What makes you happy?

Hi guys, hope the week has treated you well. I thought I’d be a little reflective in today’s post. I read something online during the week that really got my brain ticking. It was this article from the BBC news website:

Can we make ourselves happier?

Everyone wants to be happy in life. I think when people make goals and plans, whether that’s to save up for a new outfit, run a significant race, or progress in your career, it’s ultimately to be happy. Unless you have some pretty altruistic goals, that tends to be the case I think.

In the article, for example, apparently you’re happier if:

  • You’re in a long-term relationship
  • Go out to dinner (that’s my kinda happiness right there Winking smile)
  • Lead an active life
  • Actively engage in politics (I listen to the news does that count??)… and so on.

So this got me thinking: what makes me happy?

Well, I guess it comes as no surprise that my husband is on the top of the list.


Marrying him was the best thing I ever did.

Page 12 copy

Oh sure he annoys the hell out of me quite frequently (man-related bathroom paraphernalia not put away, ringing me panicked and confused when I ask him to put the washing on if he gets home before me from work despite the fact I have told him a million times how to do it Winking smile) and I’m 100% certain I annoy the hell out of him too (apparently I malt like a yeti…). But we’re stronger every day because of our trials and tribulations.

Sorry, mush over.

I would also say that a strong contender for increasing happiness (that I didn’t see mentioned in the article) is having a pet. Specifically, having a dog. Cat-lovers don’t hate me – I have limited experience with cats…but we’ve always had a dog. When I was living at home my parents had dogs (and still do) and now Ben and me have our own pooch, Alfie.


He’s part of our little family and our home would be empty without him. His little quirks which drive me mad (eating kibble on the LIVING ROOM FLOOR, thus crumbing everywhere) only make me love him more.

And obvious family (and friends) in general:Family

They’ll do Winking smile

And it will come as no surprise that I love running and it makes me incredibly happy.

DDay Photo

When I couldn’t run properly for a couple of weeks it made me the grumpiest person known to man. And my husband (and family) were getting pretty fed up of me. I called it my Running Depression.

But we’re through that. I’m past it. I’m a new woman. A more-cautious-terrified-of-any-niggle woman, but it’s all good. Though honestly, I don’t even want to admit how many races I’ve got coming up. It’s become a problem. But I’m hoping they’re staggered sufficiently to avoid any over-training/injuries.

Food. BIG contender for making me happy. Cooking healthy, hearty meals:

Healthy food 2

And enjoying not-so-healthy, but equally enjoyable food:


That was the day is ate three and a half puddings. It was a great day.

Food for heart and soul is essential for happiness. It’s all about balance.

And though there are hundreds of things I could write that make me happy, the last thing I will note is reading.


Going to bed with a good book is the best way to end a day in my opinion. I may sound like an old granny, but I really relax when I lose myself in a book Currently I’m absolutely gripped by Ken Follet’s Winter of the World. It’s a good’un.

Just one simple question today: what makes you happy?

6 Replies to “What makes you happy?”

  1. Great post, Anna.

    You looked beautiful on your wedding day.

    Your doggy is so cute. I miss having a pet.

    This line especially made me smile and laugh: “That was the day is ate three and a half puddings. It was a great day.” I can imagine it was a great day! 😀

    Some of the things that make me happy – my man, writing, horse riding, my family and friends, tea, my uni girls, food (obvs!), cake, movie days, bed days, walking, chocolate, dancing like no one is watching, cooking and baking.

  2. What a lovely post 🙂
    I agree friends and family make me happy, and getting outdoors makes me happy. I agree I love reading and running and listening to music or the radio, pottering in the kitchen or garden… lots of things! Oh, and holidays! 🙂

  3. Such a great post! I’ve just been writing one about feeding your spirit which is kind of like doing things that make you happy 🙂 James, my mam and dad, sis, nephews best friends etc all make me so happy, my job, doing the blog and Heath coaching as well. Hula hooping and yoga and the gym, and food of course! Oh and shopping and coffee, blimey I could go on and on 🙂

    1. Your posts are always filled with so much positive energy (without sounding all hippy there). Even when you have a moan (which is quite rare) it still has a positive spin 🙂

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