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Hi guys, I thought I’d do something a bit different today. I was inspired by Chelsea’s post that was inspired from Caitlyn’s post about a ‘Day in the Life’. I love reading these – I find it fascinating what other people get up to around the world and so wanted to give it a bash! Forgive me if it’s dull, I’m not hugely interesting Winking smile

So this is a typical Monday:

5.40am: alarm goes off. I blearily look around confused. Surely I just went to bed?? Then Alfie jumps on me to wake me up with a lovely slobbery kiss (Alfie is our dog, not my husband. That would be strange).


5.41-5.50am: get out of bed, pee (too much? Sorry), put on running clothes, head downstairs with Alfie who is jumping off the walls ready for his walk. Put Alfie’s lead on and leave the house.

5.50-6am: walk Alfie. The whole time wishing I was still in bed and not about to go running. Usually I’m a zombie walking down the road. If Alfie sees a cat he lunges after it and this seriously wakes me up .


6-6.05am: put Alfie in kitchen on a towel to dry his paws. Basically I’ve left a towel by the door so when he walks in he walks onto the towel then I drag the towel, with Alfie on it, into the kitchen. He loves it, until he realises he’s trapped.


Then I go running.

Running gear autumn

It’s usually between 5-6miles on a Monday. The first mile I hate it. Then I get into it. Unless it’s windy. Then I pretty much hate it ALL.

6.50am: get back and feel really good after the run (though sweaty & tired), let Alfie out, sweep the floor as I’m obsessed. Also this prolongs the time before the shower so I can cool down a bit.

6.55am: head upstairs, let Alfie into the bedroom again. Alfie immediately jumps on the sleeping Ben. I half-heartedly tell him to “lie down” (whilst secretly smiling to myself that Ben has been woken up haha – I am evil). Ben confusedly asks if I’m just about to go running or if I’m back. *sighs*

7am: shower. I love showering – is that weird? I like a really hot shower and could stay in there all day.

7.10-7.30: ponder what to wear and complain of my lack of outfits. Get dressed, comb my hair (this is a beast of a task) and then dry hair (this is the worst part of my morning). Sometimes Alfie stands next to me and enjoys the heat from the hair dryer that gets blown his way. He goes crazy for it. I then straighten my hair. Put contact lenses in and then spray perfume on.


7.30-7.45am: make lunch and get snacks ready for the day if I haven’t done it the night before.

Lunch packed

7.45am: make breakfast.


7.50am: eat breakfast. Best time of the morning. I sit and read my Kindle while enjoying my lovely plain oatmeal. Ben is usually up and dressed by this point and says goodbye. We’ve managed to avoid each other successfully in the morning as I’m not an engaging person to chat to pre-breakfast. If he’s super upbeat I tend to become even more moody.

I wash my stuff up and tidy the place up a bit.

8am: leave for work.

8.01-9am: curse my stupidly long commute whilst listening to the news. Sit in traffic and watch people do lovely things like pick their nose, do their make-up or sing to music. Hilarious.

9-10.30am: work, work, work, and then coffee time.


10.31-12.30: work, work ,work.

12.30pm: have lunch. Best time of working day Winking smile Read blogs and glare at anyone who interrupts me. Sometimes I might walk to the nearby Tesco to get some bananas or random stuff I need. I also write my blog posts.

4pm: apple and banana time. Almost home-time.

A and b

5pm: start thinking about home-time. Email Ben to find out when he’s getting home. Both of us have fairly flexible working hours so it varies from day to day.

5.30-6pm: leave around this time.

6.01pm: curse my commute. Listen to music on the way home or the news. Depends where my brain’s at.

6.30-7pm: depends how bad the traffic is to when I will get home. Usually it’s 6.30pm. On o good day Ben is back before me and has taken Alfie for a walk. On a bad day, I’m back before Ben and I have to take him for his walk.

It sounds like I’m complaining and moaning, but it’s easier if Ben’s walked Alfie as I can straight away get on with dinner.

OK, that’s a lie. I straight away get into comfy clothes.


Then I start dinner.

7-7.30pm: After pretty much cooking dinner I give Ben the ‘5 minute warning’ which tells him he needs to stop watching TV/playing on the Xbox and set the table, get the drinks ready (water for me, Coke for him) and be prepared for dinner. Sometimes he’s already done this when I get home. He’s lovely Smile

Most of the time with dinner I’ll read my Kindle and Ben will watch Family Guy/American Dad or some sci-fi series (he loves sci-fi – a few weeks ago it was Roswell). I’m usually distracted if Family Guy is on. It’s too funny to not watch. I love Brian.

8pm: dinner is finished and washing up done. We have our puddings on the couch (yogurt & cheese string for Ben, chopped apple for me). He loves to leave his pudding paraphernalia on the coffee table to annoy me. He leaves there until he goes to bed. I glare at it every time I walk past it.

8.10-850: This is the time of the evening I love. I sit with the Ipad reading the Daily Mail (OK, looking at the pretty pictures, not reading the drivel) and more blogs while Ben watches TV/plays Xbox,


I usually have Snack a Jacks and a hot chocolate as a snack. Then probably some chocolate.


Only two or three squares, but it’s heaven.

8.51pm: make my way upstairs to bed. Spend an annoying amount of time plucking my eyebrows (otherwise they’re like hair caterpillars across my forehead).

9pm: get into bed and read my Kindle. Perfect de-stressor before bed.

9.30pm: usually fall asleep. Embarrassingly early I know. Sometimes I manage to stay up until 10pm. Not often…

Ben comes to bed anytime from 9pm to midnight. If it’s later than me it usually scares the hell out of me every single time. Apparently I bolt upright in bed in shock even though he’s as quiet as a ninja coming to bed. I can’t remember this but he’s filmed me doing it once and it is WEIRD.


And that’s it! Nothing exciting and I’m sorry if you read through that I felt like you’ve wasted minutes of your life Winking smile But I love reading other people’s days!

If you want to get involved, link up at Caitlyn’s post! It’s quite fun to write 🙂

What’s your favourite time of the day?

What’s the most annoying thing you have to do on a daily basis?

And most importantly, gave a great weekend!

20 Replies to “A Day in the Life of…”

  1. Ha, Mr PoP does the same thing with leaving things lying around unecessarily – he’s done so well adapting to my tidy OCD, but sometimes he fails miserably and it really bugs me (and we don’t even live together!). I can’t believe how early you get up, I’m arguing with myself about establishing a 6.30am routine – 5.40am is just madness! 🙂

    1. Haha men and their untidy habits, eh!
      I only get up that early one day a week. I used to do it more often but life just became too painful haha. It’s all about balance!

  2. Yayyyy I LOVE that you did this too 🙂 This just makes me realize how similar our days are…except for probably the commute part.
    1. When I used to run in the mornings Fabio would ALWAYS ask me if I was about to run or had just gotten back. Haha!
    2. We watch Family Guy during dinner too. Brian and Stewey are the best.
    3. Fabio has a string cheese for his “dessert” too!! Like Ben, he leaves the wrapper behind every. single. night. ON THE COFFEE TABLE. Sometimes next to his socks. Ew.
    5. Also Fabio stays up until like midnight too- just watching baseball or something.
    Literally, I think we are dating (for me)/married to (for you) the same person. Haha!

  3. Love reading about your day!

    I actually think it’s totally refreshing to hear about someone who goes to bed early. I can’t relate with night owls AT ALL. Where is the fun in staying up so late?!

  4. You totally win the dog mom of the year award! I’m so inspired by the fact that you walk Alfie *before* you run (and after work, too!–he’s a lucky boy!). I beg you to share some of that morning energy with me?? :-p Oh, and those towel rides must be a thrilling way for him to start his day. 😉

    Even though I don’t like crawling out of bed early in the morning (but who does?!), I still try to be up by 7:30 or 8:00 because my favorite hours of the day are between 8:00 and 10:00am. I love sipping my coffee, listening to the news, and making breakfast. Everything about the day still seems fresh, exciting and hopeful during those hours! 😉

    I love that you and Ben do your own things during meal times. It sounds strange, but I actually prefer to be engaged with my computer or the TV while I eat, too. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out for a meal with friends, and chatting the night away, but when I’m home, I prefer to not be bothered. I enjoy my food more!

    (Sidenote: can you believe I’ve never watched Family Guy? I know….)

    There’s no doubt that Lindt is the best way to end the day! I always have dark chocolate with sea salt before bed, alongside casein or egg whites and peanut butter. I look forward to nighttime routine all day—it’s so yummy. 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Anna! <3 xoxoxo

    1. Walking Alfie is my warm up in the morning hehe.
      I totally agree about morning being the best time in the day. You’ve got the whole day in front of you 🙂
      Nothing beats dark chocolate before bed. Such a good note to hit the sack with! 🙂

  5. ..”Read blogs and glare at anyone who interrupts me.” Ha Ha! This part cracked me up! Such a fun post to read. Loved getting a little look into your everyday life.

    My favorite part of the day is when Joshua gets home from work. It gets lonely without him throughout the day, and no matter what mood I’m in; happy, sad, grumpy, he always makes the end of my day perfect.

  6. Love this!! I love getting a peek into other peoples day 🙂 Alfie reminds me of my pup Opie. She literally jumps up as soon as I move in the morning like she’s impatiently waiting for something. She kisses my hand first then moves on to full attack mode of the face.

  7. I always change into my comfy clothes when I get in as well! Oh I remember the days of getting up early for runs! Given the time you get up I think 9.30 is a pretty good bedtime. My favourite time of the day is always the morning, I love waking up before James and the flat being quiet on a weekend 🙂

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