Brighton, Ben’s nuts and nipple plasters

So things have been a little running heavy round here. Now I know the main focus of my blog is running but I like to liven things up a bit occasionally and talk about other stuff.

The other weekend Ben and I went to Brighton for a daytrip to see my uni friends and their partners. One of them, currently living in Brighton, had just recently got married…the cheeky so-and-so went abroad and didn’t invite anyone, how rude! 😉 We were very pleased for them regardless though.

We had a lovely walk to a local pub which serves the best monster pizzas, salads and Turkish-style pizzas. As it was the day before the Stansted half marathon I thought it best to go for a nice carby meal. For the good of the race of course.

IMG_7261 Seriously that thing rocked my world. It was filled with lamb (not usually my thing), beef and chicken with a tomato sauce and vegetables. It was as big as my face pretty much.

IMG_7262No issue in finishing that bad boy. What did you expect?

After that we all went for a lovely walk in the hot hot sunshine along the seafront. I may have even dipped my toe in the sea. Or got ridiculously splashed by a ginormous wave.

IMG_7264 This is the new dress I got from Oasis a few weeks ago (the only damn thing in my size). Suitably summery enough. Gotta wear these things as much as possible in Britain as you never know how long the sunshine will last!

We headed back to the flat and the new-husband brought out the most delicious blueberry white chocolate cheesecake known to man.

IMG_7270So thick and creamy. I do love a good baked cheesecake. I might have had seconds but we don’t need to dwell on that.

Speaking of food…Ben has been in a quandary recently about food and what to eat. He wants to lose weight but not lose the will live when he runs. It’s tough. I’d say he does eat quite healthy (for the meals I make him anyway…) but he doesn’t eat breakfast (the cardinal sin) and his lunch of choice would usually be a chunky white mayo-filled cheese laden vegetable barren sandwich at work. With no option really to buy anything else as his office just had a ‘sandwich lady’ and no shop.

I make myself lunch every day and it can be a faff but I do it because I like my salads and can go to town on all my favourite ingredients. But Ben, bless his soul, is not the type of guy to make a salad every day (show me the guy who is…).

As I’m a good, loving wife (no comments please, it’s true) I suggested I’d buy him a salad every day from Tesco as it’s just over the road from work for me (so is Costa and this is becoming an issue) and then he could take it the next day for work. A guess a better wife would make him a salad but let’s not push it here, people.


Salad selfie

Alongside this I would also buy him little portioned pots of nuts. But this was getting to be ridiculously expensive – how much for a 25g portion of cashews? Are you joking? So I bulk bought a load of mixed nuts, salted nuts, dried fruit and chocolate covered raisins…

Ben's nuts 2 Now each day Ben gets a little Tupperware box full of nuts etc. to take to work with his salad. I think I’ve earnt a few Wife Points 😉

Now to work on his breakfast…(*cough* and wine *cough*).

One of my other wifely duties is buying Ben his nipple plasters (he has mastered the chafe issue whereas I have not for my HR monitor). But we have serious issues.

Blister plasters Uh oh. We’ve got problems. Tesco do the best ones! OK that’s a lie, Tesco do the cheapest. Who charges over £3 for four blister plasters (*cough* Scholl, are you serious?)?

So you’re prayers are required. Our stock at home will only last so long. Dire times indeed.

If you have a partner, what do they have for lunch?

What’s your favourite nut to snack on? I love salted cashews. Or pistachios because they slow me down.

Ever suffered from the dreaded chafe?

28 Replies to “Brighton, Ben’s nuts and nipple plasters”

  1. Oh you are a good wife! 🙂 Dan is rubbish. I used to make all his lunches the Summer he was working in Wolverhampton and try and make them exciting each day, but he gets fed at work now. If it was left to him he would probably either skip it or have something similar to Ben. Better than four years ago though, when he would have gone for a McDonalds at every available opportunity! He does have breakfast each morning, but it is poptarts…every single day! Ben doesn’t look at all like he needs to lose any weight. He does look very excited about his salad and nuts though!
    That calzone looks good. I much prefer calzones over pizzas, even though technically they’re the same thing! I’m pretty sure I would have gone back for seconds of that cheesecake too…I haven’t had cheesecake in ages and that one looks amazing.
    Mary recently posted…The Welly 5My Profile

  2. This is brilliant, I am not a wife but I do have a man at home with similar problems to Ben. Also to top it all off he is allergic to nuts. I have spent all weekend researching healthy snacks to feed him up with and basically have come up with humous and oat cakes. Not that exciting if you love sweet things! Just so you know, Sainsburys do brilliant cheap blister plasters too. Good luck! x

  3. Teehee at your lunch dilemma – we went through the same thing in our house. Now Mr PoP has a salad every day with bulgur wheat, some sort of protein (usually chicken/ham/pepperoni/chorizo) and some salad veggies and he finds it much more filling than sandwich + crisps. BUT…Mr PoP doesn’t like making salads so we have traded – he does all the washing up Mon-Frid and I make his salads for him (as well as cook the ingredients as and when we need them). Blister plasters are expensive….how do they justify that?!

  4. Oo I love that dress on you Anna, it’s so pretty and perfect colour for the sunshine (as I type sweating in a black long sleeved number.. stupid work!)
    I make my lunch every day too but completely am with you on the pricey nuts, I usually just pick up a huge bulk bag and go from there – they are my food staple after all!
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…Eats and FeatsMy Profile

  5. The nipple plaster shortage made me giggle! My husband usually takes some leftovers from our tea for lunch which is usually quite healthy but sometimes its just a ham sandwich on white bread – I can’t quite convert him to brown bread!
    Helen recently posted…Women’s Running 10k Sefton ParkMy Profile

  6. 1st, look how freaking gorgeous you look in that dress. I’d love to be more of a woman [seriously, such a tomboy] but dresses just look WRONG on me! Its almost as if it knows I don’t want to be wearing it lol
    2nd. That pastry thing is insane!! I’m not a big meat eater, but it does sound delicious!! Although anything coated in bread is pretty much my kinda thing 😉
    KAT recently posted…Not Too Long Ago…My Profile

  7. Haha, I loved the title of this post! Brighton is alway good 🙂 I keep a jar in the cupboard stocked with almonds for James, he’s probably the same as Ben but does eat a big bowl of porridge for breakfast every single day, although with a fair bit of sugar in it too! Hope you find more nipple plasters!

  8. Fabio usually has the same mayo-laden, white bread, vegetable-free, loaded with meat type of sandwich as Ben, except for when he buys lunch (usually twice a week) and then it’s something REALLY bad for him like a burger & french fries, pizza, Chinese food, or sometimes all 3 (then he will complain that he has LOST weight. Are you kidding me?!). Occasionally I will offer to make him a salad (I just double the size of the one I make for myself) but he’s not a huge fan and then complains that he’ll be hungry later (lies!!). Men. Oh wait, I mean boys.
    Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats recently posted…A Hike Through Otis State ForestMy Profile

  9. I love the look of that jar, although I would be tempted to just snack from it all the time and it would not last too long!
    Andy has a pb&j when he goes to work, and toast and marmite when he works from home. Plus a banana. He also got into satsumas at Christmas so has those at home too. He makes it all himself, and always offers to make me a sandwich but I find that I get hungry a couple of hours after one, so I tend to go for salads or other things.
    That dress is so pretty on you too- I love Brighton such a fab place to go, especially in the sunshine.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Montreal parts one and twoMy Profile

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