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Me! I did one of this ages and ages ago but thought I’d do another one as things have changed a bit. This was a working day last week where I was running in the morning. I don’t run every day but it’s more interesting when I do 😉

At 5.10am my Fitbit fitness tracker gently wakes me up by vibrating on my wrist. This is handy because it only wakes me up and not Ben (though, to be honest, a truck could drive through our bedroom and he’d still struggle to wake up, whereas a drip in the sink from the bathroom could jolt me awake).


I took this photo from our bed just before I got up. Our curtains have been left open just because it’s so damn hot. Also it’s nice to be semi-awake anyway from the morning sunlight when my alarm goes off.

Around 5.30am after the bathroom usuals and getting my running gear on I take Alfie for a walk.


Unbelievably this dog is raring to go at this time. What is wrong with him?? I do quite enjoy these very early morning walks with him. It warms me up for my run and it’s so peaceful and quiet outside, barely anyone else around except for a fellow crazy dog walker or two.


I get home and do a little 5-10min dynamic warm up before I run. I do things like leg swings and high knees. Just some moves to get the creaks from my legs.

Compression sleeves Then off I go. Depending on the session I’ll either listen to a podcast (easy run) or music (intervals/hill sessions/tempo) or sometimes just run to sound of my own feet. I run anywhere from 3 miles to 6 miles (but this will be increasing as the weeks go on).

Then I get back and walk Alfie again as a cool down. On days I don’t run I usually give Alfie a long walk, so when I run I’m giving Alfie two short walks (we call him Double Dump Alfie – go figure!)

Then I get back and do some stretching and foam rolling while drinking some water with this stuff in it:


I got this ages ago (I only have 5g a time). It basically helps with muscle repair and you metabolism. I can’t say I’ve noticed anything really but I take it anyway! I then race to the shower. I’m usually always late at this point (where does the time go??)

Shower, wash hair, comb hair, dry hair, straighten hair – gargh I sometimes HATE my hair. So damn long and so damn long to maintain.

IMG_7455 Acceptably groomed

Then I’m ready for breakfast!

IMG_7457 I sort my lunch out for the day (I’ve made most of it the night before so this is just a case of popping my popcorn in the microwave and putting everything in my bag by the door). Sometimes I also prepare dinner for the evening to go in the slow cooker. This day the evening meal was coconut beef curry so I prepared all those bits and pieces.

And finally breakfast time.


Just simply oats, teaspoon of chia seeds and almond milk.


Every single day and I love it.

Then brush my teeth and off to work. I have a 45-60 minute commute to Basingstoke which is just a joy, I can tell you. Sometimes I share a lift with my dad which has it’s good points and bad points… 😉

IMG_7459 Recently I’ve been dropping into Costa to grab a coffee (black Americano, sugar free caramel syrup – I just adore. No calories, more chemicals…yeah I know).

Then work, work, work.

IMG_7460 This day I was in a lengthy all day meeting so I had regular drinks to keep me going. This was a cranberry, raspberry and elderflower herbal tea.


Finally lunch time comes around. I love my lunch. Sad but true. Tuna salad, salted popcorn, Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and summer fruits.

Lunch for workThen work, work, work. Mid-afternoon Graz snack to keep me going.

IMG_7368[1] Mmm the cake ones are the best! Though I probably do prefer the nuts ones as they keep me going longer. Then my 4 o’clock apple and banana (someone stole my banana the other day – I had one left in my fruit bowl and someone took it. Everyone claimed innocence…apparently it was someone senior. Damn them. They were lucky it wasn’t my apple!).

If I have nothing on in the evening I’ll probably go to our office’s mini gym and do a 45 minute strength workout.

IMG_2717I really do mean ‘mini’ gym 

I tend to focus on my physio exercises that have been recommended to me in order for injury prevention (e.g. single leg squats, clam shells, core work, etc.)

Crab walkGetting ready to do the ‘crab walk’ with my resistance band 

Then the long commute home. I usually get home anywhere from 6.30pm to 7pm. Ben is already home and has walked Alfie so I sort my things out, pack my gym bag for the next day and get into mooching clothes. Then time to prepare dinner. This morning I’d already prepared the meal but some evenings I need to make something from scratch (like tortilla pizza, something egg based, gammon, etc.).

Coconut beef curry

As I said previously, I’d prepared coconut beef curry. This was OK, nothing amazing. It filled a whole! I don’t think I used a recipe, just put some diced beef (from the meat that Ben won) with some vegetables (like chopped onion, kale, carrots, courgette, mushrooms) and added a bit of beef stock and a can of light coconut milk with lots of Indian spices. It was kind of soupy as there was a fair bit of liquid but nice nonetheless. More of a stew I guess!

Then I have two apples after dinner (always) and chill out watching some TV with Ben. I’ll have a hot chocolate and a jelly (rock and roll) before hitting the hay around 9ish to read my book and get an early night. I’m shattered by this point! It doesn’t take me long to fall asleep at all.

My day might sound boring but I enjoy it. I love running so early in the morning and I love having an easy evening where I don’t have to do too much (quality sofa time!).

What is the favourite time of your day? I love mornings. I might not be overly chatty but I get so much done and am very efficient.

Do you have night time snacks before bed?

Is your day always the same during the week? The only real variations for me are if I run in the morning or not! Also if Ben is running in the evening (he’ll never get up as early as I do to run) then I might get to watch all those amazing shows like the Kardashians 😉

24 Replies to “A Day in the Life of”

  1. Your day is so similar to mine! I usually walk Jack in the morning before working out, or will take him with me on a run. Breakfast and lunch are the same almost every day, and I love it. Then work, work, work, long commute, Fabio’s already walked Jack, etc. etc. It’s so interesting to see how similar our lives are even though we are halfway across the globe!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats recently posted…Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud!My Profile

  2. You are so good getting up that early! Saying that I’m usually up at 6 like clockwork as like you I do love the mornings, I seem to be so much more productive then. No day’s are really the same for me right now which has it’s positives and negatives! I do like to have some routine like going to the gym in the morning on the same days three times a week, it keeps me right when everything else is changeable!

  3. I love day in the life posts.

    You’re so good and dedicated at getting up that early. I’d just be dead at work while trying to write a newspaper if I got up that early.

    I find when making meals in the slow cooker adding less liquid is best to avoid it ended up too soupy.

  4. Totally relate on the hair thing, mine is long and thick and takes forever to wash, dry, straighten…. Feel like getting it all chopped off sometimes!
    I prefer doing my running/training in the evening, I don’t have as much energy early in the mornings 🙂
    Lucy recently posted…Making Progress on Two WheelsMy Profile

  5. Great post, I love reading about other people’s daily routines! I love the look of your brekkie – I also always have porridge but don’t usually put chia seeds in it – I’m going to try it now though! I usually go for nut butter and banana, or some seeds on top. I also like morning running and porridge is just the best thing after wards to re-fuel before heading off to work. 🙂
    Louise x
    Louise @louliveswell recently posted…Summer holiday 2014 – the Big Fat Greek Packing MissionMy Profile

  6. When I can be motivated to get out of bed early and workout, I love it. Like you said, it’s great to get it over and done with! Some days I dread my evening runs/workouts and it’s so much easier to just convince myself to go in the morning before I can talk myself out of it haha. Alfie is so cute, double dump alfie made me giggle.
    Helen recently posted…Short and fast or long and slowMy Profile

  7. I’m such a light sleeper as well. I love the idea that your FitBit vibrates on your arm to wake you up.
    Double Dumb Alfie?…! Haha! Love it!
    I don’t envy your commute and I’m so glad that I don’t have a long commute to work. When Dan first moved in to our house in Northamptonshire he was still working in Wolverhampton and his commute would be anything from 2 hours to 4 hours depending on how accident-free the M6 was.
    Mary recently posted…40 miles of 70 at the Grim Reaper (Pt 1)My Profile

    1. That’s the one thing I hate about my job. I’m so envious of people when they say they cycle to work or run to work. Just not possible for me unless I fancy two ultras a day!
      Wow my commute hardly seems that bad to what Dan’s was like!!

  8. I love these day in the life posts! I am a light sleeper too, we just have the radio coming on and that wakes me just fine. I think if I had one of those I would worry that it would not wake me up, and not sleep at all (this happens at the weekends- if I don’t set an alarm then I worry that I will sleep in and miss the day.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Montreal parts one and twoMy Profile

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