A few reflections – and I’m strangely OK!

So my marathon didn’t go how I wanted it to, obviously. And still a few days later I’m paying the price.

It’s very similar to what I had last year with my IT band – except the other leg. It’s funny because I re-read an old post of the fateful last run before I took time off around Christmas and it was almost identical to what happened in the marathon (so handy having these blog posts to refer to!). That took me around 4-6 weeks to come back to running. My expectations are firmly set. I’d rather think worst case then I can be pleasantly surprised if it’s not that bad.

Am I about to fall into a well of despair and go all dark and shady on you? No. I’m surprisingly OK about the whole thing. Oh yeah it fully sucks, don’t get me wrong. I’d love to be moaning about a few post-marathon aches and debating when my first run will be, instead of limping along pathetically feeling pain walking up and down stairs. But getting upset about it won’t solve anything and I’ve achieved so much this year that it would be almost greedy to want more and more. I’m an injury-prone runner, this is something that is bound to keep happening to me not matter how many squats and deadlifts I do.

I knew I was needing a break from running anyway as I was drawing close to the marathon. Running was feeling harder and I was feeling tired. I think I’ve done a lot recently and this injury has come at the best time (if ever there is a good time to have an injury!). I’d have liked to have voluntarily taken a break, obviously, but hey ho!

That said, I have wondered what exactly what went wrong at the marathon. I have literally had no knee pain at all this year. My IT band hasn’t felt uncomfortable or twingey. My runs before the marathon felt fine. I was more concerned about my shin than anything (which by the way, is absolutely fine!). I’d stopped foam rolling and stretching as religiously as I used to and I know my quads (and probably my IT bands I suppose) were tightish so that might not have helped.

I think the main reason could be the trainers I wore. With the house moving chaos my trainers have gotten all mixed up. The day before the marathon I was debating which to wear. My new ASICS have been great during training but I wondered how they’d fair in a full marathon. I knew (from Strava – very handy) that I wore my Mizunos for the Cheddar Gorge marathon and they felt fine so I thought I’d go for them. Unfortunately I have two pairs of identical Mizunos (whhhhhy don’t I just get rid of old trainers?!) and mistakenly picked up the old ones that I’d retired. It’s funny because I remember looking at them in Bournemouth and realising they were a lot cleaner than the ones that had run Cheddar Gorge…bugger. This is the only thing I can think of. I’m a runner who needs support in their trainers and my old Mizunos are definitely past their best.

I’m seeing my physio Friday (ahh, haven’t seen him in a while!) and I’m expecting him to say no running for at least two weeks, and then reassess. Icing has been my friend (I wish I was talking about the cake variety…).

Icing knee in car

Monday morning I used my commute well – and my Hello Fresh ice packs! (An idea I got from Mary).

Speaking of icing, I forgot to mention in my recap about how after the marathon a few of us trundled into the see in just our socks. It was freeeeeezing, but it was good fun and fantastic after such a long run (plus walk!). Though a wave did splash against me, causing me to get a wet bum. Nice. I wish I’d gotten a photo but, like I said, my phone was dead.

Anyway, for the moment I’m feeling like a rest is a good idea. This week I’m doing nothing, even the gym (not that I could do anything other than upper body and core right now). Getting good nutrition and a good night sleep each night are my priority.


The latest Marathon Talk podcast with the interview with Dr. Kirk Parsley about the importance of sleep has only further highlighted that the best thing I can do right now is make sure I get a good night sleep to help with the recovery process. Getting up at 5am to hobble round the gym is not going to help!

My only one annoyance is parkrun. I was doing so well to go so consistently and I’m second on the female points table. *Sighs* but I’m not going to risk anything. I’ll volunteer this week and be a bit grumpy 😉

What are your priorities when you’re injured? Nutrition? Sleep? Cross-training?

How much sleep do you get each night?

How much sleep do think is best for you?

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  1. I think I’m going to stop trying to eke out the last pair of trainers (400+ miles, been wearing them for some shorter runs). Chaos will ensue. And possibly tears: which no-one wants. I’m terrible at throwing trainers away too. Because they’re just so expensive! Plus – I always feel inadequate that I can’t make them last a thousand miles without risking injury.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Ice is great!
    Jane recently posted…Not quite back in the grooveMy Profile

    1. I know, trainers are ridiculous. And for all intents and purposes they look perfectly wearable even when you’ve gone past a certain mileage. I’m so injury-prone though that I really do need to be careful and not take risks. I’m sure for people who aren’t injury-prone it’s fine.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #21My Profile

  2. Im sorry that you are in pain, but it really sounds like youve got a great attitude about the situation! I know I tend to be super disapppointed and get down on myself when I injure myself, which doesnt help at all! Sometimes you’ve just gotta stay positive and work through it!
    Kat recently posted…Lightened-Up Caramel Cream Cheese DipMy Profile

  3. It’s bizarre that we’ve actually injured the same leg in exactly the same place :/ Once my hamstrings settled down there was only a sharp pain and ache in the left knee remaining. It’s mostly on the outside but sometimes moves to the front and even the inside…it’s so weird. I probably keep on trying to run on it too soon…if it was going to let me race, I wouldn’t want to know about it in the middle of the proceedings though. I wouldn’t be able to keep my cool and be as composed as you. Unless I can somehow get a last minute cortisone shot the race is off for me.

    You’re definitely doing the right thing. I’m always being told just how vital sleep is to recovering from injuries, but the trouble is that when I’m injured I’m far too depressed and anxious to sleep. My sleep patterns are so inconsistent though…I’ll go days being awake through the night and then suddenly crash and need 8 or 9 hours straight in the middle of the day. It’s ridiculous.

    I’m sure with your sensible approach your knee will feel better soon. Everything crossed for you.
    Jess recently posted…Redcar Half Marathon 2015 ~ 1:36:35My Profile

    1. Ahh sorry about your knee. It majorly sucks! Yeah I fully take your point that injuries can cause sleepless nights with worrying and stressing about them. I’ve just got in my mind six weeks and anything less than that is a bonus…as much as it annoys the hell out of me. I’d like to get back to spin at some point if I still can’t run by next week just to get those endorphins again but otherwise I’m OK (well less sad than I would normally be!).
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #21My Profile

  4. Glad you are feeling upbeat about it, well, not too much despair anyway. Fingers crossed that it won’t be quite as long as last time, and at least you will come back raring to go- I do think a break is a good thing at times (which is why I usually don’t run on holiday as I think a break is good every now and then).
    Love the idea of going in the sea! A bonus of the location!
    I do not get enough sleep, but then there are not enough hours in the day. Although we went to the cinema on Monday evening, when I got back I worked until 10, then on Tuesday I did a run, and then worked until 10, last night I skipped my run because I felt so tired and headachey, had a walk instead and then worked until about 9.45- having to be in work by 8 just means there is not quite enough time in between for the right amount of sleep. I look forward to listening to the interview (I am 2 weeks behind so have 2 parts to go), although I am not sure quite how to get it right at this point.
    Good idea with the ice pack!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…(Don’t) give me gin and tonic- Supersonic 10K recap!My Profile

    1. I honestly don’t know how you teachers do it. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a teacher at all! You guys are awesome.
      I agree about taking a break. I suppose on holiday that would be a good idea but I love running in new places and different countries…so I guess a break during some crappy weather in the UK is probably good enough for me hehe.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #21My Profile

  5. Hi Mrs Apple
    That’s a great review of Bournemouth Marathon-thanks.
    It was more hilly than I was expecting! I had read up(well looked at the picture) on the course profile beforehand but the slopes and turns eventually took their toll on me.
    Sorry to hear about the IT band issues you have, keep positive, you’ll be stronger for it.
    Your review reminds me of my own performance, wrong trainers, good start and all going to plan mid way. I even passed the finish line as Kiprono went through (though I was going the wrong way to him….!).
    I saw you and your friends somewhere along the beach bit heading off towards the sun..20-23?? meant to say Hello but my mind had gone by that point and was muttering gibberish to myself…. also I was trying to catch up with the young lad who is running 401 marathons in 401 days!!!
    I’m booked into Venice Marathon on 25th Oct with my Wife and Son so onwards and upwards.
    Priorities when injured/ Nutrition/ Sleep/ Cross-training- for me its nutrition and having to constantly remind myself not to over do it too soon into recovery. More sleep would be great.. Cross training in the form of cycling.
    All the very best,

    1. Hello 🙂 I k new about the two worst hills beforehand as so many of my club had done the marathon the year before, but they were still steeper than I thought!
      Are you doing the Venice marathon this month or next year? Sounds amazing and I hope it goes well for you. What a destination as well!
      I’ll be getting on with some spinning at some point if I can’t run any time soon, that always helps me stay focused. I have a love-hate relationship with it though!
      Good luck for your next race 🙂
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #21My Profile

  6. I seriously believe that Hello Fresh ice packs were made with injured runners in mind! They are perfect for moulding around an injured limb!
    I do think the miles in trainers feature on Strava is a really good idea. That said, I know I’m pushing it with some of my trainers now and they could do with getting replaced… :S
    Mary recently posted…My running storyMy Profile

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