This needs to stop

Hi folks. No pre-amble, let’s get going.

I had a bit of a breakthrough. I got up Monday morning at 5.45am I put on all my running gear: leggings, running top, running jacket, high-vis vest, flashing armband, hat, gloves, HR monitor, foot pod, trainers…jeeze. Going to the gym requires much less prep!

I did some quick dynamic warm-ups and then got myself out of the door. Into the rain. Lovely. My new running style is run nice and easy for .5 mile and then stop and stretch for 5 or so minutes. My muscles are nice and warm by then so it’s the best time for it. Seriously if you’ve never done this, do it. Running after that feels so much looser, more free, and you feel stronger and faster.

I ran 4 miles. I hung around the 8min/mile mark and it was tough. On my last mile I pushed on a bit and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw 7.20min on my watch! In the end the last mile was 7.30mins/mile. And I definitely felt it (and my HR went 10 beats higher) – I was sweating and panting like no body’s business. But it felt bloody brilliant.

But hang on. That’s not my breakthrough. I couldn’t have sustained that pace for longer than I did so to me it’s a blip of wanting to get home faster. The breakthrough is later. I’d put that lovely Physicool bandage on while I was getting ready and the effects had worn off by the time I got to work.

But my knee felt good. Not niggly or achy as it has done previously after a run. And for the rest of the day it felt (dare I even say it) 98% good. Progress. Definite positive, happy, wonderful progress!

Anyway, moving on to another major passion in my life. Cake. Seriously, this needs to stop. I don’t want to think of how many times I had cake last week (or how much cake).

After Parkrun on Saturday, a few of the ladies from the running club and me went for another round of afternoon tea. We tried a different venue this time – one that’s a five minutes drive from my house (far too close!!)

Elsies tearoomsElsie’s Tearooms in Botley

I ordered ham and mustard sandwiches, with a warm fruit scone with jam and clotted cream and a slice of carrot cake. The pot of tea was loose-leafed as well which was lovely.

Hands down this was the best carrot cake I’ve had in a while. Moist, flavoursome and a lovely texture. In fact it was all very tasty. It’s become worrying easy to eat afternoon tea. I’ve developed a good tolerance for eating cake. This is not a good sign.

Needless to say the rest of Saturday was spent in a cake coma doing not much else.

Relaxing Sunday I’m a little behind on my Runner’s World magazines…

Sunday my mum popped round for coffee to catch up. She came bearing gifts of the best sort. Cupcakes from my favourite Swallow Bakery in Chichester (again!!).

Marshmallow cupcake

How could I possibly resist?? It has a marshmallow on if for goodness sake!

So this week is all about not eating cake. I just need a break I think. For now anyway 😉

Have you over-eaten a certain food lately? I like to really appreciate cakes when I have them and I sort of lose that if I eat them every single day…

What’s easier in terms of preparation for you, going to the gym or going out running?

Loose-leaf or tea bags?

23 Replies to “This needs to stop”

  1. ha those cakes do look good, I have been rather good lately to be honest after Christmas I needed to rein it in! So glad to hear your knee is feeling better!

    1. I think my problem was that Christmas I was quite good – and then being ill straight after meant I didn’t get all the usual treats I would have done if I was healthy. Plus I just love cake haha.

  2. LOL. You need to change your blog to Anna runs for cake. 🙂 Your run sounded amazing! I also like to run like that and almost always negative split. I’m not a big cake person, but can overdue it with other carbs. I’ve been eating pretzels lately like its nobodies business. I’ve also been stuck home with an injury so its so easy to eat out of boredom.

    When its cold outside I’d rather run on the treadmill, but being outside is so much nicer. It is a brisk 13 degrees here and I’m getting ready to head out now. Walking not running yet. Orignally I was going to wait 5 months to get back to running again, but I got the all clear the other day at the doc and I’m going to take 3 months off. Yay for April!

    1. I know, it’s getting a bit silly now isn’t it? Hehe.
      PRETZELS. Oh they are so moreish. They are good. The big doughy ones or the mini-crunchy ones. I’m not fussy!
      Yay glad to hear the recovery is going well! 😀

  3. Funny, my blog post today is all about foods that I just cant get enough of!! And seriously, if cake was around me that much, Id eat it. NO WAY I could so no, especially if it was dunked in frosting!!
    So glad you had a good run girly!!

  4. Hahahaha I’ve definitely gotten into that bad habit where I eat a certain dessert like it’s nobody’s business (almost always cake… we are taste bud soul mates, but the occasional brownie phase happens too). Definitely have to stop yourself sometimes!

  5. Well done on a great run! My favourite runs start out steady and get quicker as the run goes on. I end up feeling invincible!!!
    Going to the gym is easier, especially when you get back home. For me lately when I’ve been out on trail runs, I’ve had to get in, take trainers off then rush upstairs to take the rest of my clothes off in the bath so I don’t leave flecks of mid everywhere!

  6. Hooray for your running! 🙂
    Loose leaf tea is so much better, but it is a faff so I save it for the weekend generally.
    Afternoon tea is so good too- the most civilised way to spend time I think.
    IN the winter getting ready for a run does take ages- taking off all my layers of work clothes, and then putting on all my layers of running clothes, high viz vest, ear band thing, gloves, etc etc. But then when I go to the gym I need to book online first, drive, find a parking space, queue up to get my ticket (only ever one person on the desk even though they know the class starts at that time) and then get out all the equipment for pump, so I think a run is quicker to get started!

    1. Woa yeah going to the gym sounds a bit of a nightmare. I’m quite lucky as booking online is very easy and then it’s a self-service operation in that you have a code to get into the gym.

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