it just feels too hard I’ll try and do what you did and stick with a half. It seems silly going all that way and not doing a few laps at least!
      Yes afternoon tea is such a good way to chat and relax. It goes on for a while as well and you’re not waiting on food or anything as once it’s there you just eat and drink to your heart’s content.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #30My Profile

  5. This is so my sort of hen do! I’m not a massive fan of nights out and clubbing either. Active all the way for me! Although, my core strength is rubbish. I’m pretty sure I would not have been able to get over that wall! I was very lucky in that my maid of honour organised several different events as part of my hen do, including an activity morning where we did zorbing, trampolining and go-karting.
    Two years ago I ran an obstacle course race down in Hertfordshire. I knew there would be some water involved, but within 100m of the start I found myself queuing to enter the river, where the water was up to the top of my bra line! So I was rather unprepared without towel or dry bra that day too! Still had loads of fun though.
    I was rather underwhelmed when I visited Jamie’s last year, but your pictures of food always look so tasty I feel like I need to give it another chance.
    Mary recently posted…The Milton Keynes Rocket 5kMy Profile

    1. I had a change of clothes but not underwear so I had those embarrassing wet boob marks on my t-shirt afterwards…fun. I love the sound of your zorbing and trampolining hen do. Right up my street.
      I never order anything different at Jamie’s so it could just be a really awesome meal I have (though you tried it didn’t you? And weren’t that fussed?) I think I’m easily pleased and I love Jamie Oliver too much so probably have rose tinted glasses on 😉 But my parents always say they enjoy it.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…The worst race of my life?My Profile

  6. You are the only other person I know who has welly wangled! The place I used to work at tried to go for a welly wangling world record (try saying that quickly!). I’m not sure if we did it though. The hen do looked so much fun! I would love to go quad biking one day. I like relaxed hen weekends – I’m not a big one for nights out now, I’d much rather do activities. I loved my friend’s hen do last year which was a weekend away in a Georgian mansion. Lots of prosecco and good company.

    I have to admit I’m not a big Jamie’s Italian fan. I think Mary nailed it with “underwhelmed”. I was expecting it to be much more than it was. The service was great, but the food was a bit meh.
    Steph recently posted…T minus 1 to my Whole 100My Profile

    1. Well wangle!!! LOVE that name. Didn’t know it had an official title. Brilliant.
      I think the thing about Jamie’s Italian could be how commercialised it’s become – there are so many of them now that the ‘specialness’ of them has disappeared. I haven’t had a bad visit yet though and have been to a few different ones – but like I said above, I love Jamie sooo…
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…The worst race of my life?My Profile

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