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Hi guys, just popping in quickly. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I am enjoying a lovely one of Parkrun, cake and a sports massage from my personal trainer – more on that next week!

I was sent this ‘immunaid’ product to try by a company called Bimuno. They product a range of prebiotics that help people to maintain digestive balance and general wellbeing. Unlike probiotics, which “top up” the good bacteria in your gut, Bimuno products “feed” pre-existing good bacteria and help them thrive.

Expert testimonials describing the effects of the product can be found HERE.

Bimuno Immunaid “Contains vitamin C and unique Galacto-oligosaccharides and energises Bifidobacteria (good bacteria)”

Basically you take these chewy pastilles twice a day and they help support your natural defences (you can read more about it HERE). I’m always a fan of a good review (aren’t we all??) and I do love a celebrity review…Gemma Atkinson used to powder version of the product in her tea and claimed she felt “less bloated” and that it didn’t affect the taste of her tea – bonus! (Source).

So what did I think? I really liked that they were chewy and sweet. OK they’re not bon-bons but they’re a lot better than some supplements which you gulp down as quickly as possible.

Apart from getting ill over Christmas (I had only just begun taking them then anyway) I haven’t had so much as a sniffly nose since taking these. And (apart from my excessive cake consumption obviously) I do think they’ve helped with the evening bloat that sometimes happens to me when I eat too many vegetables (please say you’ve all been there??).

Whether or not it’s because of these I don’t know! But I think if you’re one of those people who suffers quite a lot from colds or flu and needs a bit of a ‘hand’ in the immune system department I reckon these would really help. And you can pretend they’re sweets 😉

What’s your best tip for avoiding the dreaded lurgy over the winter period?

Do you take any supplements? I never used to but I’m finding a little bit ‘extra’ help is brilliant, especially when you’re having a busy, stressful week.

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  1. I have to say since taking a probiotic regularly I get way less colds/bugs than I used to. So much of the immune system is formed in the gut, that maintaining good gut health can have a real big impact on your immunity.

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