Fashionably Fit: Summer Style

Hello there! I think we can safely say summer is well and truly here. Well, us Brits needed something new about the weather to moan about right?

It’s not secret that I get up stupidly early to run. Currently we’re talking at 5.10-20am depending on how far I go. When people hear this their usual response (unless they’re a fellow runner) is “you are mental, why on earth?” Sure I could run in the evening but I love being out there in the morning before most people are awake. And the best part is that the sun is shining! When my alarm goes off I’m actually OK to get up because the sun has been beaming through our white curtains and has gradually woken me out of a deep sleep anyway.

I always tell people who are interested in getting fit or starting running, it’s so much easier to start in spring and summer than winter. I detest getting up so early in winter because it’s like the middle of the night. It’s cold. It’s usually wet. I’m grumpy. So the motivation isn’t there. Therefore summer is a great place to start these good habits.

But before and during summer, us women get hounded by that nasty stock phrase: getting “bikini body” ready. The obsession begins just before summer, flashed across every women-focused magazine (“lose 7lbs in 7 minutes!” or something similar). To combat this horrid obsession SportsShoes think that rather than focus on the ‘perfect bikini body’ the better solution for body confidence is to don some colourful, high performance kit and go for a run in the sun. Nothing is more empowering I’d say.

I’m a huge fan of Nike and SportsShoes has a great range of technical active wear which will help women look good, feel great and ultimately boost their confidence. I could live in my workout gear (seriously) so for me it’s important to feel and look good in it.

I was sent some cool Nike gear to trial and review. A number of very summer-focused running and workout tops. Perfect for the heat!

IMG_7252 This purple running top (find it HERE) was perfect when I went on a 15 mile bike ride the other Saturday and running in general.


The fabric wicks the sweat away from my skin so I don’t get all sweaty and sticky. There’s all little holes in the back as well to keep you cool.

Another top was the below yellow one (found HERE):IMG_7253 It is very bright. I love that about it! It’s also made from very thin material (slightly see-through?) but keeps you very cool. I adore this top.


Again made from the technical material to help sweat wicking (nice phrase there). In retrospect not a great top to wear with my tiny shorts but it was seriously hot that day so I didn’t care (let’s not talk about the very cheeky joking remark I got about looking like I was just out of Anne Summer’s – how rude!)

The below top (find HERE) I initially thought was just a regular workout top in that it was just cotton, but it’s actually made from that wicking fabric too so I can run in it without any chafing issues.

IMG_7211It’s a little big on me but I quite like that – it’s airy and cool.



Another top is a plain black one (found HERE).

Netley Abbey parkrun 19.07.14 The top is a nice feel but it does slip down a bit which was a bit annoying. I was wearing a pink sports bra underneath to jazz it up so it wasn’t too big a deal. It is quite loose and light so cool in the hot weather.


The final top is more of a gym top than a running top (find it HERE) as it’s a bit thicker and I’m sure it would rub under my arms (that dreaded chafe…).



It’s such a nice colour though. I tend to wear a lot of dark colours in both normal life and running, so it’s nice to add some more bright colours to my stock! Again it’s made from the wicking fabric. And it’s very soft feeling.

I love the summer because you can really wear so much more exciting work out gear. In winter there’s a lot of jackets and leggings which is never as exciting. Plus during the summer you can get a nice tan on your arms and legs (though not always with great tan lines!)

What do you wear during the summer to workout?

Does what you wear help build your confidence?

What colours do you prefer for your workout clothes? 

**Full disclosure: These products were sent to me for free in order to review, but all opinions are my own. The links provided are not affiliated links.**

19 Replies to “Fashionably Fit: Summer Style”

  1. I already commented that I liked your yellow top but the purple one looks great too. I love the back of it. I tend to just run in old race tees, but it’s too hot for even them at the moment and I really must invest in some more tank tops.
    I used to have lots of issues with tops riding up at the front and so many of my race photos from when I first started are of me pulling my top back down! For some reason it doesn’t happen any more though. Perhaps I no longer have such a pot belly?!
    Mary recently posted…Busy timesMy Profile

  2. You look amazing in all of the tops, particularly the ‘Ann Summers’ one 😛 If I had your athletic physique, then I would wear runderwear all the time too – you look amazing!

    I must admit I find it very hard running in the hot weather, even when I’m just restricted to short distances. I overheat so easily that I always have to run in just a sports bra and shorts, and I’m really self-conscious about it. I think being so anxious and unhappy makes me even hotter! It’s really hard to find good crop tops that fit as well, since I have naturally small shoulders and a small frame/ribcage overall, but I’m a bit chubby around the back and underarms, so because I’m also flat-chested I either buy a small size and have the top cut me in two like cheese wire, or buy a size up and risk flashing what little chest I do have! I love Nike clothes though – they’re the only ones that ever remotely fit and with a whole lot of Bodyglide I can just about get away with it.

    Jess recently posted…Gym Junkies II (Hopefully With Comments This Time)My Profile

    1. Haha I don’t think I’m brave enough to run in runderwear. I’d love to have the confidence to run in a crop top as I figure while I can do it now I should (before the ultimate decline of fitness and physique and all that) but I just can’t do it. I’d feel quite embarrassed I think.
      You always look great in your tops! Maybe one day I will when it’s really hot…but not yet.

    1. I never used to love the bright colours but now I’m a huge fan. I find it so much easier to go crazy with colours in workout gear than normal clothes. I’m a bit shy in that respect.

  3. Ooh I love that purple one and the Just Do It one too. I live in vests and sweat wicking tees in the summer (usually Nike), although I need to invest in some good shorts that a) don’t ride up, b) are short enough without being too short and c) are comfortable. The four pairs I’ve got atm all have various annoyances so I mostly end up wearing my trusty Nike capris.

    Totally prefer summer running to winter running though, so much easier to get out of bed early! Off for the LSR now, see ya! x
    Tess @ FitBits recently posted…Learning to swim: the final chapter?My Profile

  4. Fab looking tops! Workout clothes are something I feel I can never have too much of, because what if I want to go for a run and everything is in the wash???
    My addiction is Thoosa tops- but usually only when there is a sale on as they are quite expensive otherwise. But they are made for women (no men’s stuff) and have a really nice cut. I hate tight “sweat wicking” tops as I feel the tightness makes them feel more sweaty. The ones I buy are loose fitting but are also quick drying, but the loose fit makes them feel much cooler.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Montreal parts one and twoMy Profile

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