What I’m loving lately…

Today I have a bit of a random post with some bits and pieces that I’m loving lately.

(FYI none of the products mentioned below were sent to be reviewed or that I got anything in return for – I’m just giving general opinions on things I’m loving!)

Hello Fresh: I know I keep harping on about it, but I’m still going strong with Hello Fresh. Only cooking for one now (start the violins…) means I can plate up two meals and not worry the next day. I try and plan it so I always have that spare meal when I’m going running or know I’m going to be late home for some reason. Very handy to then just get in and microwave my already prepared dinner.

A really tasty meal I had recently was a risotto with prawns and asparagus. SO good.Prawn and asparagus risotto

I never normally buy prawns as they’re quite expensive and I never think to make risottos so this was quite the fancy meal for me! I also like how it uses seasonal ingredients.

Another noteworthy meal was a chickpea and butternut squash curry made with coconut milk.

Chickpea and butternut squash curry

The portion was massive but perfect for my hungry appetite! What was good about this meal was I could easily freeze the second meal so didn’t need to panic about eating the other portion in a certain amount of time.

Birthday present to me: As it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks my parents asked what I would like…so I said money towards a DNA test. Yes, you read that right. My parents were a little shocked…But keep reading, it’s not like that! 😉

DNAFit (1)

I first heard about it in the RunnersWorld magazine and my interest was instantly peaked. It’s basically a DNA test which tells you your fitness genetic profile: DNAFit.

DNAFit (2) My swab that I sent away

Yes, yes I know, sounds a load of hogwash but it’s a genuine thing. I went for the slightly less expensive test which would tell me:

  • Power and endurance potential
  • Post-exercise recovery speed
  • Injury risk profile
  • Recovery nutrition needs

I’m not expecting any real eye-opening discoveries here because, let’s be honest, I know my own body pretty well. But I’m intrigued as to what my genes really say about me. I’m pretty much expecting a high injury risk result and more of an aptitude towards endurance than power…but we shall see I guess. What it will give me is an idea of really how best I should train and how many recovery days I really need. Or at least confirm what I already know. Perhaps a waste of money but frankly there was nothing else I wanted for my birthday. I’ll share my results when I get them through.

New foam rollers: Check out these bad boys!!


No these are not props from Fifty Shades of Grey as someone in my running club said 😉 They are foam rollers! The ball is about the size of a tennis ball so the cylindrical one in comparison is also very small. Handy travel sized. I’m a big fan of foam rolling and I’m sort of deflating my usual tennis ball by using it too much (and this makes Alfie sad…) so I thought I would splash out for something a bit more exciting and, er, aggressive. I’m using with caution though. They’re great for my calves and bum.

Bargain fitness gear: Fitness clothes from Tesco (UK supermarket)! These leggings were a bargain (£8!) and fit SO well.Teco sport leggings They are very comfortable and I think quite flattering. I’m all over cheap and good quality gym/running gear!

Random 5: And on the subject of running gear…I won a competition at the Hackney Half Marathon! In the race village Brook’s had a chalk board which was about why you’re thankful for running and the most inspiring ones (or interesting) would win some Brook’s goodies. Always keen to win free stuff I put my message on there…and, amongst a few others, won!


Mine says “Thank you running for all the cake”…seemed fitting, you know? 😉 My friend, Karen, from the running club also won (hers said that running helps her “escape from the nappies” as she’s a mum of two youngsters).

The prizes arrived this week. I didn’t really know what I’d won beforehand but we had to give our clothing and shoe size so I hoped for the best. In the package there were a pair of trainers, capris and a T-shirt. Not too shabby, eh!

Ravenna Trainers:imageInfiniti capris:


Short-sleeved running top:


The top is a little big on me though which is annoying but the capris are WONDERFUL. The trainers are also very cool looking. I love the colours!

Standing desk: And my standing desk is still going strong. I’m on a new project so had to switch to a different office but my set-up is still pretty good.

Standing desk (2)

It’s nice because I can look out of the windows easily as they’re quite high if you’re sat down. My chair comes in handy as a shopping bag holder as well (and so no one pinches it as I sit down for lunch!).

And that’s all for now! For tomorrow’s post I hope to do a sort of summary of my marathon training, what I’ve learnt and the good and bad things. I guess I won’t know really how well my training has gone until the Big Day though…

Do you foam roll?

Where do you usually buy your fitness gear from?

Would you take a DNA test to find out more about yourself?

13 Replies to “What I’m loving lately…”

    1. Yes I’m super intrigued about the DNA test!! Can’t wait!
      I made it myself. It’s literally an Amazon cardboard box with my lap top on top. I first constructed it when most people were away during Christmas…less comments that way!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Almost there…My Profile

  1. Asking your parents for a DNA test…. Classic!!

    I used to use Hello Fresh, and totally loved it, but stopped using them when I became single. You have inspired me to take a second look at them as I am pretty useless at planning food so end up eating ready meals.

    Great post Anna 🙂
    Noran recently posted…A Long Run with DeersMy Profile

    1. I know, my parents thought I was mad.
      Plating up two meals is SO useful. I literally let the other plate cool, cling film it and then fridge it for the next night (or even two night’s time).
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Almost there…My Profile

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post of this type from anyone other than you where the blogger has actually paid for all (or sometimes any…) of the products they’re using 😛 I don’t generally read such posts from many bloggers as a result, but I’m always interested in what you have to say.

    Those trainers! Winning free running shoes is a dream of mine. I’d honestly rather have those than prizes which are probably more expensive…I suppose technically I could sell such prizes and then just buy running shoes with the money, but it just wouldn’t be the same 😉

    That DNA test sounds really interesting and not a waste of money at all. I dread to think what mine would say though! I’d be very intrigued to see what my nutrition analysis said more than anything, because I can never really seem to get it right.
    Jess @ One Step Closer recently posted…Durham Coast Half Marathon 2015My Profile

    1. Yeah if people are just raving about products they’ve been sent then my interest HUGELY wanes.
      The nutrition test really intrigues me too… I just love this sort of self-discovery. I might do the nutrition one for Christmas or when I have some surplus cash (insert sarcastic laughing smiley here!!)
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Almost there…My Profile

  3. I would never think to look in Tesco’s for fitness wear, your leggings look great – what a bargain! The DNA test sounds really interesting. We are genetically predisposed to certain diseases and behaviours, but I would be interested to find out how genetics plays a part in fitness and endurance too. Looking forward to reading your results!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted…Courgetti with Avocado and Feta SauceMy Profile

  4. Those trainers are so pretty- I think they are the ones I tried on, but as I hadn’t had Brooks before I stuck with the Asics.
    I have bought fitness things from Asda and Sainsbury’s before, but rarely go to Tesco so would not think to look. Do they have a zipped pocket though? I have so many capris that don’t and it annoys me more and more. I really should remember to look before I buy!
    Did you watch the TV show about DNA testing? It was Gabby Logan- and it was wondering if sports elites were born or made. Anyway, basically one of the things they found out was if people were told they were more likely to be good at one sport, they tried less and so achieved less. (That was a small part of the show, but it was interesting).
    I hope you find the results interesting when they come through.
    I do foam roll- I have a plain one which I prefer- I got a free nobbly one after doing 30 SRC runs, but it doesn’t seem to help as much.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Whipsnade stampede 10K (run like a bear has escaped)My Profile

    1. No the Tesco capris don’t have a pocket sadly. Bit annoying!
      That’s fascinating about that programme. Obviously if my DNA test comes back saying I’m the least injury prone person in the world I’ll take it with a pinch of salt because there’s only so much genes can do. There’s a huge environmental factor involved. But it’s interesting nonetheless.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Almost there…My Profile

  5. I’m still intending on signing up to Hello Fresh when we finally move on your recommendation. Most of our kitchen stuff is all in boxes right now but once we are in and unpacked it is high up my priority list to give them a go! 🙂
    It will be really interesting to see what your DNA test comes back with. I do love stats and data and things like that.
    I was in Tesco yesterday actually and noticed that they had a range of sportswear, including snazzy leggings. I’ve looked enviously on at everyone else’s fun looking leggings for a while now without having any money aside to buy myself any…this is the perfect excuse! Mine are pretty much all just black and boring at the moment. 🙁
    Mary recently posted…Miles 23-35My Profile

    1. Mine have always been black and boring until recently. I have a pair of purple patterned Nike ones which I’ve yet to brave out!
      Oh I really hope you enjoy Hello Fresh. Let me know when you’re signing up and I’ll give you a free code (unless you already have one!)
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Almost there…My Profile

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