Random Tid Bits

Hi guys. I hope your week has been whizzing by as quickly as mine has. Missing out Monday does help!

My week hasn’t been that exciting I must admit…same old same old. I thought I’d do another post of randomness…

1. We’ve had a lot of rain round our parts so it’s been pretty depressing. Kind of ironic that as soon as the long weekend finishes it begins raining. Though rain sucks (hello stupidly long commutes because people forget how to drive), I do love going to bed hearing the rain outside. It sounds so cosy!

2. Last night I went to running club and it was TOUGH. The usual guy who leads the faster group was on holiday and so one of the other guys led it. He took no prisoners. Usually the other guy keeps a nice speed up but will stop to wait for the people at the back and let us all catch our breath. It’s more relaxed that way and not so intense.

However, last night the leader just wasn’t keen on stopping or waiting. We kept having to tell him when someone dropped behind and he just sighed as if irritated and then doubled back. So it was relentless with limited stops. I was shattered by the end.


I wasn’t too impressed with him to be honest. Yes OK he said we were going to do 7.30mins/mile pace but at least two of the guys struggled and he should have pulled back for them.

3. Does anyone else get seriously bothered by this??


I hate it when my music doesn’t have proper track names, artists or albums. Gahhh. It means I need to listen to each track to figure it out. It’s on the to-do list…

4. Alfie apparently likes watching TV. He goes mental though if there’s any windscreen wipers. I think he had a bad experience with them when we drove him home after first picking him up. It was raining and we had the wipers on and he really didn’t like it.


I also fed him a bit of an apple on the journey home as well (probably the one and only time I’ve ever willingly shared an apple). He gobbled it up quickly. Only to throw it back up on me an hour later. What a waste *sighs*

5. In other Alfie-related news, he loves to sit by the window in the sun and get a fur-tan Winking smile


6. I’m loving my running socks. They have little bits of padding on them in nice places (how vague is that? I won’t lie, I don’t know foot anatomy…) and they have “L” and “R” so you know which foot they go on. It might be psychological but I really think they help my running.


7. I love having customers in the office. We get exciting fruit platters and delicious food. OK it’s supposed to be for them but there’s always left-overs.


There is no easy way to eat a massive slice of watermelon at work. It’s messy and un-ladylike. And I love it Open-mouthed smile

8. This is the amazing red velvet cupcake I got from the Swallow Bakery at the weekend. I realised I hadn’t shared a photo of it.


HEAVENLY. It actually makes me sad that it’s gone.

9. After my running club runs on a Thursday night, I always find I’m just not hungry for dinner at all. But I do have dinner because I know otherwise I’ll die of hunger a few hours later (slight exaggeration perhaps). But it’s just never that appealing when I get in. The day after though my hunger goes into overdrive. I always need more food than usual. Which works perfectly today because tonight we’re off out with friends to the amazing all-you-can-eat Brazilian restaurant we went to before. Amazing.

And that’s all folks! Have a great weekend Smile

If you have a dog or a cat, what crazy things do they do that make you laugh?

What’s your favourite flavour of cupcakes? I love lemon flavoured ones and red velvet. I’m not a big fan of chocolate (weird, I know).

Do you have any fitness clothing/gear that you find really helps with your performance?

16 Replies to “Random Tid Bits”

  1. It’s lovely and sunny here so I’m really hoping that will continue into the weekend! It was a bit of a grey week. My fave cupcakes have to be chocolate and pb or red velvet 🙂

    1. Oooh chocolate and peanut butter, I quite like the sound of that! Just plain chocolate I find a bit dull, but nutty chocolate sounds a bit more interesting.

  2. I can relate to #1 a lot. People really don’t know how to drive. And why does it rain only when I’m going outside?!

    I hope you take pictures of your buffet feast. Brazilian food? I don’t even know what that would look like 🙂

    My dog loves the sun too and will just roll over on her back in our doors with full length windows. Sometimes I’ll just lay down beside her on the hard kitchen floor, soak up some sun.. And perhaps even take a nap. Haha.

  3. That running club sounds tough, and not as good really. Yes, the leaders should be there to push people on, but they are also there to support. There are two main people that come with us on the sweatshop runs (they are both qualified to lead running groups) but one is just so much better than the other. They are meant to run at the back, and obviously the pace is easy for them, but one actually stays at the back, whereas the other will run in the middle, then stop and walk back, which is a bit demoralising really.
    I have running socks like that too (with left and right marked on them)- yes I am sure it makes my feet much more comfy on a run!

  4. hahahaha oh my god Alfie is so damn cute. And I feel the same about running. The hunger never kicks in right after, but when it does it REALLY kicks in. Oh and that cupcake is making me want to hop on a plane and fly over and get one myself! 😀

    1. It’s so strange about the hunger thing. I just don’t fancy food, which for me NEVER normally happens. But give me an hour and I am ready to eat a HORSE.

  5. Alfie the apple waster! Awwwrr, poor guy! I have a bit more sympathy for him and his upset stomach than I do for that apple. 😉 But don’t worry – I have the most sympathy for you! Not fun. However, barf or not, he remains absolutely adorable in my eyes. I think I could sit for hours watching him watch TV like that. So cute! I used to have a spunky Terrier who was FILLED with personality. She’d get on her hind legs and do circus tricks on her nose (we adopted her from the pound, and the staff there said that they suspected she’d been part of a traveling show at one point), and she loved to play soccer. She’d chase balls and nudge them into the goal. Needless to say, she provided my family a lot of laughs. 🙂

    Gosh, running club sounds like a bit of a doozy! Huge props to you for powering through, even though you were feeling exhausted. I’m not sure I could handle a leader like that! Your pace is pretty amazing though!

    I adore watermelon and am so happy to see it back in stores! Today I saw mini watermelons at Whole Foods, and am kicking myself for not buying one. I think I may need to return tomorrow to correct that mishap. 🙂

    Your red velvet cupcake looks absolutely perfect! My favorite flavor is the same – red velvet. Or carrot cake. Or anything with cream cheese frosting. I’ve never been a huge fan of chocolate cake either, which is funny considering my love for chocolate!

    I hope you enjoyed that Brazilian dinner last night! Happy weekend! <3 xoxoxo

    1. Awww how cute about your terrier. I really hate circus acts so I’m glad you rescued him and I’m sure he had a lovely home with you.
      Definitely go buy that watermelon! I am definitely putting it on my list. Nothing is more refreshing…OK maybe sangria is 😉

  6. Woah those socks look really cool. I might have to look into getting some! Jack loves the TV too. I always leave Animal Planet on for him when we leave the house haha. Great job on your pace!! You are so speedy!!!

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