My goals for the London Marathon

Well, I tell you what if it wasn’t for social media I think I would have just completely forgotten that it’s the London Marathon in a few days. Ha! On a serious note though, it’s so nice to see so many people doing it. So many from my club, so many people I’m friends with on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… just lots of friendly faces. Well, let’s be honest, most people running it are likely to be super friendly because they’re runners 😉I guess this should be the post where I say what my goals are for running the London Marathon. Hmmm. Survive uninjured. No change from usual I guess! I hope to get around 3:45 but under that would be nice. It really depends on the weather, the crowds and how I feel. The Tokyo Marathon gave me the confidence to know I can run around 8 minute/miles without a huge amount of solid training… but then I was fresher and hadn’t run a marathon a couple of months previously.

It’s all a guessing game with a marathon. Nothing is set in stone. There are SO many external factors along with the internal factors. It’s such a long, long way… you only have to look at a whole host of marathon mile splits on Strava to see people doing absolutely fine, running nice and consistently, to then suddenly gain an extra minute + per mile after half-way or 16 miles or whatever. ANYTHING can happen. Nutrition issues, an injury, a niggle, a mental burp, exhaustion due to bad race strategy, pacing or just plain old fitness.Basically, my first and foremost marathon mantra for anyone and everyone is: RESPECT THE MARATHON. Otherwise it will eat you up and spit you out. You could argue that my not-so-great training and clustering of marathons isn’t quite respecting the marathon…but I’m aware of this and aware of my capabilities. I’m not going to take off at the start like a loony. I mean, I imagine I won’t be able to anyway as it’ll be so busy but in an ideal world I have a list of paces I want to target (i.e. not go faster than) for the first 10 miles, the second 10 miles and then the final 10k will be “see how you feel” as to whether I step it up (unless I’m crawling at that point…).

So, even though I’m not entirely “marathon ready”, I do have a sensible plan and some realistic goals:

  • Remain uninjured
  • Have fun (“fun” is questionable here of course, but fun relative to, say, getting impaled on a big stick and/or getting fired and becoming destitute)
  • See someone famous (ideally I’d love to see Adele from the Early Morning Breakfast show on BBC Radio1, she literally makes my 5.30am gym visits bearable and she’s running London as her first marathon)
  • Time of 3:45(ish)
  • If that fails, sub-4.

So there we go. I won’t lie. I mostly want to meet someone famous 😉 I’ll be THAT annoying person wanting a selfie…I just can’t work out if I’d have the guts to do it while running. Maybe sneakily…

Tomorrow I’m off to London with my mum. I managed to convince her to join me going to the London Marathon Expo to collect my bib by postponing Mother’s Day celebrations until then. After a morning Expo visit I’m treating her to lunch at Jamie’s 15.

Then it gets a bit mad as my mum goes back home on the train while I meet a friend to go with her on the train to Brighton. I’ll spend the day in Brighton with her on the Saturday, to then get the train back to my parent’s house that afternoon. Then I’ll be coaching it up to London stupidly early with my dad on Sunday morning with some other local runners. Wahay I must be mad!!

Huge good luck to everyone running London, or Southampton (10k/half/marathon) and everything else going on!

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  1. Big good luck! The London Marathon is so fun, the crowd are amazing. I have seen a few famous people over the years but when spectating not running (although I may just not have noticed).

  2. I love your goal of seeing someone famous! I don’t think I would recognise half the people anyway- I normally watch a bit on TV and half the people they stop I have no idea of who they are! Although I know from MT that Martin Yelling is running it (although you have met him at run camp I suppose…).
    Are there out and back bits so you can see the elites?
    Anyway, have a fab time- the weather is meant to be a bit cooler I think, so it should be fairly enjoyable if you are not pelting it around.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…A lovely week in the north- part 1My Profile

  3. I’ve overtaken Iwan Thomas TWICE at literally the same point two years at London. One year he had Jenni Falconer with him, the next year was Sophie Raworth. The green GFA start is where all the celebs start so I’m sure you will spot some… Best of luck and enjoy it 🙂
    Katie @ TheseGirlsDo recently posted…Planning your race calendarMy Profile

  4. Good luck on Sunday. There are usually loads of celebs in the green start. Although I probably wouldn’t recognise most of them, I’d be trying to get sneaky selfies while loitering around outside the celebrity pen. In 2008? I was running next to a retired Olympic swimmer for the final mile or so. I had genuinely had no idea until I saw the finish line footage. I hope all your train and coach journeys are stress free and can’t wait to read about your London Marathon experience 🙂

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