Snow day

So I didn’t get to North Wales. Snow hit Southampton (and pretty much every place we would have driven through to get to North Wales) which just made it impossible to go. It was a real shame as we were looking forward to heading up there and celebrating my granddad’s 80th birthday with him. But the weather was just ridiculous.

Ben was able to quickly change his holiday into a day working from home but I wasn’t so lucky. Well, it depends on your perspective. I got to chill and do what I wanted all day whereas Ben had to be on his laptop working. It also means that I’m not off tomorrow either. Ho hum!

But back to the snow. It started snowing a little bit as I left work on Thursday night.


And then by the time we woke up in the morning on Friday there was a beautiful blanket of snow covering everything.


This was the view from our bedroom window. It became clear quite quickly we wouldn’t get to Wales Sad smile

I took Alfie out for a walk first thing and had my running gear on as I foolishly thought I could go for a run afterwards.


Alfie absolutely loved the snow. Bounding through it like a happy puppy. I quickly came to realise I wouldn’t be going running. It was just too risky to fall over and break my ankle or something similar.IMG_3478

I felt so annoyed. Not only could we not go to Wales anymore but I couldn’t do my planned run either. I was really frustrated. I know it’s silly but I hate it when my plans are ruined. It also meant I didn’t know what to do with myself at home. I couldn’t run, couldn’t chill out with Ben as he was working…So what does any normal person do? Watch TV. What does Anna do? Start a big clean of course!

I cleaned the fridge completely.


Not much in there as we didn’t expect to need much as we were away for the weekend. Perfect timing considering the snow and not being able to get to the supermarket. Confused smile


I cleaned all our cupboards out and rearranged them. OK it doesn’t look that organised but it’s better than it was. Don’t you just hate it when herbs and spices just cover the cupboard in herby/spicy dust?? (Just me?)

After my mad cleaning dash, I had a really delicious lunch of a turkey omelette with cranberry sauce on the side. So good! That’s officially all the turkey from the freezer gone no. Sad times.


At the moment with food Ben and I are having to be quite creative and thoughtful about our meals as we don’t actually have that much in! We walked to the mini Tesco’s down the road but obviously everyone else had the same plans and we couldn’t get a huge amount. Just fresh vegetables and fruit really. So we’re eating out our freezer!

Though I missed my run on Friday, I’ve been loving listening to the Marathon Talk podcast and basically immersing myself into all things running-related, like websites and magazines. I read a great post by this lovely lady that really struck a cord with me.

I’ve been dreading the longer runs that I have coming up. Not dreading, maybe just feeling quite anxious as I don’t usually run 6+ miles on a regular basis. But this post and the article Ashley mentions really honed into my head that I should make my pace a lot slower for longer runs. I think I’ve just been so concerned with maintaining a certain pace that it’s been so tough. OK I know I haven’t done any ‘proper’ long runs yet but it’s all relative I suppose as to what you call a long run. It didn’t made me feel a lot less anxious about it. I really need to stop over-thinking things and getting myself all worked up. So what if I don’t get an amazing time at the half-marathon! I need to set a stake in the ground for this one to then beat next time around anyway Winking smile

Despite the snow, Alfie still got his run in though. He ran around the garden like a crazy dog! I videoed just a segment of it. Apologies for my clearly inept videoing skills!!

Alfie in the snow


And then after his mad dash around in the snow…


Alfie was quarantined to the kitchen as he was soaked. Those big old puppy eyes no longer work on me anymore!

Right, I’m off for some lunch and maybe a cheeky episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

Have you been affected by the snow?

Do you enjoy long runs? Any tips?

15 Replies to “Snow day”

  1. I get so annoyed when plans are ruined too- I like to organise things in advance, and it just seems a waste of a weekend to be sat around at home the whole time.
    I went on a walk yesterday, and managed a short run this morning, which was OK, but I was meant to be running 10 miles this weekend so that has been put back to next weekend now.

    I think with the long runs you have to slow right down, sounds obvious but I think a lot of people run them too fast. It should be easy to maintain a proper conversation.

    1. Yep I agree about feeling you’ve wasted the weeekend, I think that’s why I suddenly needed to clean – do something useful with the time I had!
      I feel for you missing your 10 miler. It’s really annoying. I’ve been out twice now in the snow and it’s really hard. Like running on sand. I have to avoid the pavements and either run on the road (scary times when it’s so dark in the morning) or run on the grass where the freshest snow is so I don’t slip. I’ve had to change all my usual routes as well. *sighs*

  2. Aww sorry you couldn’t make it to North Wales, I needed to go to Llandudno this weekend myself to return some clothes, but have postponed the trip until next weekend which will hopefully be snow free! My dog isn’t impressed by the snow at all, it sticks to him in clumps!

    1. We’re just going to have to go to Wales another weekend in the future now, so annoying. Aww I guess some dogs love and some really hate it. I saw a pug outside the other day and it really wasn’t impressed.

  3. I love newly organized ANYTHING (even if it just looks organized to me). Tomorrow I plan to clean out my fridge…lots of stuff lurking in there that needs tossed!

    We were supposed to get a lot of snow today but hasn’t happened yet!Heard it’s getting REALLY cold too. Ug. summer!! Where are you!?

    1. It is so satisfying to clean your fridge. Every time I go in there I just see a gleaming lovely fridge and I feel happy. Sad really I suppose!
      Ohh no I don’t want it to get any colder, it’s cold enough!!!

  4. Oh goodness, those big black puppy eyes would most certainly work on me! Alfie is such a cutie! His snow dashing reminds me of my old dog, Lucy—a terrier with a ferocious personality, who would race around like that for 30 minutes + without stopping!

    I’m so sorry you weren’t able to make it to Wales—what a bummer! On the bright side, you accomplished something that most of us dread–cleaning. :-p An unexpected day off to sort through my refrigerator and cabinets is much needed over here.

    Hang in there with those runs! As your body adapts to the longer distances, they’ll become much easier. 🙂 xoxo <3

    1. The eyes used to work on me but now I am immune haha. Aww Lucy sounds adorable. Alfie has mad 5-10 mins where he runs around and the he collapses in a heap for hours on end.
      Yeah it was a shame about Wales but yes on the bright side I have a lovely organised and clean kitchen! Always satisfying when I do a good clean 🙂

  5. I’m just the same, I like my routine and hate when my plans get messed up. I was a bit thrown not being able to get to the gym this morning but I made do with a home workout instead 🙂 I cleared some of my cupboards yesterday, I had lots of old oils and vinegars that needed chucking!

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