Things I’m loving lately – June

*Whispers* I don’t want to speak too soon, but I have had a pretty decent streak of running uninjured.

I mean I had a blip after Tokyo with my ankle, but after a week off I was good to go again. It’s kind of all going…dare I say it, OK??Two marathons and now onto my next bout of marathon training, please let it continue to go as smoothly!

So as I’m in a pretty good mood with my running, I thought I’d continue these happy vibes with some things I’m loving lately.

The new series of My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast: If you’ve never heard of it or think it sounds weird, you really just need to give it a go. It is HILARIOUS. Like actual laugh out loud comedy. I binge listened to the first two series and now they’ve just started the third series. They have fans such as Daisy Ridley, Elijah Wood, Michael Sheen. I can’t recommend it enough.

Dogs of parkrun: I love how many dogs come out to parkrun. Not all of them run, but it’s lovely to see them ‘supporting’. I took a photo of some of the ones I saw at Netley at the weekend and made a collage.All so lovely. I know that dogs at races/parkrun can be annoying but I’m a big dog lover so to me I’m happy to have to dodge around them and their leads. I’d love to run with Alfie but I’m worried that as he’s a bit older (almost eight!) it might not be a good idea. He’s never run further than half a mile so I’d need to start very slowly with him, which at the moment I don’t really have time for. He loves racing about on his own though.

SIS products: I really love these products I’ve been sent. I don’t actually take the Overnight Protein Powder in the evening as it suggests but I have it in my porridge every morning (about 15g). I like to boost my porridge in this way to get some added protein and it adds a nice chocolate taste. It really isn’t overwhelming sweet.They suggest taking the protein powder in the evening due to the casein content (80% casein and 20% whey from the milk protein). Casein works while you’re asleep, stimulating muscle protein synthesis. It’s low in fat and carbs as well. Like I said, I like how subtle the chocolate taste is so it goes really nicely in my porridge (I add it to the oats before I microwave it). I’m not a huge fan of overly sweet porridge. It also makes a nice hot chocolate as well when mixed with hot water!

And as I’ve mentioned previously, I love the Go Caffeine Shots. These are going to become pre-race staples for me. I’d normally have a cup of black coffee before a race but I hate drinking too much liquid. This shot is only 60ml so is perfect, so I can still hydrate well with water.

The tropical flavour is definitely my favourite over the cola flavour though. The cola one is just a bit too sharp/sour.

Having a clear out: My drawers are currently bulging with the amount of fitness clothes and race t-shirts I own so I decided to have a clear out. I donated a load of tops from races that I wasn’t too bothered about (really old 10ks) and then separated t-shirts I wanted to keep but would no longer wear, such as marathon t-shirts.

I’ve decided at the end of the year I’ll get a blanket made up of my race tops as a nice way to keep the t-shirts and remember the race. I’ve found this website that does it. It’s expensive, which is why I’m waiting until the end of the year so I can add (HOPEFULLY) a few more shirts to it.

I’d like to do something with my bibs as well (I always save them as well as my medals) but I’m not sure what at the moment. A friend of mine put them on his wall and that looked cool, but I don’t really have the space. Maybe a big scrapbook or something.

What do you do with your race t-shirts and bibs?

Do you use any SIS products?

Do you have long running streaks or are you injury prone like me?

**Full Disclaimer: I’ve been sent the SIS products for free to test out for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

5 Replies to “Things I’m loving lately – June”

  1. I love that tshirt quilt site! I have a selection of well loved tshirts that I really am not going to wear – and which it would take rather too long for me to turn into a quilt myself. Dare I say: for the work involved, that’s really, really reasonably priced too. I shall be revisiting my tshirts for quilts and getting sorted.

    Race bibs I bin. Race shirts I’ve handed on to charity shops (particularly the ones which just don’t fit). N is having his medal/bib/photo from the majors framed locally.
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  2. After I made a note of the date/name of the race and my time, I used to keep all my race bibs in a folder. This worked really well until my mother helpfully had a mega tidying session and binned my folder full of bibs. This caused a fair amount of drama. Once I’ve scanned in each bib (sad I know) I keep all my bibs in a folder. One day I want to get a bed-sheet/towel made from the scans of my bibs. I don’t have that many race t-shirts but I tend to wear the ‘technical’ ones to run in and give the cotton ones to a friend.

    I used to use SiS gels loads but had a slightly negative experience a few years ago and have avoided SiS ever since (it’s probably a good job I wasn’t asked to review SiS products!). I am intrigued by the small caffeine shots but would be scared I’d someone become reliant on caffeine before running.

    As a fellow injury-prone runner, I’m really pleased to see you back training consistently. Fingers cross you avoid picking up any more injuries. I think my longest streak was in the lead up to the Brum half marathon last October. Since then my running has been slightly intermittent!
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  3. Glad the running is still going well!
    That race blanket is such a great idea. I tend to wear the technical tops, and any cotton ones (apart from the Brighton marathon) I have either used as decorating t-shirts, cut up for rags of given to charity shops. I have my GNR one but that’s covered in paint splatter now so it would be no good.
    I’ve seen people keep their race bibs in ring binder folders- write the date and time on the back, and then you can flip through. I don’t keep mine though.
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  4. The new series of MDWAP is so good – it definitely fulfills a much-needed British humour gap in my life right now.
    I love the idea of making a blanket from the race shirts. I usually just wear mine to the gym for a bit and then chuck them but I’ve kept a couple of “special” ones like the tshirt from the Paris Half.

  5. I’m a big fan of the SIS products as well. Although like you I don’t bother taking their supps in the evening as I really don’t think it makes any difference!

    Good to see the marathon training is still coming along nicely though.

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