Happy things…when I’m still waiting

I still haven’t moved. I wouldn’t mind but it’s hard to really plan ahead for weekends if I don’t know when I’m going to be moving… meaning I’m kind of in limbo. I know a lot of people have been in this situation so I’ll stop moaning. It’s just the negatives of moving house!

This weekend started really well with a Friday night movie and take-away evening with my friend Louise and her husband, Tom. They have a small person called Jacob and I got to witness the whole ‘evening routine’ with him which was quite enlightening. He’s around 17 months (I think??) old so is walking and babbling, very sweet.

The movie of choice for the evening (after Jake was safely in bed) was Silence of the Lambs. It came up in conversation a week ago that I’d never seen it so we arranged the movie evening. It’s an iconic must-see movie so I knew I needed to watch it, I’d just had a mental block on it as when I was little my parent’s had a VHS copy of it and the cover alone used to give me nightmares (I was a sensitive child…).

It actually wasn’t that scary or gory at all (the fact that it had a very 80-90s feel helped). I felt like I needed to watch it as I’m still so obsessed with the Hannible series and the film comes after the series in the time-frames. Anthony Hopkins does Hannible really well but I still prefer Mads Mikkelsen.

Lou is an amazing baker and she’d made a carrot and walnut cake for the evening as well. Look at that beast!

Carrot cake

Despite eating an Indian take-away I still had room for a slice (*cough* or two) of the cake. Superb!! She even cut me a huge chunk off to take home with me.

The next day I went to parkrun to volunteer again. My leg still isn’t better… a post for another time. I took Alfie again and headed down to set-up. Alfie absolute loves it as he races around off his lead while we set up. It’ll be a bit of a shame not being able to bring him when I do get back to running. I can’t run with him as he hasn’t run that far before and, no offence Alfie, but I’m not keen to go on one mile runs to build up his mileage. I’m not sure he’s suited to running anyway – he stops and sniffs far too often. I can’t leave him tied to a bench while I run either as he’ll get anxious and probably start barking. It’s not very fair.

It was my friend Mike’s 50th parkrun and he made chocolate tray-bake biscuit things (one Toberlone-style and one Malteser-style). I enjoyed a Malteser one while having a hot drink sat outside the cafe afterwards with a few of the running club guys (another pitfall of having Alfie with me means we need to sit outside).

Malteser tray bake

So tasty! I even got to take a few home with me! People just love to give me cake it seems hehe 😉

Then I headed to go shopping with my parents to pick up my new phone (iPhone 6s). I needed moral support as (and this is embarrassing to admit) but I haven’t really dealt with getting a new phone on my own in quite a few years. Ben had always dealt with the phone side of things. I pride myself on being an independent woman… but seems I need to get myself sorted in certain areas!!

And while passing through John Lewis I couldn’t help but look at the beautiful bags, in particular the Michael Kors ones. I am very much a saver. I rarely make large purchases (apart from holidays) unless they’re absolutely essential. Yes I have a weakness for workout clothes and good food but other than that I’d rather put money into savings, just in case.

That said, I saw a gorgeous handbag that just seemed to call to me. I was feeling down about not being able to run and not having moved yet and just thought “sod it, I’m going to treat myself”.

Michael Kors rose handbag

I have zero regrets. It’s beautiful and I love it. I do have a weakness for handbags but I’m very lucky that my mum does too. She often gives me her ‘off castes’ and I’ve been lucky to have some very nice second-hand handbags from her. But to buy my own and for it to be brand new… well it was just exactly what I needed to make me feel happier. Yes material things are a shallow way to gain happiness, but I can be sad now with a pretty handbag 😉

I’d love to say I had a jam-packed Sunday but the reality is… I didn’t. I packed, I cleaned, I walked Alfie and I rested my leg while watching TV. It was a lazy and dull Sunday, but I felt the better for it.

And my little niece, Ellie, got a Junior parkrun PB!

Junior parkrun

Look at that running form – what a pro!

Her mum (my sister) and dad are split up so she did the Junior parkrun nearest to her dad which is some distance away annoyingly. I hope at some point I can take her to my local Junior parkrun. I saw my sister on the Saturday and Ellie was telling me all about how she wants to be just like me and do lots of running. I have never felt so proud! I won’t lie, I do struggle with young children and knowing what to say or do but it’s lovely to have something in common and something I can hopefully help her with. I feel useful!

How do you make yourself happy? 

Have you ever been to Junior parkrun?

What iconic movies do you love and recommend?

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  1. That bag is lush! Good for you for treating yourself 🙂 My Bro in law has started taking my 7 year old nephew to parkrun – he can do it just as fast as me! He’s going to be speedy when he’s older! For iconic movies on the horror front defo The Omen, although I’m not a huge fan of scary movies. My fave iconic movies of all time have to be Star Wars and Back to the Future!

  2. Great to see the mini people running. My eldest (aged 7) did his second one at Netley this Sunday and loved it! I was so proud of the fact that he kept going to whole way.. Steady and sure. I think his motivation is the cake, last week he got some flapjack after finishing…wasn’t one you made and brought????!!!

  3. Well done on treating yourself- there is nothing with that at all. I know what you mean- I am the same and much prefer a holiday (and yes, new trainers or race entries!) but every now and then you need to treat yourself to something too.
    I have never been to a junior parkrun, but I love the concept. One near me is thinking of getting one started- I saw it on their facebook page, so that will be great to encourage children from school to go along, I think loads of them would love it.
    Hmm, I am bad with movies! There are still loads of “classics! (like Ghost apparently) that I have not seen and people are always surprised. I think I don’t have the typical girlie film appetite, so all the romantic comedies and stuff have never appealed (like the Meg Ryan ones) so I have a few gaps. My fave classic ones are things like Home Alone and A Wonderful Life to watch at Christmas.
    Oh, and that cake looks amazing! 🙂
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Bright10 recap- Brighton running is good for me yet againMy Profile

    1. Ahh I saw Ghost a few years ago. It is very very dated but it’s a good film (albeit so clichéd now and cheesy – but I’m sure at the time it was amazing). All the Meg Ryan rom coms are my FAVOURITE. I honestly cannot recommend When Harry Met Sally enough. The screenplay is just brilliant. It’s very witty and funny – as it should be, written by Norah Ephron. And Sleepless in Seattle. Meg Ryan isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but Tom Hanks is divine in that film.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Current injury statusMy Profile

  4. Wow that cake looks amazing! I would have had a couple of slices as well.
    I have seen very few classic movies, it was only recently that I watched Dirty Dancing and Flash Dance for the first time. My partner is a movie buff so it always watching movies and he tries to get me to watch them with him, but I prefer to chill out by reading my books. He has tried to get me to watch Silence of the Lambs but its a bit scary for me.

  5. Love the bag. I’ve been cheering myself up by buying all of Glee on DVD this week (as cheaply as possible!). Other ways to cheer myself up include a manicure and having my hair properly done (a professional wash and blow dry is amazing), wearing perfume and putting on LOTS of sparkly jewellery. I do want a decent tidy tote bag and a decent tidy little knapsack – I am fed up with cloth bags. I think I’ve found the tote bag, but I’m not completely sure.

    I think I’ll be knitting a bit more, and then doing my nails this afternoon.

    One of my friends volunteers for junior parkrun. I find my time is overtaken with volunteering with the Brownies and Guides…
    Jane recently posted…In which we determine that it’s a terrible idea to take a chest infection on a Brownie HolidayMy Profile

  6. I work with a movie buff and she is absolutely amazed that I have never seen Silence of the Lambs either. It’s on my list of films to watch, but I just haven’t got to it yet! The cake and chocolate bakes look amazing, and I love your bag! I’m a bit of an impulsive spender, which is something I need to work on.

    I hope you get to move soon! We were in the same position in the summer, and it just sucks.
    Steph recently posted…Cullompton Food and Drink FestivalMy Profile

  7. Dan has outright told me that we are never moving again after the stress of last time! I hope your house moves quickly now that you are without all furniture!
    My Mother-In-Law just bought a Michael Kors handbag the other day and told me how much it had cost. Not sure I’ve ever bought a handbag over £10 before! But, I could easily spend that much money on race entries or trainers…each to their own and all that! 😉
    Well done to your niece, and how lovely that she wants to be like you! 🙂
    Mary recently posted…The first XC of the season: WellingboroughMy Profile

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