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  1. N’s sister lives in Dubai: we’ve failed to visit and the marathon course hasn’t made it any more likely that we will (maybe for the Grand Prix).

    My next aim is Marlow/Maidenhead half on Sunday. Another pootle round (I really am slow at present) and hopefully the last one before IVF. If it’s not – then Wimbledon half the following weekend. Gah. Why are periods so unpredictable?

    I find Reading Half fairly boring, particularly the last straight. There were also some very dull moments in Manchester Marathon (but a good, flat course). Tallinn was flat but pretty as mostly alongside the harbour. I may have been less interested if I’d done the full marathon (two loops). And, the first Chocoathon I did was less than stellar on the prettiness front (and very, very windy).

    1. Good luck with the half. Hope it goes well – doesn’t matter about speed! You’re in a different place right now.
      Yes the Reading Half is so dull isn’t it? Like, here’s a dual carriage way!

  2. That course literally looks like my worst nightmare! I think the dullest race I’ve ever done was Manchester marathon, I remember being bored out of my mind, didn’t help that I was injured too (or that the course was actually short 😐 ). I’ve got a lot of races lined up next year, so I’m taking a few easy months of running until training really kicks in.
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  3. The Dubai marathon will definitely be an amazing experience. And I admire you for continuing to register for that half marathon that’s close to you and finally gain revenge on it. The fact that you ran so quickly at the Bournemouth marathon without much speed training means that you probably only have to add a little to see significant gains in your marathon goal time. Excited to follow along the journey!
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  4. That does look a bit tough, but I suppose you’ll have the people on the other side of the road to watch- I quite like that (although I don’t like running up a hill and seeing others already running down it!). And I think there might be a Cheesecake Factory in Dubai? Andy’s brother went there-it really doesn’t appeal at all to me, as it seems to be mainly shopping malls and water parks, plus you can be arrested if you stay in a hotel room with someone and are not married (and stuff like it’s illegal to hold hands in public- something to easily forget)- there’s been stuff on the radio lately about people being arrested and their passports being taken away. Lots of families seem to go there and it’s marketed as a bit like Vegas so I am sure it will be interesting- hopefully not too hot for you.
    Taking a break sounds very sensible- you’ve got loads of time and you’ve been running longer runs for a while so you won’t need a really long build up.
    I was trying to do less races this year- I’ve got a half at the end of November and will probably do a local 5 mile in December. I’ve got one half in March (Cambridge- I got the place after marshaling last year) and then will hopefully sign up to the Lee Valley half (the one I did with my dad) as now, because the Brighton half was short, in the back of my mind I feel like I need to do another sub 2 hour- both of those are flat courses so I will be possibly aiming for that again in the spring, but we shall see how I feel.
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    1. It’s funny because it was the Cheesecake Factory that swayed me! I’ve never seen the appeal of Dubai (or Vegas really) but thought it would be one to tick off as an experience. It’s relatively cheap to get to and I won’t be there long so it’s more just to see what it’s like really.
      You definitely can do another sub 2 hour!

  5. My friends did Ironman 70.3 in Dubai this January. They loved it. I think the run route was very similar to the marathon, and they said the surface along the seafront there is very springy, almost like a track/trampoline so it makes for easy running. Although there is no shade, so it’s quite tough in the sun. Not one for me, I’m useless in the heat!

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