10 o’clock brownies

Hi guys, hope you all had a great weekend. I completely de-stressed myself after my busy week. And the sun came out which was just perfect.

Friday night I had planned to leave work at a reasonable time to get home and have a nice long evening with my two favourite Bens. My husband and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream Winking smile Obviously though this meant leaving work an hour and a half after intended. *sighs* But the consolation of it being Friday was good enough to not dampen my mood.

We had steak again for dinner which was perfection.


With loads of salad and goat’s cheese. Oh this was heaven. Sticky, sweet goodness.

Then we had Ben and Jerry’s (Vermonster for Ben & chocolate brownie fro-yo for me) while we watched Savages.


It was really good. I was so surprised. There were a couple of scenes I had to run out of the room for (read: torture & nasty deaths) but otherwise really good. Salma Hayek was brilliant in it, though Blake Lively was pretty much Serena from Gossip Girl.

Saturday morning I went for my usual long run.


I took it nice and easy and just enjoyed it. The weather was great so I could wear my capris rather than my long leggings. It felt so refreshing to be out in the sun first thing. I really do love my long weekend run. Yeah OK sometimes it’s tough, but I just slow down a bit and take it easy. It’s not always about speed. This is a run where I try not to care what pace I do, I just love the distance.

The rest of Saturday was the usual chore-doing business and not one but two lovely walks with Alfie and Ben in the beautiful sunshine. We walked Alfie just before lunch and then in the afternoon I was just itching to get outside again and somehow managed to persuade Ben to join me again. Whenever it gets sunny I have this immense need to get out of the house and into the sun. I’m worried it won’t last! Get it while it’s hot shining!

And I got my hair cut.


I wanted quite a bit taken off as it’s just got so long. It’s such a hassle to wash, comb, blow-dry and straighten in the morning. Seriously, I feel my life ebbing away with the amount of time I spend on it.

So I said to the lady to take about three inches off and make it a bit more interesting with some layers. Then as she just began blow-drying it the power went! I had to go home with wet hair, which was a bit of a bummer as I love going to the hairdressers as it’s nice someone else having to deal with my hair rather than just me! Ah well. I did get a discount.

Saturday evening we got dressed up to go out for dinner. OK my hair doesn’t look much different to before I know.

PicMonkey Collage

But to me it’s a HUGE change. So much lighter in weight and shorter. I also wore my favourite but most painful pumps. I love them, but they hurt so much Sad smile But I thought I wouldn’t be doing much walking anyway so it didn’t matter.

We drove to the village where I used to live with my parents, about 20 minutes away, to a beautiful little pub on the seafront.


The pub is just there on the left, but look at that sunshine!!

We had a mezze board to start. I know, I’m so predictable. I just love mezze boards.


I also love my husband. He traded me the falafels for the pitta bread. A definite win in my eyes. And he doesn’t like olives. Open-mouthed smile

For main I was torn beautiful butternut squash with feta cheese or BBQ chicken.


So I went with the BBQ chicken. Seriously I can’t get enough BBQ at the moment. And it came with huge chunky potato wedges. They were so crispy and dunking them in ketchup was just heaven.

We were then going to meet friends for a drink at the same pub but we finished earlier than we expected so we went for a walk along the seafront.


It was a little nippy, but so clear.


Beautiful! Though I massively regretted wearing those damn painful shoes.

Unfortunately, because this is the area I grew up in and went to school, I bumped into a bunch of boys who back in the day were the ‘popular’ guys. I politely said hello, as you do, and they said hello and then a couple of them burst out laughing in my face. Seriously I felt like I was 15 again. My group of friends and I were the ‘boffs’ and weren’t cool back in school. We did our homework and got good grades. We weren’t bullied or anything like that, but we weren’t part of the cool gang. It just felt terrible to feel that small at 24.

Anyway, when I met up with my friends we all laughed about it and thought what idiots they are. We are all quite happy in our careers, with partners or husbands, having moved out and making our way in life. They haven’t. They’re still living the dream that ended quite a few years ago.

It felt great to catch up my friends and a few of us ordered pudding at 10pm. Brownie with honeycomb hash ice cream (no photo I’m afraid, some things don’t last long enough for that sort of thing!).

Friends and brownie. Life’s medicine.

Now it’s Sunday. We had a lazy morning watching the London marathon – so inspiring! The 30 seconds of silence for Boston was really lovely. And wow seriously, those elite athletes were SUPER FAST. And I chuckled to see this picture on Twitter:


Love it!

So now I’m still enjoying a relaxing day of blissful sunshine, chicken with BBQ sauce, and cuddles with this guy:


No matter how many times he’ll spread his kibble over the newly washed kitchen floor, malt all over the just hoovered sofas, drip his wet beard all over the floor after drinking water, bark at every person who walks past our house, I will still love him. Just Winking smile

What have you been up to this weekend?

Did you watch the London marathon?

Do you ever have moments where you’re brought right back to how it was in school?

15 Replies to “10 o’clock brownies”

  1. That sunshine is just wonderful 🙂 I love going out at this time of year although I got rather hot on my run today (and I was only wearing a vest and capris)- but spending time outside is jus fab.
    I watched a lot of the London marathon today too or had it on while I was cooking and stuff.
    There are people I would rather avoid from my school days (secondary school) but they are similar in that they really have not moved on from how they were then, and that is basically 15 years ago now.

  2. First of all, I love your haircut! However, I couldn’t help but laugh about the power shutting off mid-blow dry at the salon. :-p The exact same thing happened to me a year ago! And on top of it, it was snowing outside, so by the time I’d walked home, my head was an icicle. It sure made for a good story, though. 😉

    The pub where you dined with your parents is in such a picturesque (and sunny) location! And that BBQ chicken looks absolutely amazing; even though I love butternut squash, I think you made the right choice. The best part sounds like it may have been the crispy potatoes, though. Oh my heavens, I love nothing more than thick-cut “fries” dunked in ketchup. Yum.

    Oh gosh, the boys you ran into sound so immature and insecure! I would have laughed back in their faces! You’re so right, though–you’ve moved on and you’re crafting a good career and an amazing life with somebody you love. <3

    The brownie with honeycomb hash ice cream that you enjoyed with your friends sounds like pure bliss. I'm not sure that I've ever heard of honeycomb in ice cream, but I know I'd love it.

    Glad you had a good weekend, overall, and happy happy Monday! <3 xoxoxo

    1. Oh my goodness, that sounds terrible about having wet hair in the snow! Much worse than my situation.
      Yep they seemed very immature. It was nice to laugh about it with my friends afterwards. Though I hated that they made me feel so small initially. Ahh well.

  3. I am so happy you were able to eventually laugh at those ignorant guys. Honestly, people like them just aren’t worth your time and will most likely never grow up. You are beautiful, a fabulous woman, and have a wonderful husband who loves you more than anything <3

  4. Love the Bens comment, and the shiny new hair – and that man’s T-shirt, brilliant!
    I can’t believe those blokes were still sso pathetic at the age of 24, more fool them and they’re clearly the losers, urgh!
    Those sunny pictures are gorgeous and I know exactly what you mean about wanting to be out all the time in case I miss it 🙂 – and honeycomb ice cream is my all-time favourite, love it!

    1. You just never know how long sunshine will last in the UK unfortunately 🙁
      I think it’s definitely a toss up between honeycomb and mint choc chip ice cream for my favourite flavour…

  5. My favorite part of going to the hair dresser is having my hair all straightened and shiny. It seriously NEVER looks like that again until I go back for my next haircut. haha. Speaking of which… since I’m not going to be home during the week this summer AND my hairdresser doesn’t work on weekends, I think I may need to schedule a haircut pronto 😀

  6. Wow this looks like such a FUN weekend!! I love that picture of the guy on Twitter hahaha! And I’m so glad you got to meet up with your friends to laugh at those jerks. You totally have the right attitude- you are doing something great with your life and are probably way happier than they are!!

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