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Hey guys! How was your weekend?

I had a really  good one – I finally got to go to Parkrun again! Waking up and knowing I was going there rather than spin was amazing. Ben and me went down early to help set things up and it wasn’t too cold nor was it raining. Hurrah!

Netley Abbey Pakrun winter This is the path we start along

It was so lovely seeing everyone again and catching up with people from my running club who I hadn’t seen in ages. We walked round the course and set the markers up. I was grateful to Ben who had wellies on to get me past this little puddle.

Netley Abbey puddle It’s blurry because I was on Ben’s back at this point!

I also got chatting to a lovely lady from our club called Shantha and she was telling me about all the exciting things she’s been involved in since winning a place in the Project 26.2 with Women’s Running!!! (You can read her blog HERE). Very jealous 😉

Then everyone got ready to get started.

Netley Abbey Parkrun comeback My plan was to just see how I felt on this run, no goal time just listening to my body and going with what felt good. Obviously not blasting it to aim for a PB!!

I really enjoyed the run. We had to go through that dreadws puddle six times but it was good fun.Parkrun puddle run We splashed away and it was just a nice crazy run. I think even if I was on top form it would be impossible to beat my PB (the course changes from the flat cricket pitch to more hilly one during the winter). What with two hills we had to do three times and this massive puddle it’s just a nightmare to get close. But that was never my intention (nor a possibility – I am so far away from the fitness I had last year!)Happy running

But I really enjoyed it. It did feel like hard work. I wasn’t taking it as easy as I might have done running alone but nothing felt ‘off’ and I felt comfortable while feeling pushed.


I’m happy with those times! I have a way to go, I know, but I’m chuffed with my first Parkrun in weeks. And I’ve started to think that this time is just a personal challenge. It’s a touh journey to get back to where I was but it’s nice to have that goal.

I was so muddy afterwards, but so happy.

Parkrun muddy

I still don’t know for certain if I’ll make Paris or not. To be honest I’m trying not to stress about it. I’ve decided that if I can get to Reading half marathon (2nd March) with no issues then I will be OK for Paris. A slow, no time-goal marathon. But if I can’t get to Reading because either my knee is still taking it’s sweet time to be 100% better or I just don’t get the training done as I have to take things very slowly, then Paris is off the cards. If I can’t run 13 miles 5 weeks before a marathon then it’s game over.

But that’s not to say I won’t find another marathon maybe a month or so afterwards…who knows. But Paris would be so lovely 🙁

How was your weekend?

Do you think I’m being unrealistic about my goals? I just have no idea really.

Muddy runs: love them or hate them?

18 Replies to “Return to Parkrun”

  1. Yay! I can only imagine the high you must’ve been feeling the remainder of the day! As for your goals being realistic or not – only you can decide. No one knows exactly how you’re feeling on each run so really, it’s up to you my dear <3

  2. Such good news that you’re back at Parkrun again! That puddle was massive. Love that they set up a photographer right next to the puddle! 😛 Running is all about the mud this time of year. Love the muddy runs!

  3. Yay, Parkrun! I Hope you spent the rest of the day on cloud nine (after a shower!). I have no idea if your goals are realistic as I’m not that much of a runner, but your plan certainly sounds sensible 🙂

  4. Hooray! 🙂
    I don’t mind the mud, but I hate slipping about, and I hate wet feet, so I am hoping that my new trail shoes will make that better. I would not be allowed in Andy’s car with muddy legs like that though!
    I have no idea either if you are being realistic or not- you have to see how you get on when your distances increase. I mean, if you would be happy finishing the marathon in any time, you could do a run/walk, or jog is really slow, just to do it and see the sights? But I think you are better to not think about it now- give yourself a bit more time to get stronger.

    1. My trainers had to spend some quality time in airing cupboard in a bag with a humidity sucker thing (from Lakeland – very handy).
      I think that’s it really isn’t it? Paris (if I do get there) will just be all about the sights and experience. Just to finish should be my goal – but finish strong (whether that’s slow running or whatever) and injury free.

  5. So glad your run felt good!!! Also I’m not going to lie, my bf and I have been giggling over how you can tell where someone lives based on their vocab. We were reading a blog before we read this one where the girl said “it got me wicked fired up” (Boston, USA) and then you said you were “chuffed” and he was like “SHE’S FROM ENGLAND SHE HAS TO BE” haha.

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