What I Ate at the Weekend

Hi lovely people! Thanks for your nice comments regarding my last post. I really do worry too much about the most stupid things, don’t I? In the great scheme of things, it just doesn’t matter!

And it’s WIAW already. Unbelievable. Check out Jenn’s blog Peas and Crayons to get involved or just for a nosey about.


Here’s some bits and pieces of what I ate over the weekend.

Breakfast (*sighs* fat lot of good that did me on Saturday…) was my standard oatmeal and almond milk:


I had this both Saturday morning and Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday lunch were exactly the same as for some reason we had an overload of eggs in the house. I personally blame the husband for he did the food shop…

Saturday, I made kind of a frittata/omelette.


I used tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, onions and three eggs and then big blobs of cream cheese. With this I had Brussels, a bit of lettuce and beets.

On Sunday Ben and me had to rush back after our 10k race and eat lunch super fast to go out and meet our friends. So this happened:


Not nearly as pretty. It sort of failed – flopped if you will. But the taste was absolutely fine. That’s all that matters…right??

We had a great afternoon then hanging out with my friends at a local country park where there was a farm you could look around.


We had a lovely time waking round looking at all the animals. And we saw a sheep being sheered as well. The sheep was seriously not happy. To be fair, nor would I be. It’s not that warm at the moment…And it looked naked afterwards!


And we saw some ducklings and chicks. One of them we named the Smurf Chick because it was blue!! Apparently its dye marking had run a bit. Awww.

We even got to try milking a cow! The farmer said we could try our hands at milking Buttercup the cow, who I must say was very accommodating. Then they got the machine and showed us how they machine milk a cow.Cow

Buttercup can produce 40 pints a day. Jeeze. The farm can’t sell the milk as it hasn’t been pasteurised (so it’s raw milk) and you need a special licence. The staff there can drink it and use it themselves but they can’t let anyone else try it or have any. The farm try and use as much as they can with making cheese, cream and lots of puddings during their lunch and dinner breaks and also feeding other animals but unfortunately a lot has to be wasted. Such a shame.

Dinner on Saturday night was two tortilla pizzas:


Times by two

Lots of veggies, chicken and BBQ sauce and a bit of goat’s cheese. Perfect. I’m all about the toppings for pizza. We were going to buy some make-your-pizzas from Sainsbury’s (as is our post-race standard dinner) but we were so busy we never got to the shop so we had to make do with a proper DIY version. Still good in my book!

Dinner on Sunday was a meal out with the friends after the farm visit. We went to our local Harvester. Though the Harvester chain isn’t going to win any awards any time soon for inventive cooking or fine dining, it was pretty good for an inexpensive relaxed meal.


And an all you can eat salad bar?? Amazing. And when I ordered a Diet Coke the barmaid then pointed to the refill machine and I, embarrassingly, got overly excited by this prospect – free refills?? It’s been a while…I was significantly caffeined up that evening Smile

As soon as I saw BBQ ribs on the menu I was set.


And alongside this there was a corn on the cob. Yum!! We had such a laugh with our friends it was a great end to the weekend.

Ben and I were shattered when we got home. Such a busy weekend of running, fun times and good food. Just the way I like it!

For me weekends are all about enjoying good food. I quite like going out for dinner or lunch one day (though we don’t always manage it). I also like to spend the time on a Saturday night making a good recipe that I wouldn’t get the chance to make during the busy week because it takes a bit longer. Weekends are also about enjoying some less healthy snacks, like slices of cake, a good pudding or ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, these things can appear during the week but it’s not always possible and it’s nice to really appreciate it when watching a good film or spending some fun times with your friends.

Do you eat differently at the weekend?

Raw milk: would you ever try it? I was disappointed we didn’t get to try it but understood the reasoning behind. From what the man said to us, it sounded like it was quite heavy and creamy.

What’s your favourite meal? I think BBQ ribs are definitely one of my favourites.

What’s your favourite way to eat eggs? I do like fried eggs but as a meal I like omelettes or scrambled egg with loads of added extras. I’m all about variety!

27 Replies to “What I Ate at the Weekend”

  1. I do tend to eat differently at the weekend as Mr PoP needs to be accommodated! It’s usually a variation on what I would normally eat, perhaps not quite as adventurous, and with extra carbs for him. Also we eat out more. Harvester sounds like a good healthy eating friendly option with the unlimited salad bar! Your pizzas look yum – the pizza counter at asda is also very (VERY) good, and really reasonable too 🙂

  2. Everything looks incredible,… especially the chicken & veggie BBQ

    To answer a few of your questions:

    I usually eat the same on the weekends, and I’m a huge omelet type of girl. Love adding flaxseeds to them.

  3. I love eggs so I can’t really pick a favourite way… probably scrambled, poached or fried! I think I tend to eat a bit more on weekends and a few more treats, but purely because I have more time to enjoy them. Milking a cow sounds like so much fun, I too would of liked to try the milk!

  4. I looooove BBQ ribs, but I HATE eating meat off the bone!! Is that weird?? My mom used to get them all the time from Costco and I would just pull the meat off the bone. Its basically just the sauce. I have such a love affair with BBQ sauce, Id probably eat anything that has been doused in it lol

  5. I eat differently at the weekend- my favourite thing is to use the toaster for lunch (either bagels/ crumpets/pitta/ normal bread) as I never use the one at work as it is so dirty! So I look forward to that!

  6. mmm those pizzas look reallly good; ive been craving bbq sauce as well!
    my favourite way to eat eggs…oh its too hard! it depends what mood im in ; i love omelettes though.

  7. Your farm visit looks like a lot of fun! I wouldn’t have been too happy if I was that sheep, either. 😉
    I definitely tend to eat different on the weekends. We often go out, and when we don’t, I usually have more time to make more grand or creative meals. Just another reason why weekends are the best!

  8. Your frittata/omelet looks really good. I think blobs of cream cheese would be perfect! My favorite way to eat eggs was always scrambled. I’ve never been a yolk fan so basically all other ways of cooking eggs was out for me…

    Awww… CUTE animal overload!!! 🙂

  9. Omelet and frittata flops are oftentimes the most delicious! The flavors have a chance to “meld” together, ya know? 😉 Saturday and Sunday’s lunches look delicious–especially with those big globs of cream cheese. Yum! Omelets with cheese and veggies are definitely my favorite way to eat eggs at the moment, however I also really enjoy them over-easy and sunnyside up on top of toast.

    Oh my goodness, Smurf Chick is absolutely adorable! How sweet that you were able to hold him (her?) As for the milk, your story about milking Buttercup reminds me of the time I milked a cow on a school field trip in Kindergarten. I remember being so excited during the process, but completely bummed when we were told we weren’t allowed to sample the milk. I think that same pasteurization rules apply in the United States, however I’d definitely be willing to try it if I could. I’ve heard it’s far more nutritious than the pasteurized versions.

    Okay, and now for the grande finale: THOSE RIBS!! Swoon! I think I mentioned this in my reply to your comment Monday, but I adore ribs–especially when they’re served with corn on the cob. 😀

    I definitely eat more treats on Saturdays and Sundays, and think very similarly to you—weekends are meant to enjoy good food with good friends!

    Hugs!! <3

    1. Sunnyside up eggs are pretty good. I do love egg yolks.
      Unfortunately we didn’t hold the chicks/ducklings but we stroked them.
      So funny because I read your cmment about the ribs and I totally agreed as I had just had ribs!!

  10. I definitely try to eat pretty healthily on the weekdays but I agree- the weekends are for relaxing and eating the things you like!! All this food looks awesome (even your messier frittata/omelet) and those baby farm animals are SOOO CUTE!! Ahh!

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