The little things

Hello Friday! Wow where did this week go? It went crazily fast. Not that I’m complaining.

I thought I’d do a post on some random thoughts and occurrences of late. It’s the little things in life that keep things interesting!

1. It’s a well known fact that cake on a Friday doesn’t count (FYI this was last Friday’s cake – I didn’t eat cake that went off yesterday. Would I refuse a one-day-stale piece of cake though over no cake? I’d rather not answer that…). Cake is an indulgence I need every week. Without fail.


2. Mini trolleys are AMAZING. This is a tiny trolley from M&S, almost like a basket with wheels which makes me feel like I’m six again. Anyone from the UK: do you remember when they used to do trolleys for children?? So the kids could push a little trolley with their parents as well. I wonder why they disappeared…Oh yes, that’s right because who ever decided to allow young children to push trolleys around a busy supermarket is CRAZY. Hello ankle pain.


 3. I can destroy half a melon easily in under 10 minutes. Like a boss. In fact, I have to finish Ben’s off as he is so rubbish at getting all the melon flesh. Take no prisoners.


4. This display on my Garmin annoys me SO MUCH.


The loading bar is full therefore it should be done, right? Oh no. It stays with that full bar for minutes afterwards. While I am stood in the cold just waiting to run. Garmin, stop lying to me!!

5. Why do people leave the teabags in their drinks? Maybe this is a British thing (or a specifically Anna thing) but whenever I see TV programmes (I must say, usually US programmes) and someone is drinking a tea they always leave the teabag in so the little piece of string hangs down the side. It baffles me because doesn’t this over-steep the tea?? Doesn’t the teabag hit your mouth when you drink? It really freaks me out.IMG_4287

Yes, this is not my usual mug. This is my back-up Scooby mug.

6. One of our knives broke the other day when I was chopping vegetables. The knife blade literally pinged past me and hit the wall behind me. It was like the vegetables were fighting back. It would have been funny if I hadn’t been in shock.


7. This photo makes me feel a little sad inside:


He looks so helpless and upset at having being bathed. It needed to happen though. He was getting to one stinky pooch.

8. However this photo brings me right back up to a significantly happy level:


Sea salt Green and Blacks! On offer! Still expensive though. And definitely beaten to the punch by Lindt.

Well, I hope you guys have a great weekend. Ben and me are running a 5k Parkrun tomorrow so I’m quite excited but also nervous. I hate 5ks, they’re just so fast and painful…but we’ll see how it goes! We might be running a 10k run through Moors Valley Country Park on Sunday depending how we feel. I will be taking that one easy if we do go for it. I’m going to take it more of as a nice trail run then a proper race I think as I think I’ll be shattered after tomorrow!

What’s been making you happy this week?

What are your little things in life that keep things interesting for you? Wow there’s a vague question for you Winking smile

Teabags: in or out?

16 Replies to “The little things”

  1. Sea salt green & blacks! That makes me so excited! Though I wonder if they do a dark chocolate version too – got my paws on one of the Lindt ones last night and it definitely made me happy 🙂 Haha at the tiny trolleys – yes I do remember that! It makes me think about all the poor adults having to dodge the kids and parents making sure that their children didn’t just grab what they pleased… Happy Friday!

  2. I didn’t even know that Green and Blacks did a Sea Salt version, although I’m probably more of a LIndt girl (there’s a Lindt shop where I live, so I’ve already sold my soul!). Yes! I remember the tiny trolleys, I was never allowed one though, I’ll have to head to M&S to indulge in some basket-on-wheels action to make up for this sad omission from my childhood 😉 Have a nice weekend, enjoy all the running!

  3. Haha. Loading bars annoy me no matter where they are at. Probably most so when I am with my GPS or trying to pull up a website. Gah! No matter how many times you refresh it. just. won’t. load. 🙁

    Gosh that knife breaking would have scared the living daylights out of me too. That’s why I was always afraid to use the band saw in Industrial Tech class. One time my teacher told us a story of where the blade cover wasn’t shut properly and… *slice.* Ugh.

    Good luck at your race!

  4. YEs times a million about the teabags! I cannot STAND the thought of the teabag touching my mouth- eurgh! Plus the tea gets that stewed taste- so horrible! The mum on Modern Family always does it and it freaks me out!
    I leave my Garmin on the windowsill while I get my bits ready so it finds the satellites then- that helps most times.

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who cares about the teabag thing. Seriously, I cringe when I see it on TV.
      Yeah sometimes I leave my Garmin outside while I put my trainers on. I’m always worried it’ll get stolen though!

  5. hahahahhahaha omg that pic of your dog. I’m sorry, but it’s hilarious. My poor dog looks like that when we give him a bath too. Also I love that you’re a fellow cake lover. None of my friends love cake the way I do!

  6. Ughhhh to the tea bags thing! I’m American and I never do that with my tea, but I feel like everyone around me does! I don’t know how anyone can stand to drink tea that way.

  7. I just love these types of posts! Right now I am eating pistachios at my desk at work, and I hate how every now and then I get one that I absolutely CANNOT open. Like, what the heck? I know the nut is in there and I WANT it but I just can’t get it out. Super annoying. 😛

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