Goals and future races

I’m currently puttering around with my running not really doing much in the way of actual training (though some could easily argue this is no different to normal anyway..). What I mean though is I haven’t mentioned any upcoming races or goals.

Obviously I’m still aiming for the six World Marathon Majors (just Chicago and New York left). This is an ongoing goal and realistically won’t be completed that soon sadly. Though the temptation to book onto a tour company and do New York this year heavily pressed on my mind, I’ve decided to be sensible.

As a side note, in general, I’m quite good with managing my money. I keep an eye on it using my “Money Master Spreadsheet” (basically Excel) which keeps track of all my bills, monthly expenditures and general spending. I don’t tend to randomly buy things or go outside my means (random legging purchases aside). Credit cards are paid off at the end of the month (hello extra Tesco points using my Tesco credit card!) and life is quite easy for me, not having any children or crazy overheads. I know that I’m currently very fortunate.

However, where I tend to be a bit more “laissez faire” is when it comes to holidays. Memories and experiences are always something I’m happy to spend money on. However, as tempting as doing New York this year would be, it’s not entirely sensible in the great scheme of things.

There’s no rush for me to complete the Majors within a certain time period and though I look longingly at people on social media who have achieved that incredible Six Star medal I need to remember my time will come and I don’t need to do everything IMMEDIATELY.

So the New York Marathon is likely to be next year. Or the Chicago Marathon (they’re a month apart). It depends where I’m at in life and money. Either way the intention is to be getting my medal in 2019 (hopefully). So, no rush indeed!

Though obviously I still love marathons and always like to have one coming up… so the plan for this year is to do the New Forest Marathon, September 10th.But I’ll be running it with my friend, Mike, who’s aim is to get a sub-4. He’s missed out twice sadly. By rights he really should get a sub-4 but for whatever reason it never translated on race day. So I’m hoping I can help him out and help pace him to that target.

Obviously a marathon is still tough, whatever time you do it in, so there are no guarantees (well, there are no guarantees I’ll even make it to race day with my track record but wishful thinking and all that). But the intention is to run it with him and help him get there by keeping his pace in check and chatting to him on the way round.To add a little bit more complication to it, the New Forest Marathon is somewhat undulating. But, on the plus side, a lot of our club will be there as it’s where our club championships will be happening. The whole weekend is full of different race distances so hopefully a good crowd will be there to support and cheer.

And if this goes well… I’ve also signed up to do the Bournemouth Marathon a mere four weeks later. The idea for this (blue sky thinking here) is that I will be able to pace Mike to his sub-4 for New Forest and then run Bournemouth however I fancy.

I feel like I have unfinished business after getting injured during this marathon a couple of years ago. So another decent shot at it would put some demons to bed. Bournemouth is relatively flat so attempting a ‘good’ time might be on the cards, though I’d just like to get through that finish line actually running this time!

That said, this is me we’re talking about. I’m probably biting off more than I can chew so what actually happens in the autumn is anyone’s guess. But the intention for now is that I’ll be training for the New Forest Marathon to run with Mike and then judge how I feel afterwards about Bournemouth.

So that’s the plan. I’ll start marathon training proper in June I think but I’m already hovering around 10-11 miles for my weekend long run so I’ll probably keep around 10-13 miles for a bit and then begin to build them up towards the end of June. But it’s all very relaxed right now. Hey, I might even get on that speed training wagon at some point!

Until those marathons, I have a couple of 10ks *shudders*. I really wanted to do the 5 miles Beer Race I’ve done three times before but I was too slow in signing up. So instead I’ve signed up to the 10k D-Day race in Portsmouth at the beginning of June. I’ve done it before…I didn’t enjoy it because it’s quite a boring course but it’s super flat so might be a good place to get a good speed session in and see where my fitness is at. And then in July I have another 10k (the Newham Great Run). For someone who vowed not to do more than one 10k a year, I seem to be doing a few of them!!

What races do you have planned?

Do you have any unfinished business with any races?

Have you ever paced someone at a marathon?

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  1. We’re Tesco credit card lovers too. We’ve had so many free hotel stays over the years and meals out using the points we’ve gained. Definitely worth whacking the shopping on the credit card each time.
    I love how addicted to marathons you’ve become now! Although, HOW is Bournemouth already two years ago? That time has gone by insanely fast!
    My current unfinished business is with Mablethorpe marathon. It was where I first properly aimed for a sub 5hour time, and I ran it three times before achieving my sub 5 elsewhere. I clocked a 5:11, 5:07 and a 5:02! So frustrating! I plan on training slightly differently this year though so fingers crossed I take my PB down further when it rolls round in October.
    Good luck for Mike at New Forest. I like that he’s chosen a challenging course for his PB attempt!
    Mary recently posted…The East Midlands Grand PrixMy Profile

  2. I also have a spreadsheet where I track my spending and also only really splurge on holidays/running trips. I would like to do Chicago marathon again – it was my first marathon and back in 2014 I didn’t have the motivation and knowledge that I have now in terms of how my body handles marathons. I have more confidence that I can get a better time there.
    I’ve only just started planning the second half of this year – Nothing officially booked, but I’m looking firmly at Warsaw marathon in September as a tester and Valencia marathon in November as my A-race.

  3. Pacing someone is so great- I bet he will really appreciate it.
    The spending tracking sounds good- I pay off all bills and credit cards each month (it’s all direct debits so I don’t need to actually check)- and then I manually transfer money to savings. I do think I need to take a bit more notice though as I would like to save a bit more for house things and holidays. Holidays are the best things to spend money on though- experiences are much better than things.
    I have a few races coming up- the London 10 mile next weekend, a local 10k and a local 5 mile race, but those are for fun and not for time really. I think I am doing the Brighton 10 miles in the autumn too, who knows.
    I had unfinished business with the marathon as I wanted to go sub 5 in my first attempt. Now it’s that bloomin’ sub 2 hour half- grr to Brighton being short! I might aim for that next year- we shall see.
    Maria @ Maria runs recently posted…Half term is nearly here and some random photosMy Profile

  4. I’m very similar to you in that I spend the majority of my disposal income on experiences. Traveling, racing, etc. I’m much less of a “things” person. It sounds like you have a nice fall schedule lined up! It will be awesome for you to do NYC and Chicago. I prefer Chicago because the logistics of NYC are quite difficult.
    Elizabeth C. recently posted…Riding the PR Train, Eating PR CakeMy Profile

  5. Ohhhh spreadsheets! I love Excel and have currently got weight, eBay sales, online shopping, other shopping, job applications and blogging spreadsheets.
    I’ve got unfinished business with the Great Birmingham Run and got my entry in earlier this week. I’m the type of runner who needs goals.
    As for pacing someone in a race, I’m unable to pace myself so it would be a disaster area!
    Emma recently posted…Rants and raves #14My Profile

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